May Valley

Island of wonders, Seychelles keeps surprising us with its legendary treasures. Whether it is pristine white sandy beaches or lush vegetation, this amazing archipelago is filled with secrets awaiting to be discovered.

May Valley is for those wishing to walk in an exceptional plant sanctuary, breathing in some pure air and to find out how the world was some thousands years ago. Nourish your curiosity and be the next Robinson Crusoé.

May Valley Seychelles

Where is May Valley

May Valley is located in the heart of Praslin Island, the second largest island of the Republic of Seychelles.

Praslin Island

It will take you no time to understand that Praslin Island is one of Seychelles’ must-visit destination. The island lies some 45km to the northwest of Mahé and was once a pirate’s hideaway. The legends of buried treasures still make a good yarn among the locals.

Island of granitic origin, Praslin has an area of 38.52 km² and houses nearly seven percent of Seychelles population, that is, 7,600 inhabitants.

Unique in its genre, Praslin will make you dream with its world class beaches. At first, many holiday seekers believes that Praslin was just an island boasting fantastic beaches, but after visiting May Valley, you will all agree that Praslin is the complete image of a paradise island.

Getting to Praslin

You will have two options, either going by a ferry or a plane. The voyage will start from Mahé Island.

What makes May Valley exceptional!

This tropical forest is almost devoid of human activity and remains largely unchanged since prehistoric times. May Valley is an outstanding example of the evolutionary history of the natural world’s tropical flora and provides a living laboratory of ancient life long before the advent of more advanced plant species.

Untouched until 1930s, it went from National Park to UNESCO World Heritage Site within 50 years. The reserve seems to have all the qualities of the actual Garden of Eden.

The most extraordinary feature is of no doubt the famous sea coconut (Coco de Mer).

seychelles coco de mer

The mysterious Coco de Mer

The Coco de mer (otherwise known as double coconut) is definitely no ordinary palm tree. It has two main characteristics that made it one of the strangest trees you will ever see, that is, its fruits and its flowers.

Much like us, the famous Coco de Mer is dioecious, which means that it comes in two genders.

Both the fruits and the flowers of the Coco de mer is somewhat human-shaped, this comical resemblance is generally, what makes the double coconut phenomenal!

The Coco de Mer’s fruit can reach between 40 to 50 cm in diameter and 15 to 35 kg in weight, its size and weight makes it the heaviest and largest fruit in the plant kingdom. It is only found in Praslin and Curieuse Island.

Fauna and Flora of May Valley

May Valley is an unusual palm forest of high scenic beauty covering an area of 19.5 ha with a unique ecosystem. Housing numerous endemic species of plants and animals, May Valley is the habitat for the endemic Coco de Mer, Millionaire’s salad, Thief palm, Seychelles Stilt palm, Latanier millepattes and latanier palm.

Its wildlife includes endemic birds, mammals, crustacean, snails and reptiles such as, Seychelles black parrot, Seychelles blue pigeon, Seychelles bulbul, Seychelles sunbird, Mascarene swiftlet and Seychelles kestrel.

How to get there?

Once you arrive on Praslin, it is about a 15 minutes taxi ride from the jetty on Praslin to May Valley.

Opening Hours

From 8.30 A.M to 4.30 PM every day.

Is it payable?

An entrance fee of 20 Euros will be charged to all non-Seychellois visitors. Free entrance for children under 12, proof required.

Onsite Facilities

Parking area, education and information centers, café, souvenir shop and toilets.