Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, is a piece of land of 1001 colors. There is the endless blue of the sky and the sea, the deep greens of lush vegetation, russet red earth, yellow, ocher and gold of Hindu temples without forgetting all the gradations that Nature has adorned flowers and birds!

I often hear that there is nothing to do in Mauritius, apart from sunbathing on the beach. But it is just the opposite, follow the guide!

The Most Beautiful Beaches of The World, But Not Limited!

So yes, of course there is the beach– Mauritius counts in its beaches, the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it is fun to be basking in the shade of a coconut tree between two “splash” in the turquoise water.

The must-visit when you are going around the island is the Pamplemousses Garden with giant water lilies pond which is breathtaking. A local guide will then take you through the aisles of the garden to discover flora with amazing proportions. The guide will also make you meet up with the tortoises, some of which have over 50 years!

You will not be able to resist visiting the tea factory at Bois Chéri. To get there, the road winds through fields of tea plants. So, before you even get to the store, you are drunk with these spring scents. After a short introductory film, a rustic tour leads you around the Tea route until you get the final product in tea bags. Then comes the free tasting. A large house built in the colonial style at the top of a hill and you will have the opportunity to taste, at will, the vanilla tea or lime, black or vintage tea in a delightful setting.

Then you can do some shopping in the store … or not!

Activities in Mauritius

Mauritius offers a multitude of activities that will make your holiday unforgettable between crystalline lagoon and lush green hills. This magical island offers an impressive range of activities and sports –  water, land or air: Shooting archery, horse racing, horse riding, climbing, canyoning, kitesurfing, parasailing, water skiing, sea kayaking, windsurfing.

One thing is that each moment spent in Mauritius will be rich in emotion and thrills are guaranteed!.

Come as you are: family holidays, solo vacation, holiday with students or senior holiday to soak up another world and another culture at your own pace, excursions are ideal to discover several facets of Mauritius Island in one trip. Book your next vacation in the sun now, away from the cold this winter. Here are the various activities you will find on the island of Mauritius!

=> 7 colors Earth Chamarel, Where you will understand how the undulations of the earth form a unique Gradient deep purple to yellow ocher. A site not to be missed!

=> National Park “Black River Gorges” and its hikes on marked trail, waterfalls and rivers.

=> The historic district of Port Louis with its narrow streets its market and museums.

=> The duty free shops where you can film pashmina, cashmere, diamonds and gold jewelry in Curepipe and Floreal.

=> Cap Malheureux viewpoints – Red Chappel- and Grand Bay – The Tourist Spot.

=> The Grand Bassin Hindu temple adorned with flamboyant colors; this place emanates an emotion that will affect believers and nonbelievers.

So as you can see, idlers, adventurers, fashionistas, … all find their happiness in Mauritius … And sports adepts too. They are spoiled for choice: hiking or horseback riding, water skiing, kayaking, parasailing, catamaran, fishing and of course the inevitable snorkeling or scuba diving for beginner or professional divers. So many thrills that will leave everlasting memories.

Getting Around On The Island?

To do all this, You will definitely need a means of transport. These too are abundant around the island. Renting a car is the ideal way to visit the island thoroughly and at your own pace. Discover Mauritius in your rented car and enjoy a wonderful stay in a villa in Mauritius.

For the brave, cycling can be an alternative whilst for the curious, the bus remains a good mode of visiting the island- yet you might feel restricted by the preset route. Others might prefer to opt for the service of a taxi. It is best to arrange to visit 2/3 places in a day, in which case, you can negotiate with a global rate.

The People – Mauritians

In Mauritius, “hospitality” “kindness” “solidarity” are not simple words, they are a lifestyle. Mauritius is among the countries where different communities live in perfect harmony. The presence of mosques, Chinese pagodas, Christian churches, Hindu temples justify this exceptional ethnic mix. Like all creole destinations, Mauritians also have their own dance, the Sega. Punctuated by a typical music of the island, natives and visitors share the same passions.

The dining area, Mauritian Specialties are generally of Indian, French and Chinese origin, whose basic ingredients include fish, rice, ginger, curry, seafood. Here, cocktails, with or without alcohol, are prepared gently and carefully so they can have a savory unusual taste.

Mauritius remains a complete destination which can satisfy everyone, be it young or old. Spending a holiday there is an opportunity no one should miss. So do not hesitate to book your ticket and reserve your hotel or villa in Mauritius. And if ever you are planning on buying a real estate in Mauritius, you won’t regret it, because living in Mauritius is a pure bliss.

Have a wonderful time in Mauritius!