Mauritius is a tropical island which is also remark as the paradise island, also is of the 3 Mascarenes Island. Found in the Indian Ocean, the Mauritius Island possesses a variety of both natural and man-made attractions. People all around year come to visit the island of Mauritius, however they are not only attracted by activities that are offered or unique beach, they are also interested in its amazing culinary. Enjoy the warm clear crystal water of the tropical climate, explore and learn more about the wonderful fauna and flora of the island and contemplate the beauty that the ethnic mix allowed.

Long ago French and Dutch brought slaves from different countries including India, Africa, and china which can actually explain the multi-ethnic population. The Mauritian population is very friendly and welcoming; you don’t have to hesitate to talk to them. Surely you will feel like home being in Mauritius. There are luxury hotels in Mauritius all around the coast which are well designed. The infrastructure is pleasant with a vivid atmosphere; the roads are never empty no matter what time of the day. Mauritius has received many awards such as World Leading Island Destination, World Travel Awards and World’s Best Beach Award.

There are many things to do in the Mauritius Island. Firstly, Mauritius offers a unique natural beauty where you may perform many activities or just stare at the beauties of the island. Visit the island most unique features such as the Black River Gorges and the 7 coloured Earths of Chamarel. Some of the major tourist attractions of Mauritius are Les 7 Cascades, Curious corner of Chamarel and Casela Nature Park. If you are no so into hiking trails, don’t worry! Mauritius has many more other activities to offer you including deep-sea fishing, kite surfing or maybe golf?

If you are a big fan of going hiking and explore the nature, you should go trekking through lush rain forest or you may just take your bicycle and enjoy the village beauty. Sometimes you may also attend religious ceremony which is very fascinating to explore, with all its colourful dresses and everything. There are also a lot of shopping centres where you will find all that you need including locally made textiles, sugar, food, clothes and many interesting stuff.


Imagine yourself swimming with a variety of species, all of them having their own unique colour and size! Isn’t that amazing? Let your dream come true and come dive in Mauritius. Fortunately the island of Mauritius is protected by coral reef. There are some nice diving spot for diving lovers. Diving in Mauritius is surely everything you need to feel before going back to your country. There are corals and fishes of all colours and size, you may also meet up with unknown mesmerising species.

The diving institution of Mauritius welcomes both beginners and experience divers to come and explore a diving session. There are guides who will firstly explain to you how to move under the water, then once in the water you just have to follow these instruction for a perfect diving session. However the guides will help you all round the time of your session. Come for a diving session in Mauritius you will surely not regret it.

Peyreber beach

The Peyreber beach is found in the northern part of the island. The stunningly gorgeous beach is considered among the world’s best Beach. Its white sanded beach, the shaded trees, and its turquoise sea water is like paradise on earth. The Peyreber beach is not so spacious and also most people go to the Peyreber beach which is hence most of the time a bit crowded.
Besides being crowded, everything at the beach is perfect. Sip your drink and watch the beautiful sun reflecting on the clear crystal water. If you had enough of tanning you may go and seek shade from the Filao trees. There are food vendors near the parking space where you may have lunch or dinner or you may just walk by a restaurant near the beach and have a wonderful lunch or dinner.

Grand bay

Grand Bay (Grand Baie) is a village which is surrounded by only hotels and beaches and is also a major tourist attraction. Found in the district of Riviere du Rempart in the northern part of the island, the Grand Bay was also known as De Bogt Zonder Eyndt which means the bay without end in Dutch. The Grand Bay gets everyone’s attention by its enchanting emerald sea watersand its vivid atmosphere. Grand bay strictly facilitates its visitors for safeness of swimming, water skiing, fishing and even windsurfing.

Grand Bay is not only a about beaches or hotels but also about shopping! It is home to multiples of craft shops, fashion Boutiques and also jewellery. You may do your shopping at grand Bay and may also do some courses at supermarkets of Grand Bay. It is also known as the best place to party. Known for its night life, Grand Bay hosts the best party of the island. The best places to go is to have a once in a lifetime night life is at Banana Café, Les Enfants Terribles and the most famous is the Buddha bar.


Here is the most interesting place to visit. It is the best place to see real creole culture! Port-louis is the busiest town of the island and also the Capital city of Mauritius. It is beautiful of how the past merge with the present! There are many building which were made since the very discovering time of the island. Despite being the smallest district there is always something new to discover in Port-louis.

The citadel: the citadelis one of the most beautiful and breath-taking place in the port-louis. It was built at the top of a hill to be protected by enemies; each and every corner of the citadel hides a different history! Nowadays, it has become a major tourist attraction, to get to the top of the hill you either walk like a hundred stairs or just take a taxi to get you up over there. At the top of the hill you will see the whole city of port-louis which is quite amazing.

Caudan: Caudan is just a unique feature of the island! Caudan is a place of work, shopping, eating and also own 2 cinema room! There is everything you wish for at Caudan. While eating your food you may watch the breath-taking view of the port, contemplating the sun reflecting on the sea water.

Pack you stuff and let your next destination be in Mauritius!