Mauritius in lockdown 2021

Mauritius was gradually breathing again from the damages of the Covid-19 in the country in March 2020. But little did the government of Mauritius and the people on the island knew that their normal activities were about to get unexpectedly interrupted by a second wave of covid-19 almost one year after. The authorities and the inhabitants of Mauritius did not expect at all to face this second wave was a surprising event which seems to be more dangerous than the first according to the authorities because the patient zero remains unknown. Regions like Curepipe, Vacoas and Floréal found in the red zones by the Mauritian authorities are the ones that have been mostly infected by the virus of the Covid-19.

The borders have been closed again by the Mauritian authorities who have taken the decision to restrict the access to Mauritian territory for a period of one week from Sunday 07 March 2021.

No passenger will be allowed to enter or transit through Mauritius and Rodrigues. And those who are in Mauritius will not be able to return to Rodrigues either, ditto for those who are in Rodrigues because they will not be able to return to Mauritius.

Local cases: the number of cases on the rise

Mauritius is facing the same situation with the coronavirus a year later. The Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, announced a total lockdown from 6 a.m. as from Wednesday 10 March until Thursday 25 of March. Same as during the first lockdown, many activities will be prohibited, including no movement in public places that is beaches, markets, cinemas, nightclubs, gymnasiums and hairdressing salons.

Shopping centers, stores, butchers, food courts, restaurants, banks, among others will also be closed during the lockdown. Public transport has begun to operate on Monday, March 15, 2021.

Gatherings including cultural and sporting activities, as well as public, religious, or socio-cultural gatherings are not allowed in any case.

No activity or outing is allowed from 6 a.m., from Wednesday March 10, only some essential services are allowed to operate, including:

  • health services (pharmacies, hospitals)
  • the police
  • security services
  • the fire department
  • port and airport services.

The number of people attending weddings and funerals will be limited.

Places such as supermarkets, shops, bakeries, mini markets, banks as well as butcher shops can be headed to as from Thursday 11 in alphabetical order. All of these services are closed on Sunday.

Here is the alphabetical order to follow just like in 2020:

  • from A to F: Monday and Thursday
  • from G to N: Tuesday and Friday
  • from O to Z: Wednesday and Saturday

Covid-19 clusters and red zones

They found the first case of Covid-19 by a on a man who works in a fruit and vegetable import company, making this place the first cluster. After this discovery, many more cases have been detected in the company and more than 272 employees of the company were placed in quarantine. To be noted that the person has not travel abroad, one possibility Mauritian authorities are considering could be that the person handled a shipment of refrigerated goods or fruit imported from South Africa containing the virus. The second hypothesis points to contact with a person recently released from quarantine.

Another company has been the nest of the virus, it is located in Malherbes, Curepipe. It is a factory with more than 200 people and all of them have been tested. In this cluster, following the tests, 14 positive cases were detected in this cluster.

The educational sector has not been spared this time as in The Curepipe College, two teachers from this establishment has been tested positive for Covid-19. In addition, one of the teachers works with the six Grade 8 college students who contracted the virus. More than 6 students have tested positive following the test results.

Since March 5, more than 146 positive cases for Covid-19 have been recorded and they are distributed as follows:

 Contact tracing: 54 cases

 Testing centers: 29 cases

 Quarantine on admission: 55 cases

 Quarantine on day 7: 8 cases

There are three clusters where the virus has been able to be spread widely, namely the SKC Surat company with over 17 cases, the Gungah family with 38 cases with people who had attended a prayer in Forest-Side and Curepipe College with 29 cases in total. .

The places surrounding the Plaines-Wilhems have been declared as the red zones because a great amount of Covid-19 cases came from there. The authorities have banned entry and exit from these regions. The police are keeping their guards up more in those regions as they are the high-risk regions. To control access, police roadblocks are set up everywhere. The locking in the red zone of certain regions including constituencies n°15 – La Caverne-Phœnix. Constituencies 15, 16 – Vacoas-Floréal and 17 -Curepipe-Hermitage-Midlands. Law enforcement is working hard across the island and many more in these particular places. Access leading to the red zone is under strict surveillance.

The entire population is still questioning the fact if ever the lockdown will end on the 25 of March as initially announced by the Prime Minister as the number of cases are still high in the country. As the days go by, no improvement is being seen regarding the cases of the Covid-19.