Northern Islands Mauritius

Mauritius is a 65 km long and 45 km wide island. Renowned for its beautiful beaches and luxury hotels (Mauritius Hotels), it is also rich in cultural tours and beach activities. Around Mauritius, there are various small islands to visit especially in the north. The northern islands were approached for the first time in 1801. The two northern islands of Mauritius are not to be missed. The north of Mauritius is a popular area for tourists. From there, you can take a mini cruise and admire two beautiful small islands.

Gabriel and Flat Island in Mauritius

Gabriel island is part of Flat Island. This island with white sand and wild nature has remained intact despite the many tourists who visit it. Going there ensures a moment in paradise. This tour allows you to spend a relaxing day with your family or in couple. On the program: Diving and snorkeling followed by a barbecue on the beach and a nap in the sun or swim in the beautiful lagoon. This lagoon is a real natural aquarium with colorful fish.

Be careful though, the sun is very strong and there is little shade on the island. So remember to protect yourself, especially if you are with children. To make it more memorable, you have the opportunity to spend a night on Flat Island. During the night this is certainly paradise on earth. You will have the feeling of being alone in the world. A perfect time to spend with family.

Gunners coin- Coin de Mire is a very inaccessible island because there are very few points of attachment. Anyway, it is impossible to visit because it is a nature reserve. Indeed, many birds have taken up residence there.

Diving in the northern islands of Mauritius

Mauritius has many beaches where you can snorkel and admire the Mauritian seabed. However, close to the northern islands, there are 3 beautiful diving spots. These sites have the advantage of being less visited because they are quite far from the coast. You will be quiet for exploring marine life and discover some wrecks.

The cave there is a sharks’ nurse spot at 29 meters deepth. However, it is accessible to even less experienced divers. You can observe sharks, as its name suggests, but also lobsters and other fish. Bay confetti is a dive site that is up to 25 meters deep. Here you can admire the clown fish and anemones in the midst of a multitude of corals with amazing colors.

The Jabeda or Djabeda, is the wreck of a Japanese fishing boat. Located in a sandy plain, the wreck is 34 meters deep near the island of Coin de Mire. You will see many fish, giant moray eels and corals on the wreck. It is also sometimes visited by dolphins, rays and barracudas. Be it for underwater sightseeing or relaxing on the beautiful beaches, the northern islands provide you wonderful moments to share.

Trou aux cerfs Mauritius

Trou Aux Cerfs Mauritius

Mauritius has many extraordinary natural sites and various walks surrounded by nature. The Trou aux Cerfs crater is among the places not to miss during your stay in Mauritius. This volcanic crater demonstrates the geological past of Mauritius. While the island of Reunion is known for its most active volcano, Mauritius also has quite a few dormant/extinct ones.

This volcanic crater measuring about 300 meters in diameter and 80 meters deep is located 600 meters above sea level at the very centre of the town of Curepipe. Between an impressive fauna and flora and a small lake, the crater of Trou aux Cerfs attracts tourists and Mauritians alike. Indeed, the walks around the crater are lovely.

A road goes around the crate and it is possible to go down to the lake or admire the surroundings. Along the crater, there are different points of impressive panoramic view. Admire the city or the surrounding regions and other mountains like Peter Both, Trois Mamelles and Rempart range. If the climate is right, you will also see in the distance the silhouette of the island of Reunion.

A few years back, access to the site was possible by car. Now, it is forbidden to drivers so the Trou aux Cerfs is essentially reserved for the pedestrians so as to provide for a more secure area. You will share a great time in nature without any apparent “pollution”.

Trou aux Cerfs testifies, like other mountains, the volcanic past of Mauritius. Indeed, there are nearly 23 other craters on the island. Basically, Mauritius is a volcanic island with barely no active volcanoes.

These natural sites allow you to discover incredible fauna and flora. They also allow various sports activities such as hiking or trekking. The best known are the peak of Trois Mamelles or the Grand Bassin where a large lake has taken the place in the old volcano.

Bois Cheri Mauritius

Bois Cheri Mauritius

Pierre Poivre imported tea in Mauritius. He brought back plants from China. The earliest plants were planted at the famous Pamplemousses Garden near Port Louis. The Bois Cheri tea is named after the village where it is harvested nowadays.

The village of Bois Cheri spans over more than 500 meters, it is located in an ideal temperate zone for growing tea. The first tea plantation in Mauritius occurred in the year 1892. Before being transformed to large area of ​​tea plantations, Bois Chéri was a sugar cane plantation area.

A cyclone destroyed everything, thus part of the land was devoted to tea plantations. The tea plantation was then built in 1892 by the Bour and Breton company and bought by the Aubin family a few years later. In the 1960s, there was a considerable increase of the culture of tea in Mauritius. Since the Bois Cheri tea is a must and rooted in Mauritian tradition.

Bois Cheri Tea MauritiusThe Bois Cherie Factory also has a museum. During your visit, a guide will explain the origin of the Bois Cheri tea from A to Z, from planting to packaging through manufacturing. He will also expose to you any changes in production techniques. You will visit the facilities where tea is produced and tea plantations. This visit could not end otherwise – a tea tasting awaits you in a magical place!

Mauritius also has beautiful beaches with turquoise waters where you will have the opportunity to explore the extraordinary seabed. However, if you want to see the country, know that Mauritius has exceptional treasures to discover off the beaten track.

Mauritius is a destination for everyone. In fact, you learn a lot about the Mauritian culture, but also observe a magnificent flora and fauna. Both a romantic destination for lovers, a family destination and can even be a solo destination. Mauritius has everything to seduce you.