Mauritius December

In Mauritius, as with all other islands in the Indian Ocean, the seasons are reversed when compared to the northern hemisphere. So in December you won’t witness so! Christmas is celebrated in the sun! Who has never dreamed of spending Christmas with family in sunny Mauritius? The feet in the sand at the edge of a lagoon at 29 ° … It is a unique and unforgettable experience that you will remember forever! But it is easy to imagine that travelers are likely to want to try such an experiment …

December in Mauritius: the dry mid-season

From October the days get hot (up to 28˚C), although it is cooler in the evenings and at night. The sea temperature is around 26˚C. It doesn’t rain often and there’s very little wind. The climatic conditions during this season makes the autumn half-term holiday a perfect time for a family holiday to Mauritius. The first 3 weeks of December are an equally good time, firstly with respect to the hot, dry weather in Mauritius, and secondly, because of the great value promotions offered by the hotels.4

Planning holidays in December

The hoteliers and airlines serving Mauritius have also called this season the ‘Prime’ season. It remains the most expensive time of year! In fact, one can distinguish two periods: before and after New Year’s Day. The most expensive period is all stays that will take place from 31 December. It’s pretty easy to understand because if several departure dates are possible, most travelers want to go 24 to 48 hours before the end of the school holidays and some flights returned traditionally overloaded. To optimize budget your Christmas holidays in Mauritius, some tips to follow are:

Book as early as possible – Early birds are always rewarded in the end and know that booking your flights and hotels six to eight months before can prove advantageous. This guarantees that there will be availability of flights and hotels and especially in the most affordable classes of airline and accommodation reservations.

Adapt your holiday dates – It is clearly recommended to avoid the New Year. Ideally, celebrate Christmas on site but come back no later than December 31. In this regard, note that everyone who have spent the New Year night on the plane wish to repeat the experience! It remains an unparallel scene viewed from above- but it is as great on land!

Activities in December

Every Mauritian knows the séga, the island’s national dance, which originated with African slaves but is now part of every celebration. And as you know December = Celebration. You can catch a séga at one of the island’s hotels. During weekends, since BBQs are famous in December and if you are lucky you may catch an impromptu performance on public beaches such as Flic en Flac. Some perform it the traditional way, barefoot around a bonfire on the beach, with the women in billowing skirts and crop tops sashaying around the men to a plaintiff lament and an ever-present drumbeat. The south-west of the island, which has the strongest Creole flavour, is famed for its séga music and dancing, and performances take centre stage at the annual Kreol international Festival in December.

Christmas Shopping in Mauritius

This beautiful journey on the island of Mauritius is itself a sublime gift! Christmas equals to shopping and shopping means money! To reduce cost, we suggest you do your shopping locally: Port Louis Market, factory outlets, workshops models, spices shops … there are lots of shops offering very reasonable price to enjoy shopping on the island of Mauritius.

Choosing the best accommodation!

The choice of the hotel is not the easiest when it comes to Mauritius. Mauritian hotels are globally unique and often cited as an example. The choice will depend on the budget and the activities you wish to practice there, knowing that all the hotels organize celebrations for the 24th and 31st December. It is important to note that most hotels ‘impose’ generally a minimum of 7 to 10 nights’ reservation.

To give you an overview, here’s a shortlist: Which hotel to choose? – If you go to Mauritius in Family: Villa Caroline offers a beautiful setting with a beautiful beach and outstanding service for a 4 stars. Leaning against the rock of Le Morne mountain opposite the most beautiful lagoon of Mauritius is an ideal resort for spending Christmas holidays successful in Mauritius in a relax mood or with your loved one- The St. Regis Mauritius.

If you go solo, you can also opt for The Sands Resort, a boutique hotel with a warm reception surrounded by a warm scenery. If you are passionate golfers and traveling as a family, those are the 2 ideal options for Christmas holidays: Constance Belle Mare which is the only hotel (Hotels Mauritius) on the island of Mauritius to have two gorgeous golf course and probably the most beautiful beach of island. The extensive facilities are ideal for families who can find everything they may seek. Le Telfair and his neighbour Heritage Awali share access to the beautiful area of Heritage Golf Club du Chateau which features a golf course which is undoubtedly the favorite of discerning golfers.

Finally, if you want to enjoy these Christmas holidays in Mauritius to pamper yourself, you will find one of the most beautiful Island Spas at Shanti Maurice (which also handles very well for children) as well as a paradisiacal setting at the hotel bringing together in one place many advantages: lovely spa, great kids club, 18-holes golf to play easy and a privileged location near the lagoon of Le Morne.

But if you want to spend unforgettable holidays, opting for a villa during this period is not a bad choice. Finding the perfect villa in Mauritius will not be difficult as the island offers a wide choice of those suiting every taste and budget.

Christmas and New Year Celebration in Mauritius!

New year mru

Christmas and New Year are the most festive times of the year in Mauritius. Whether you are in Port Louis, Rose Hill or along the coast? You will find in the towns and any corner of the country, a noisy atmosphere and cheerful rhythm preparations. The streets are particularly lively with shops and Christmas carols which are heard everywhere in the hubbub of the population. Toys, clothing, Christmas trees and decorations fill the stalls and shopping frenzy affects all sectors, including household appliances and food products.

Renting a car is a must during the seasons. You will have the opportunity to go on late night shopping at your ease and visit the various corners of the island to experience the Spirit of Xmas around the beautiful island of Mauritius.

More than a tourist destination, Mauritius is primarily a continuously vibrant place to live aside warm and friendly people. As menu, Christmas and New Year are greeted with sweets, chocolates, candies, the Xmas log which is a typical specialty of the festival, and other local gourmet dishes. Wines, whiskeys, punch and fruit juices or soft drinks are also the party and fulfill the caddies.

Spend tranquil Festivities

If you just want to spend Christmas and New Year in the island Mauritius, far from the noise and the bustling cities, enjoy its natural sites and its beautiful lagoons. Between relaxation and exoticism your Christmas and your New Year in the island of Mauritius will be rich in colors, scents and memories. To think outside the box, don’t hesitate to discover the underwater treasures of the island or a trip dedicated to outdoor activities or well-being. This year, spend your Christmas holidays in this small paradise and you will leave the island with beautiful memories that you will not never be able to forget.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2016!