Mauritius: Ile Aux Cerfs

You cannot miss a visit to one of the most visited islet of Mauritius – Deer island – commonly known as Ile Aux Cerfs. This islet, just a few minutes by boat from Mauritius, is indeed very popular for the quality of its beaches and its preserved character. You can also practice many sporting activities in excellent conditions.

Ile Aux Cerfs is a large islet, of nearly 100 hectares, off the east coast of Mauritius close to the coastal village of Trou D’Eau Douce in the district of Flacq. It is a beloved recreational spot for both Mauritians and tourists alike, with its picture-perfect calm emerald-blue waters.

The waterfalls of Grande Rivière

GRSE Mauritius


Enjoy the walk along the lagoon and enjoy the sun. If you’ve chosen the full package, the excursion starts with the visit of the GRSE waterfalls. The excursion is safe and quiet in a shallow water, transparent and which allows to see many corals. Rocked by a calm sea, you will arrive at the site of the waterfalls through a small pass.

Stroll and Visit l’île aux Cerfs

It is the excursion which is certainly the most popular of the island of Mauritius. Yet, some do not fully enjoy the chance of visiting the island. This vast plot of land is home to unique plant species and also have quite a few stunning and picturesque landscapes. When you are there, just take to time to venture inside the island and, well, become an explorer on your own and get to know the surroundings. You will certainly be amazed by the sights and maybe who knows – come across a hidden treasure!

Diving, snorkeling and activities

parasailing-at-ile-aux-cerfs (2)For those sea lovers, you will surely not miss the occasion to try some diving or snorkeling over the extraordinary coral garden that surround the islet. The fauna and flora will amaze you. The sea, of an incredible turquoise color, offers a magnificent landscape of which you will enjoy hair in the wind.

For those who are into more extreme activities, why not indulge in parasailing? This is an incredible experience that will not only give you an adrenaline rush, but that will allow you to enjoy a wonderful view over the islets and the eastern coast of Mauritius right below the clouds – Marvelous!

The barbecue of the excursion

We should not forget the best part of it – the meal! You will enjoy a creole BBQ on an isolated corner of the island or on the neighbor islands – Ile Aux Marginis.

Quiet, far from the world, sip on a drink while lunch is being freshly prepared. Grilled chicken and sausages, grilled fish and if you’ve taken the full package – grilled lobster! All of this accompanied by some cocktails, Mauritian Rhum or Beer and good Sega Music. A pure bliss! This halt is a great moment of happiness, to savor passionately, and will remain engraved in your memories.

The Return

The afternoon will be well underway when we take the way back. It will be punctuated by stops with interesting sites where you can, for example, discover new submarine spaces of unique beauty.

The return is around 4:30 pm, the time is not fixed, it depends on the tides, the duration of the snorkeling, stroll and activities that you practice, in fact, they adapt to your desires.

Practical Information:

  • incredible-ile-aux-cerfsDeparture is at 9 am from the Trou d’eau douce pier, located on the public beach.
  • The boat is equipped with all necessary safety equipment.
  • You can come with your mask and snorkel. If you do not have one, it is possible to lend them, there are of all sizes, as well for the adults as for the children.
  • All the drinks are included (water, wine, punch, coca, fruit juice, beer, and enough for everyone, big and small.) The barbecue is usually made up of fish, raw vegetables and lobster and a local dessert.
  • A bath towel, a cap and sunscreen must be in your pack. A single walk at sea is enough to give you the tan you want, but if you do not take precautions you will understand what “sunburn” really means.
  • Always leave a tee shirt on the children. The boat, sometimes, has a roof to shelter you but the sea will reflect the rays of the sun and even you will not feel the heat during your walk in the evening, if you have been negligent, you will understand why we insist that you protect yourself.
  • Do not venture alone in the island without keeping someone informed.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Rate :

The full ride will cost around 2,000 rupees per person. It will be necessary to add 300 rupees per person if you wish to have as supplement Lobster!

Have a nice day on this beautiful islet of Mauritius – Ile Aux Cerfs!