Roti is yet another favorite street food in Mauritius also known as ‘farata’/ ‘paratha’. This Indian pancake-like bread can be found almost anywhere in Mauritius- on the streets, at the market, anywhere!     Roti is a traditional Indian flat bread that is served hot and fresh with dishes like meat or vegetable curry. It consists of dough and is similar to pancakes, but they are more savoury and have fewer calories.

How it Roti Served?

Roti is served with various Indian curries, pickles, butter or simply plain! You eat it with your hands and use the flat bread to eat what’s on your plate. You don’t need to use any cutlery to eat your curry as you use the roti itself to do this.

When to eat Roti?

Roti can be eaten at any time of the day! You can it eat as breakfast with some butter or plain. You can have it as lunch or dinner with various curries and pickles. And if you are hitting the roads of Mauritius and suddenly feel hungry, well you will certainly come across a Roti seller where you will dissipate this hunger with a nice roti and curry! You will usually come across Rotis in Indian marriage ceremonies.

What makes Roti unique?

Roti remains a unique dish because it remains one of those universal recipes that can be accompanied by anything and eaten at any time of the day. It is an easy to do dish and can be adapted as per your taste. It is no gastronomical recipe but remains one of the favourite dish in terms of taste and ease of preparation.

The Recipe


  • All-purpose flour
  • A pinch of salt as per taste
  • Oil
  • Hot water


  1. In a large bowl put the all-purpose flour, depending on number of roti your are planning to prepare. (1kg of flour for approximately 20 rotis)
  2. Add salt, oil and hot water. Mix well and knead to a soft dough (you can sprinkle a little flour if the dough gets too moist or add a little water if the dough gets too dry)
  3. Allow the dough to rest for 15 minutes by covering with a damp kitchen towel
  4. Divide the dough into uniform hand held sized balls
  5. Take one ball flatten it by sprinkling some flour on both sides
  6.  Paste with some oil and foil it into a small square
  7. Dip the square into some flour and roll one by one into a 6 inch square
  8. Heat the tawa or pan
  9. Once the tawa is evenly hot paste with a little oil and put the flattened roti on it
  10.  Cook for 2 minutes and paste with some oil
  11.  Flip to the other side and paste the other side with some oil
  12. Keep turning the roti until it is done

 You can now serve hot with your favorite curry or some butter with a good tea.

Bon appetite biensure!