For a tiny island of only 1 million people, Mauritius has an incredibly rich and diverse food culture, infused with influences from its mélange of inhabitants (Creole, French, Chinese and Indian people). Stack up on Mithai and the favourite local delicacy the Napolitain, or indulge in a traditional Mauritian dessert like sticky banana tart or sweet potato cakes filled with freshly grated coconut – great with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or a mug of warm chai.

Don’t stay in your resort when you visit Mauritius – get out and explore the island in your rented car and enjoy its amazing food. Here’s our pick of the top 10 desserts to eat and drink in Mauritius.

10 best dessert from Mauritius that will make you salivate!

You will come across multiple desserts and typical Mauritian delicacies while visiting the island… Each of them has the distinction of being unique and tasting great! No matter what time or moment, a sweet Mauritian delicacy is never refused.

Bread Pudding

Slightly impregnated with a vanilla scent, this Mauritian creation based on stale bread soaked in milk is a pure delight. Ideal after meals or as snacks, along with a good cup of tea or coffee, bread pudding, remains a popular soft and delicious Mauritian dessert.


Prepared with flour and butter, the Napolitain is a treat your palate should imperatively taste. It is a balanced amalgam of flavours and textures. The sweet frosting, the guava jam and the lightly salted sandy biscuit will provide an explosion of pleasure in your mouth… This excellent marriage of tastes is simply a pure bliss!


Very popular among Mauritians, vermicelli is a real treat for the taste buds! Often prepared with milk, dried grapes and cardamom, vermicelli is an excellent dessert that often demarcates itself from others is  ideal for the young and the old.

Cassava Pudding

Relatively simple to make, cassava pudding is a popular dessert on the island of Mauritius. You can find that wonderful dessert in every corner of the island, on the streets, in the markets or at the bus stations. Most often flavored with coconut or vanilla, Cassava pudding is a dessert to be enjoyed without moderation!

Vona Corona Ice cream

In the heart of Rose Hill, an ice cream parlour dispenses delicious frozen treats. This sorbet passed through generations … In Vona Corona ice cream left its footprint on the island of Mauritius since it has existed for 90 years. These ice creams are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sugar to bring out the various flavours, and simply cannot compare with industrial mass produced desserts. And the pineapple coulis just adds a hint of freshness to the palate.

Exotic fruits

The paradise island of Mauritius offers a diverse selection of tropical fruits for the pleasure of amateurs. Most of the fruits ripe in summer, but some of them can be procured at any time during the year. Exotic fruits are excellent desserts. In Mauritius, they are often consumed as spicy salads, “confit” or crystallized fruits. Mauritius enjoys an abundance of bright and colourful tropical fruits that can serve as desserts like star fruit, grenadine, guava, longan, coconut, pineapple, mango , papaya, watermelon, banana, litchi, dragon fruit, tamarind among others.


This divine dessert is so good and so easy to achieve, you won’t believe it. Prepared with milk, egg and coconut, the flan can be served with caramel, or with maple syrup. A delicious dessert that will fulfill the hearts of dessert lovers!

Corn Pudding

Corn pudding – popularly known as “Poudine Mai” -is pure happiness. Flavored with vanilla and coconut, corn pudding is prepared easily and quickly. Served cold, this is the best dessert you can have after one of the delicious creole dish you can taste on the island of Mauritius.

Macatia coco

Traditional recipe of this magnificent little island, Macatia Coco (Coconut Bread) is appreciated by many Mauritians. “Macatia” originates from Swahili and means “bread.” This term would designate the bread of slaves. Basically, the macatia was prepared with leftover bread from the day before, and sugar was added to it to remove the bitterness. Here in Mauritius, everyone loves to eat a macatia with a nice cup of tea or coffee at teatime.


The Ladoo is a dessert of Indian culture origin, adopted by Mauritians. Traditionally served at ceremonies or during the festival of Divali, the ladoo is usually found in supermarkets, in the small village shop or on street corners, accessible to all, as a dessert or snack at any time of day. Do not miss this blissful dessert while visiting the island of Mauritius.

So above is a good selection of desserts that you should taste during your holidays in Mauritius…Do not miss tasting those and other local specialties … After lunch or dinner, there’s nothing to soften the taste buds than a sweet Mauritian delicacy!

Have a sweet holiday in Mauritius!