Due to its proximity to the tropic of Capricorn, the island of Mauritius benefits from a tropical climate.  The island can be visited pretty much anytime of the year. However, if you booked your hotel in Mauritius in November, you will be able to enjoy the island a lot more than any other month.

The month of November is definitely not the warmest time of year, but proves to be the best time to visit the island of Mauritius for holidays. Soft sun, warm lagoons, best honeymoon packages and colourful religious ceremonies characterise best the month of November in Mauritius. Let’s take a closer look:


Beach climate Mauritius

  • While the weather continues to get colder in countries of northern hemisphere, Mauritius benefits from a clement climate during the month of November. In fact, November comes with the beginning of summer time in Mauritius.
  • November is characterised by important temperature rise and the coming of tourism high-season. As water temperature raises, the beaches of the island start to welcome more and more tourists.
  • The seasonal change that occurs in Mauritius in November also causes the day to grow longer. During this period, the sun rises early in the morning and sets very late in the evening, offering long sunny days.
  • The month of November is also one of the driest months in Mauritius. In recent times, the average rainfall records for the month of November is of only 79mm. Low rainfall, or sometimes, no rainfall at all on coastal regions, November is the perfect month to enjoy the best beaches of Mauritius.

Seasonal sweet spot

Mauritius lagoon

In Mauritius, weather is always pleasant. But when you have winter blending into summer during the month of November, the climate is at its best on the island. Cirrus clouds, fine sun, warm waters and light offshore wind characterise best the climate during this period of seasonal sweet spot. On average daily highs reach 27°C during the month of November and the temperatures do rise as we go through the month.


With this ideal climate, several activities can be enjoyed throughout the island. Here are some of them:

Diving & Snorkelling

Diving in Mauritius
Diving in Mauritius

It’s not a secret in the sea-sphere community; climate transposes into underwater climate. Inside or outside the lagoon, the climate of November reveals crystal clear waters coinciding with an ideal water temperature of 26°C for the diver and for fish migration.

Trails and treks

Mauritius: Hiking and Trails
Mauritius: Hiking and Trails

The island’s driest months of the year are October & November and considering the fact that Mauritius records most of its rainfall during the night, hiking trails are perfectly passable. To change from the sea and beaches, Mauritius has a multitude of natural attractions, especially for the explorer.

Mauritius has hiking and trekking tracks for the beginner to the experienced trekker. The island offers hundreds of kilometres of marked trail including the Black River Gorge National Park and Ile aux Aigrettres walking trail, which for us are two of the very best natural trails in Mauritius.

Best time for honeymoon

Private Dinner
Private Dinner

Looking for the best time for honeymoon in Mauritius? Think November. Perfect climate and uncrowded beaches and surrounding islands before the touristic influx of December. You can still benefit from great honeymoon packages hotels like Villa Caroline Hotel. Some couples take it a step further by having their dream beach wedding in Mauritius.


Accommodation in Mauritius

The month of November is considered to be the start of the tourism season in Mauritius. From November to March, though it is the peak season, hotels in Mauritius offer numerous promotional packages for everyone. Whether it is family, couple or honeymoon holidays, you will have the best choice for choosing your hotel.

Seasonal Fruits

Mango fruit Mauritius

Being a tropical island, Mauritius has been blessed with generous climate, amazing flora and exotic fruits. The month of November is the time of harvest of several seasonal fruits like watermelon, mango and pineapple. These fruits are served in hotels as deserts and can be bought everywhere like in local markets.

Religious ceremonies

Divali Mauritius

The Mauritian society is a beautiful mix of people. Its populace is amongst the world’s most multicultural population. You can expect many religious ceremonies and cultural festivals in Mauritius. Here are the religious and cultural ceremonies celebrated in November in Mauritius:

All saints day

All Saints’ Day is celebrated each 1st of November, but is a public holiday every two years in Mauritius. This holiday is alternated with the feast of the Assumption each year. All Saint’s Day is a day on which Mauritian Catholics devoted to honour the dead.

Arrival of Indentured Labourers

November 2 commemorates the arrival of the first Indians workers in Mauritius and is a public holiday. On that day in 1834, the 36 indentured labourers landed in the harbour of Port Louis to work in the cane fields and were the first Indians to walk in Mauritius.


Diwali, also known as Deepavali in Reunion Island is one of the happiest and most exciting Hindu festivals in Mauritius. Celebrated in October or November, this festival commemorates the victory of Lord Rama over the demon Ravana the king and the ceremony symbolizes victory of good over evil. At night, houses are lit with diyas, which are small oil lamps and doors are kept wide open to let in the good fortune. Traditional Indian cakes are shared among family and friends for that special day.

If you are visiting Mauritius this November, we wish you the happiest holidays and don’t forget to share your pictures with us.