Mauritius in September 2020

After the lockdown that has last more than two months, Mauritius is breathing again, the inhabitants are free soon the borders are about to open too welcome visitors again. Mauritius can be visited all year through somehow visiting in September reserves great things as the country is at its best at that time of the year. The weather is sunny in Mauritius in September and due to the low season the hotels are ideal for an excellent vacation.

The climate in Mauritius in September

The climate in Mauritius is quite pleasant all year round but especially in September. That is because Mauritius has two seasons, the hot and humid southern summer between. The reason behind these two climates is due to the fact that the island has a tropical climate. In November and April the temperatures exceed 30 ° C and the warmest southern winter between May and October.

Although rare, cyclones can occur at this time of year with a few rain showers which can sometimes be violent.

If you are planning your trip in September you should know that the southern winter to have a little more freshness and a drier climate. The temperatures will vary between 17 ° C and 25 ° C.

The month of September is highly recommended to enjoy the breath taking beaches of the island. The temperatures will be warm to welcome you and the rains little present.

Activities to do in September


At this time of the year the beaches have only few people as in September of this year, tourists will be fewer. It will be better for you to enjoy the sun, turquoise water and white sandy beaches. Whether it is in Grand Baie, Mont Choisy or even less Flic en Flac, you will have a blast for sure. Nothing is more relaxing than being under casuarina trees in the shade or even better sunbathing under the mild sun of Mauritius.

Ile aux Cerfs

87 hectares of paradise on Earth, indeed Ile Aux Cerfs remains one of the most beautiful assets of Mauritius.       Made up of with white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons with a wide range of restaurants, water sports and land activities on offer, everyone visiting will be delighted.

On Ile aux Cerfs you will be able to make the hooked branch that is to say an adventure in the trees offering an excellent mixture of activities to surprise you. Extending over a distance of 594 meters, and heights ranging from 1 to 9 m, the different views of the east coast lagoon is even more surprising, seen from the top of the trees

Places to visit

In September, you will be able to visit many places not only the beaches but also the natural corners ready to take your breath away. It is especially the nature lovers who will be full.

Black River Gorges

Black River Gorges is a place that dazzles its visitors and nature lovers. In order to create a passage to the steep slopes, the gorges form from the opening of the Montagne de la Rivière Noire. Covered with trees and plants of all colors, its beauty can be appreciated on the one hand by looking at it from below, the main road leading to Le Morne or one of the nearby alleys.

The Black River Gorges are accessible via Vacoas, La Marie, Mare aux Vacoas and Plaine Champagne. It is certainly the longest route but the detour is worth the rewarding and exciting in a certain sense. The route offers opportunities to stop, walk, enjoy the fresh air, the fresh stream with its own feeling, admire the flowers, chase the butterflies, contemplate the small flowers like the daisy or make a nose and offer to her lover.


Chamarel, a beautiful place with many beautiful things for you to see. The best attraction so far remains its valley of seven colors. Today this unique natural site offering breathtaking views has become a favorite site for tourists.

Due to the erosion of the volcano leaving ashes behind, there have been different shades of blue, green, blue, red, yellow of the earth.

Lavilleon is situated some kilometers away and in this particular place you will be offered a wide variety of activities, all practiced in a preserved environment surrounded by nature, nature lovers will be delighted.