Mauritius Dodo Trail


The Dodo Trail is an annual trail run on the beautiful island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It was firstly held in 2011 on a different course to the present one, but has always been famous for its friendly surroundings.

What is the Dodo Trail?

It is a mountain race that will make you discover the highest, most spectacular peaks and private lands of the south west of Mauritius. The trail is jam-packed of natural wonders and inevitable adventure as you enjoy a unique occasion to run through stunning landscapes with breathtaking views of the turquoise lagoon as well as the tropical forests of the Black River Gorge National Park. Anyone who has run it before will agree that it is a memorable experience.


You will be able to choose among four unique and challenging trails for experienced enthusiasts as well as novices and families:

1.       Xtreme Dodo Trail

If you are an extreme sports lover, then the Xtreme dodo trail is for you. You will enjoy the exploration of the peaks and single tracks of Mauritius, over a trail of scattered obstacles, climbs and big views. This is your opportunity to cross exclusive landscapes on a 50km course with an elevation gain of 3500m. A true trail to discover the limits of this race in the rough.

It will be a journey full of treasures and breathtaking views, the Dodo 50km is a qualifying race for The North Face Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 2014.

 2.       Mini Dodo Trail

The Mini Dodo Trail has serious character despite its relatively ‘short’ distance. The Mini Dodo Trail is a 100% Nature trail that will certainly surprise you and even be a challenge for those who underestimated the distance!

The course includes dirt road, single track, loads of nature, ascents with some amazing views and breathtaking landscape. It remains an exclusive trail of 10km for passionate hikers and trail runners from 7 to 70 years old.

 3.       Ti Dodo Trail

The Ti Dodo Trail is ‘big’: 25 km and 1500m of climbing! Nothing less for this trail. You should not forget that it is an adventurous trail, with two major climbs and descents that are highly technical and remote. The first ascent is known as Plateau Remousse and Camphrier; the first descent Zepol and Fil. The second major climb and downward run is the famous La Tourelle de Tamarin. You will definitely enjoy the ride.

 4.       Dodo Fun Run

The Dodo Fun Run has just been added to the Dodo Trail family. The Dodo Fun Run starts and finishes at the Riverland Sports Center and is perfectly adapted to families. Each and everyone who wants to enjoy this annual event without challenging himself to the more serious distances and altitude of the bigger formats can opt for the fun run. The course is reasonably flat and goes around in a loop, in a natural environment, perfectly suited for hikers and joggers.

No worries amateurs, the Dodo Fun Run is less than 5 km!

NOTE:   There will be refreshment supplies at regular check points all along the track with water, Coke, fruit and more and a medical and safety team is also present at each water point. All runners will have the privilege of climbing the famous La Tourelle de Tamarin Mountain before reaching the spectacular finish line at Riverland Sport Centre.

Why should you run the Dodo Trail?

View from La Tourelle Mountain
View from La Tourelle Mountain
  1. The Dodo Trail runs through the entire mountain range of South West Mauritius, moving from one peak to the other, including the highest – the Black River Peak at 828m high!
  2. The participants of the Dodo Trail will discover ‘The Most Beautiful Trail of Mauritius’ with breathtaking views of the blue lagoon on one side and the wild forest of the National Park on the other. Runners will exclusively go through private properties, which are normally not open to the public.
  3. The Dodo Trail forms part of the Indian Ocean Trail Tour, together with l’UTOP Trail Run in Madagascar, Trail du Colorado in Reunion Island, and, Trail de Rodrigues, consolidating the trail running community and promoting our sport in the Indian Ocean islands.
  4. The Dodo Trail is highly international. The superb international trail running event in the beautiful island of Mauritius is an amazing opportunity to meet people with a similar passion, of various origins!
  5. At the Dodo Trail, beyond the fact that it is a popular event, top international ‘star’ runners, come over and take part in this amazing race since it is usually drescribed as “One of the most beautiful and toughest 100% nature trail runs.”
  6. Tourists love Mauritius and keep coming back to the Paradise Island! They feel at home. Their relationships with locals are truly genuine as the Mauritians are good people.
  7. Mauritius is a multilingual society so there will be no communication barrier.
  8. Who says race also says challenge … The Dodo Trail is a challenge for all participants. With routes ranging from 500 to 3500 meters of elevation gain, you have the opportunity to test your limits and why not to exceed!
  9.  It also represents the human adventure that allows you to live. Whether solo, duo, family or coworkers, you will experience a true moment of sharing and complicity, all united to give the best of yourself.
  10. The pride of having participated in a major international race, the satisfaction of having achieved what you had set, the pleasure of discovering landscapes still unknown and sharing this adventure as well as with relatives of people newly encountered … are all experiences you will live with Dodo Trail!

Other Trails in Mauritius

Ferney trail

ferney trail

Ferney Trail, a race organised by CIEL in partnership ILOP Sport Réunion, Sun Resorts, and Anahita organises their annual trail at La Vallée de Ferney. The mountain trails are usually of different lengths too, most precisely, 4km, 10km, 17km & 35km trails. The four races proposed this year will be taken at the heart of the Bamboo mountain range, on private and unique areas such as La Vallée de Ferney, Domaine de l’Etoile, Le Vallon amongst others.

If you ever miss the chance to run the Dodo Trail this 13th July, you can still catch up with the Ferney trail which will be held in August. Else you can still run it next year. 

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