White sand, coconut trees and blue sea, Mauritius cultivates tropical postcard and remains the perfect destination for a holiday. If Mauritius has kept traces of Dutch, French and British colonial adventures, it is nevertheless a country that has is mostly influenced by the Indian culture. Here is a summary of everything Mauritius has to offer.

Located in the Indian Ocean, this paradise destination has already made many travelers dream! And the reasons for this enthusiasm are justified. Symbol of luxury, relaxation, charm and authenticity, a trip to Mauritius is the guarantee of a successful holiday! If you want to discover an entirely different culture, idyllic landscapes and warm people, Mauritius is for you.

Why visit Mauritius?

The beaches

A holiday in the Indian Ocean island is also to admire the Postcard landscapes and when it comes to this, Mauritius will not disappoint! With its white sandy beaches, blue lagoons, coconut trees, and endless sunshine, Mauritius will keep its promises. Enjoy every moment, every sunset, every perspective and each experience that you will enjoy during your holidays in Mauritius.

Its inhabitants

One aspect that makes Mauritius so attractive is the kindness of its people. Indeed, a natural welcoming, Mauritians love to share their rich culture and traditions. Smiles, warmth and simplicity are the words that best characterize this mixed population. And this is surely the most beautiful reasons that should push you to visit Mauritius.

Its cuisine

Mauritius is also popular with visitors for the culinary journey it offers to their taste buds. You will discover a wide variety of authentic and spicy dishes that will immerse you in an ocean of flavors. Mauritian cuisine alone accounts for various cultures: Chinese, Indian, Creole that have been brought together to offer you typical dishes, prepared with the best local produce. Also enjoy a visit to the markets to taste Dholl Puris, Rotis, Sweet delicacies and many other delicious foods, not found elsewhere than in Mauritius.

The climate

On this aspect, it seems that Mauritius is close to perfection. With temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees throughout the year, to live in Mauritius is to live in heaven! These temperatures allow, among other, daily swims regardless of the season. With trade winds very present in the south of the island, kite surfers will enjoy the ideal conditions for this sport.

Beaches of Mauritius

At Trou aux Biches, kilometers of fine sand and a lagoon adapted to the delights of swimming awaits you. Moving away you will come across Mont Choisy beach, with its white band of powdery sand and trees for relaxation and Pereybere, popular beach among the youth since it remains one of the best places to swim. The small and intimate beach in Grand Bay Basin is divine to walk along the shore.

On the east coast, Belle Mare, is the most popular for its tranquility and its charm. The beautiful beach of Saint-Félix is ideal to sunbathe and enjoy quietness because swimming is prohibited there. Going to the West, one can enjoy surfing in Tamarin Bay, a legendary spot for its perfect waves at Pointe Morne where conditions are ideal for surfing all year.

Must taste in Mauritius

Mauritian cuisine is a mix of African, Oriental and European.

Main Dishes: The vindaye – fish or octopus based recipe, oil, mustard, onions, garlic and ginger is a pure bliss. The rougail – Creole specialty made with tomato, garlic, onions, spices and fish or meat is a must taste too. The curry a subtle preparation mixing nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves , ginger and other spices with meat, fish or octopus is another dish you should not miss. When it comes to snacks, the samosas, triangular donut stuffed with curry and vegetable, meat or fish is great. And the most popular among all remains the  dholl puri and roti, thin pancakes with curry sauce and vegetables are not to be missed while visiting the various markets of the island.

Sweet delicacies: Taste sweet potato cake, a sweet potato fritter stuffed with sugar and grated coconut cake. Also do not miss the various tropical fruits of the island of Mauritius: mangoes, litchis, guavas, papayas, coconut, pomegranate, without forgetting the famous Victoria pineapple.

Famous drinks of the Island: the Alouda, made of milk, Mauritian basil seeds, agar and vanilla is a must while visiting the Bazar Port Louis. Fan of tea, do not miss tasting Bois Cheri tea and if you are more of a coffee lover, the Café Chamarel is a must taste. For fans of alcoholic beverages and its variations: fruit rum, vanilla rum, spiced rum, distilled beer of the Island, the Phoenix and Blue Marlin are not to be missed. And if you are looking for something fresh, why not have some tamarind juice or fresh coconut juice.

What to do on the Island?

If you are coming on holidays with your family, have fun visiting the island of Mauritius. Do not miss the large Frederica nature reserve with an unbeatable guide to know everything about the flora and fauna of the island. Do the zip line in the tropical jungle at Vallee des couleurs, rent a boat and head towards Ile Aux Cerfs, or simply rest on the perfect beach. You can also visit the Casela Adventure park where various activities are proposed for young and for old.

Couples traveling to Mauritius, enjoy a fly over the turquoise immensity of the Indian Ocean by seaplane or helicopter. Enjoy a romantic dinner while admiring the sunset! Feet in the water, indulge in some beauty treatments and massages by the ocean or simply explore hidden coves scattered around the island with your loved one.

After visiting Mauritius, Mark Twain said, Mauritius was made first, then heaven was copied from it. After visiting Mauritius, you would feel, that if Mark Twain had not said that, these words would have been yours. Mauritius is indeed among the most beautiful island you will ever visit for your holidays.

Enjoy those magical moments to the maximum and have great holidays in Mauritius!