Dreaming of an island with beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and turquoise lagoons? Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives, are THE destinations you should hear to! At the heart of the Indian Ocean, each one has its own characteristics and charm, and invites you to enjoy a unique trip and different experience. Asking yourself which island to choose? Let us guide you.

Mauritius- The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Compared to the Seychelles or the Maldives, Mauritius is the largest island (65 km long and 45 km wide) and offers a large array of hotels (Mauritius Hotels), villas and services. It is the kingdom of swimming, diving and seaside sunbathing.

A holiday in Mauritius is primarily a beach stay, where you can practice many water sports (diving, snorkeling, water skiing …) and relax in the expert hands of Spa centers scattered around the island. After the beach, for a touch of green, you can enjoy some walks in Chamarel or Black River Gorges or you can simply enjoy a game at one of the golf courses on the island.

Discover Mauritius

Water lilies from the historic Pamplemousses garden impress by their size, while the streets of Port Louis will help you in meeting with the Mauritian. If you do not speak English, do not worry: French is very common!

This will also be the opportunity to discover all the spices of the island at the central market and the local cuisine, reflecting the enormous diversity of the Mauritian culture. In the evening, you will find a little animation in the north and west of the island where a few bars and nightclubs await you.

Choose Mauritius if…

You are looking for a beach holiday with the possibility to get out at night to do a few walks, and above all, enjoy the beach and the sea. Mauritius is a good destination for family travel, with children or teenagers who enjoy water sports and light entertainment. The newlyweds, meanwhile, will find in Mauritius a wide selection of formulas dedicated to honeymooners. Mauritius also remains a great destination for those looking for a unique wedding ceremony.

Seychelles- The Untouched Islands

Preserved from mass tourism, the Seychelles have kept their wild side with their deserted beaches, and have escaped the major tourist constructions.

Some island are of granitic origin and other of coral, a trip to the Seychelles is to mostly explore the different islands making up the Seychelles. Visit the hidden gems of the Seychelles- you will From Mahe, you can head to any of the neighbouring islands. A stay in Praslin and La Digue is a must.

Praslin Seychelles

In Praslin, you will instantly fall in love with the island! You will pass through villages with its tranquil backdrop of the dazzling blue of the sea and the lush green wilderness. Do not miss its beautiful beaches mainly Anse Lazio, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The hilly road takes you to the heart of the island, the famous Vallée de Mai, where you will find the symbol of the archipelago: Coco fess( Coco de mer), which grows there! On Praslin you can also hike on nature trails or go by boat to the islands of Cousin and Cousine or Curious, which are true sanctuaries of birds and turtles. Praslin is undoubtedly the island that has the most to offer for those who want to have a walk, or visit the island by boat, by bike or by car.

La Digue Seychelles

La Digue, with the huge granite rocks of Anse Source d’Argent, placed on white sand, shaded by palm trees, overlapped by transparent summarizes the purity of the Archipelago.

Neighbouring Islets Seychelles

Guests can then fly to small islands forming the Seychelles. They usually host only one hotel. Among them, the flat coral islands: Denis Island and Desroches Island are praised for their beaches while Bird Island will suit lovers of wild nature and birds.

Do not miss the beautiful North Island where you can lodge in the finest hotels in the world that will welcome you in your private villa on an island of breathtaking beauty where the centenarian tortoises walk.

Choose Seychelles if…

You fancy wild islands and unspoiled nature; if you are looking for a small hotel with few people and you want to walk around and not stay on the beach; if you are searching for tranquility!

Seychelles is mainly a destination for two, but Praslin and La Digue are also suitable for a family trip with young kids during summer, when the sun is milder and some protected lagoons allow bathing in peace.

Maldives- Paradise on Earth

The Maldives are a myriad of islands and tiny islands scattered in the Indian Ocean consisting of 1199 islands of which only 200 are permanently inhabited. There are more than a hundred hotels-island (an island, a hotel) that await you. Each island spans over a maximum of 1-2 km long.

Why choose the Maldives?

Choosing the Maldives is choosing an island or an atoll. But it is especially choosing a trip dedicated to the sea, to relax and to you. It is going for a trip during which you will enjoy the shades of blue and crystal clear water around you, whiteness and softness of the sand under your feet, and of course the sun. Here, there is no sightseeing or cultural meeting: just the Indian Ocean, this huge aquarium lined with palm trees. The island you choose will become your island.

The Maldives is the kingdom of diving and snorkeling

The Maldives is a paradise for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. The reef is beautiful and has many colorful fish. It is also the ideal destination for honeymooners where everything comes together to match the dreamed desert island at the end of the world, with villa on stilts above the lagoon.

Choose the Maldives if…

You fancy blue, blue and blue! If you like diving or snorkeling and you dream of an island to you for a stay entirely dedicated to your well being.

To sum up, Mauritius is mostly for beach holidays on an island offering various places of interest to visit during your stay. Seychelles is for a cruising trip from island to island, wild and preserved, with few people. Maldives is to attain your dream of a tiny island just for you and a dip in the ocean anytime you want.

Hope we helped you make a choice! Happy Holidays!