Mauritius: Top Towns and Villages

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towns and villages mauritius

Port-louis – The Capital City

Port-Louis naturally developed into the economic and administrative capital of Mauritius after replacing Mahébourg at the beginning of the 18th century, because of its port being of better quality than that of Mahébourg. Before the construction of the Suez Canal in the 1980s, Port Louis was the main port for ships sailing from Europe to India. Port Louis has been affectionately known as the ‘Star and Key of the Indian Ocean’ also because of its harmlessness and activity.

Years after independence, the city of Port Louis was strengthened and gave way to buildings of the colonial era. It is remarkable to visit Port Louis after office hours, for example, on the weekend, as it is very quiet, although the city is very busy during the horse races of the Champs-de-Mars.


curepipe mauritius

Curepipe is located at the lower end of the urban area which extends diagonally from Port Louis, passing by Beau-Bassin, Rose-Hill, Quatre-Bornes, Vacoas and Phoenix. Curepipe became a popular residential area in the previous century, apparently after residents fled the malaria epidemics on the west coast.

The name ‘Curepipe’ points to extravagant etymologies, the most common is that travelers stopped there to smoke and cure their pipe when it was clogged. Today Curepipe is a beautiful residential town with beautiful colonial houses, graceful public gardens and a very modern vegetable market! A short distance from Curepipe, you will find in perspective the famous “Trou-aux-Cerfs”. This is one of the most impregnable views of the island, with green tea plantations.


The city of Mahébourg is named after one of the pioneers in the history of Mauritius, the French governor Mahé de Labourdonnais. To know more about this wealth of history, a visit to the naval museum of Mahébourg is an absolute must. This place was the port where the Dutch settlers landed, it is also the first major port of Mauritius, and the battlefield of the only victory of the Napoleonic fleet over the British. This event was honored with engravings of the Arc-de-Triomphe in Paris.

Grand Bay

Grand Bay owes its fame to the fascinating quality and beauty of its waters and its animation during the day and night. It offers opportunities for swimming, windsurfing and water skiing. Grand Bay also offers a variety of fashion and craft shops, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. It is the starting point for helicopter adventures and offers opportunities for deep sea fishing and boat trips to the islands in the north of Mauritius, including Plate Island, Round Island and Serpent Island.


Albion is a coastal village on the north west of the island, located between the capital Port-Louis and the village of Hotel Flic-en-Flac. Albion beach is rather pleasant and quiet – without too many constructions in the neighborhood. It is located 10 km north of Flic-en-Flac. Albion also has a lighthouse which is worth visiting – since the upcoming movie SERENITY has been shot mostly in that region.

Belle Mare

The beach of Belle Mare is a stretch of white sand nearly 10km long! It forms an arc of circle edged with filaos. This beach is also very popular with Mauritians who come there to picnic especially on weekends.

Cap Malheureux

Cap Malheureux is located to the north of the island, after the village of Pereybere. With its small chapel with a red roof, often depicted on the postcards, Cap Malheureux offers a magnificent panorama of some small islands not far from the coast: Flat Island, for its famous lighthouse; The Ile Ronde, having as boarders innocuous boas and native lizards; And Coin de Mire, an enormous prehistoric rock sheltering white birds, namely, tail-straws.

La Preneuse

La Preneuse, a small village with a direct view of the Morne, is typical of the coastal villages of south-west Mauritius.


Péreybère is located a few kilometers from Grand-Baie. Very popular city for its public beach and its magnificent lagoon; And its typical restaurants. Discover our luxury villas rentals in the other cities of Mauritius

Pointe d’Esny

pointe desny

Pointe d’Esny is located in Pointe Jérôme in the south-east of Mauritius. Pointe d’Esny is known for its white sandy beaches and its wide turquoise lagoon with its view of the Ile des Deux Cocos. Definitely a beautiful place for a sea bath, and to enjoy a nice day at the beach. Nearby is the town of Mahébourg. Pointe d’Esny is a residential village.


Pointe-aux-Canonniers is a small village, along the coast between Grand-Baie and Mont Choisy. It is 55 km from the airport, 20 km from the capital Port Louis and only 2 km from Grand Bay. This small village is full of small shops, small restaurants and bars.

Poste Lafayette

Poste Lafayette is on a peaceful and quiet coast. It is the reflection of an authentic Mauritius. A place to stay for quiet holidays and unforgettable memories.

Black River

The Black River district is on the western side, including known places like Chamarel, the lands of the seven colors and Tamarin Falls. The town is also known for its rainforest: the Gorges of the Black River. The city is considered the driest city on the island. But you will discover the art of living in Mauritius.

Roches Noires

Roches Noires, a small village on the northeast coast of Mauritius, offers you a large lagoon with many colors.This still natural coast offers an ideal place to rest where the water is clear and unpolluted. The climate is mild and sunny. Roches Noires is at a distance of 76 km from the airport and 55 km from the capital: Port Louis.


Tamarin is located on the west coast of Mauritius and is popular with surfing lovers. Small peaceful coastal village where time stops to allow you to rediscover the pleasures of relaxation.


Trou-aux-Biches is one of the most popular places for lovers of Mauritius.You will discover long white sandy beaches and a turquoise lagoon. The casual atmosphere makes it a privileged place. Trou-aux-Biches is 10 minutes from Grand-Bay and 20 minutes from the capital.



Trou-d’Eau-Douce is located on the east coast of Mauritius. A popular seaside resort because of its proximity to Ile-aux-Cerfs. A fishing village with some villas along its coasts. Far from the bustling cities, the coast offers many quiet corners to relax and unwind.

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