Mauritius is a dream destination that pleases many vacationers. Some will choose Mauritius to rest on a sandy beach under the coconut trees, alternating reading, napping and swimming in the crystal clear waters … Globetrotters will in turn be conquered by the blue of the ocean, the old Creole mansions and rich nature of Mauritius.

A little bit of history

We often think that Mauritius is a DOM/TOM, but this is not one! Mauritians are proud to be an independent country. It was actually only a French colony until 1810. From then until 1968, Mauritius was a British colony. The official language is English, but French is the most spoken (or Mauritian Creole, Mandarin and Hindi). This linguistic mixture is that thousands of Indian and Chinese agricultural workers arrived on the island in the nineteenth century.

What to do in Mauritius?

For beach enthusiasts, Mauritius is the perfect destination. This island is located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar in Africa. The water in the lagoon is warm. If you were looking for holidays with feet in the water while honing your tan, Mauritius is THE destination. With its long sandy beaches and luxury hotels (Hotels Mauritius), Mauritius is one of the preferred destinations for newlyweds. It’s in Grand-Baie, Flic-en-Flac, Le Morne and on Deer Island you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius.

Moreover, while visiting Mauritius, you can go sailing, fishing and diving. Golf is also a top attraction of this island. The island has something to offer to everyone – young and old, friends or couples and even to solo-travelers.

It is also possible to discover the forests and natural lakes of Mauritius. One of the must-visit is the Pamplemousses Garden in the North of the island: this place contains over 500 plant species, including the giant water lilies!

You should also not miss Trou aux Cerf in the center of the island where you will have a beautiful overview of the islands! Finally, flowers and spice markets, the typical architecture of houses and Mauritian culture should please you!

The Local Atmosphere!

Without being neither the prettiest nor the least populated, yet public beaches are the most fun. There you will come across the local culture surely and enjoy the presence of locals since they are the only frequented by Mauritian families.

In Mauritius, the divine clarity of the water of the lagoon and its warmth ensured during most of the year are two indisputable advantages. But to appreciate and enjoy the wonderful spectacle of the reef and its marine life you need to taste some of its local atmosphere. Dance to the rhythm of the live Sega on the beaches during the week-ends. Enjoy the marvelous scent of the BBQ or the fresh Briani and taste the wonderful Fruit Salads or the Famous Glacon Rapé (Crushed Ice on a Stick decorated with Syrup) while enjoying the dazzling beach and the scintillating waters of the Indian Ocean. Isn’t that the dream of everyone?

Mauritian Cuisine

The Local Cuisine of Mauritius reveals the indisputable multicultural richness of the islands and the fusion of cultures that the country has known, to the point that a dish can be both, classified as Creole, Chinese and Indian. Traditionally at the base of all Mauritian recipes, curry and rougailles are served at any restaurant on the island. Moreover, the unique blend of spices with vegetables, meat and fish is what gives recipes of Mauritius their distinctive appearance and unique flavor. Do not miss the top foods on the island and do not hesitate to try street food, they can be the best one if you want to eat something on the go!

Preparing your luggage for your holidays in Mauritius!

The best clothing for this island is light cotton clothing. December to April is the hottest time on Mauritius and the less you wear, the more comfortable you will feel. During the Mauritian winter you might wear long sleeves or sweat shirts with light long pants for the evening or the night times. But the most important clothing you have to wear is your sunhat and not to forget the sun glasses. Kitersurfers should wear neoprene shoes throughout the year and a short wetsuits during the winter time.

There are mosquitos on Mauritius so it might be better to bring some protection or another option is to get some in a supermarket or drug store.

Budget for a holiday in Mauritius?

1 – If you choose a tailor-made trip or if you prefer to organize your own stay in Mauritius

It takes about € 1,000 budget to book the flight to Mauritius with Emirates Airlines (1 flight / return ticket, in June and from Paris with a stopover in Dubai).

And to the hotel, whether you choose a luxury resort (4 * and 5 *) in Grand Baie, there should be € 1000 double room for 1 week. If you prefer to refer you to a hostel or a studio in a 3 * hotel, the budget will be around € 300.

2 – If you choose an all-inclusive stay

Expect to pay about € 1,800 to € 25,000 for booking a stay in a luxury resort; and € 1,400 for a trip including accommodation in a 3 * hotel.

Whichever solution you opt, the cost of staying in Mauritius remains quite high but you will be assured of a holiday in an idyllic setting!

And if you have not selected Mauritius and you are looking for the ideal destination for your honeymoon, next holidays or simply as getaway, this article will help guide you to 5 new destinations.

So motivated to discover Mauritius?