After many years, Mauritius has changed faces so many times. Hence for some, it might be unrecognisable yet Mauritius has achieved wonders despite being classified as a developing country. Whether technologically, economically or socially, Mauritius has distinguished itself among countries of South Africa.

During your trip to Mauritius, you might want to buy some items for your own use or as a souvenir for your loved ones. Well, Mauritius is the perfect place suited for you; with its currency being of lower value compared to the dollar or euro. For instance, 1 dollar = Rs 36 and 1 euro = Rs 40, approximately. This is definitely an advantage to you since you will find most of the products available much cheaper than in your local country

Here’s some places you should definitely go to for shopping:

Bagatelle Shopping Mall

One of the most successful craze among youngsters is surely the Bagatelle Shopping Mall. With more than 150 shops, this shopping mall has long attracted people since its opening. As soon as you will enter the mall, an atmosphere of modernity will prevail.

Were you awaiting a specific movie but cannot watch it because you are not home? Well, worry not, Cinema Star is here to provide you with the latest movies to enjoy with your family or friends. It is one of the favourite place of youngsters mainly. Another spot would the food court of course, which reflects the multi-ethnic aspect of Mauritius. Indeed, you will find various dishes varying from “faratas,” “dholl puris, fried rice or noodles to French fries, steaks and pizzas. In other words, you will also find your favourite dishes as well as Mauritian ones.


Are you planning your dream proposal or dream wedding? Adamas is certainly the best place to look for jewellery. Their craftsmanship is simply excellent. Expect to find gold and diamonds of 24ct at a competing price especially if you are looking for genuine and beautifully crafted designs.

Grand Bay Coeur de Ville + La Croisette

Grand Bay has always been one of my favourite. Having a nearby beach and neighbouring Pereybere, Grand Bay has always been the favourite place of tourists and Mauritians. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Grand Bay Coeur de Ville a modern food court, a well-known French shopping centre – Super U and American food chain; McDonald. Do you like bowling? Le Lucky Strike offers packages varying from Rs 120 to Rs 180 for an hour of pool or bowling – Ideal for a good moment with friends and family.

Gran Bay La Croisette in contrary, is somehow similar to Bagatelle in terms of size and services offered. One aspect which I personally liked about

Phoenix Commercial Centre

Phoenix Commercial Centre originated mostly from Jumbo which was known as “Continent” in the past. Over the years, the infrastructure has changed a lot. Now renamed to “Jumbo,” the shopping centre has just undertaken renovation purposes transforming the food court in a more open infrastructure and aligned to modernity while also fixing the problem of customer influx. It is believed that Phoenix Commercial Centre could outweigh Bagatelle, if only a cinema hall was present – this question still remains unanswered.


The town of Curepipe is located in the Plaines Wilhems district. It is the second largest city in size and importance after Port Louis. Curepipe is a great place for shopping, and it is the place where you will find many duty free shops, modern clothing boutiques, Indian clothing shops and much more. There is a shop of ships models and large arcades, commercial complexes and the market of Curepipe, where you will find things at affordable prices.


The town of Floreal, also located in the Plaines Wilhems district, offers a selection of local handicraft workshops and factory outlets, such as the wool factory, a workshop on boats model (the largest qnd the most famous of Mauritius), a diamond and jewellery shops. Many boutiques and outlet stores in Floréal offer a wide range of products.

You will be able to buy handicrafts, watches, paintings, the best designer clothes and many more at competitive prices, all directly from the factory.


Phoenix is ​​famous in Mauritius mainly for its beer, with which, Phoenix also offers plenty of shopping opportunities. The ‘Mauritius Glass Gallery’ is where artisans create unique pieces of hand-made, glass art. The glass gallery is where interesting glass products can be found and bought. You will observe the traditional glass blowing process or have a glass pattern made from an imprint of your hand or foot in the sand. Beautiful lampshades, photos of stained glass windows and assorted vases and drinking vessels are displayed at the glass shop gallery.


Quatre Bornes is located in the high Plaines Wilhems district. It is considered by many to be the most lively city in Mauritius. Quatre Bornes is known for its nightlife and its wide selection of nightclubs. The main shopping activity takes place in the city center on its main street (rue Saint-Jean) and the central market of Quatre Bornes.

The Chinatown of Port Louis

The very picturesque Chinatown of Port Louis allows you to find all sorts of items at a reasonable price. You should not miss a visit to Chinatown, not only for its shopping traits but for its marvellous and unique street foods.

The Markets

To buy typical Mauritian objects, you have to visit the many colorful markets of the island, where bargaining is a tradition. Each village has its own market. Those of Port Louis, Flacq and Quatre Bornes are unavoidable.

Tips for shopping in Mauritius

When shopping in Mauritius, do not forget to always try to get discounts on prices, especially when you buy items in the markets. Prices may vary from one seller to another, so be sure to check and compare prices. Also, do not buy at the first place you locate an item! On many occasions and especially in major markets, you can lower the price by quite some much.

Store Hours:

Regular Day: 9:30 – 17:00

Thursday is half day in some of the regions.

Weekends: 9:00 – 13:00

Public holidays: 9:30 – 13:00 (some remain closed)