Here are some of Mauritian specialties to share with your friends and families. They will certainly bring water to your mouth! You will find our favourite local specialties here and do not forget, of you go to Mauritius soon, this little culinary guide will be a good base to discover the specialties of the island, so be sure to note the names or print the article before you travel. Ready for this little Mauritian culinary journey?

1. Mine Frire – Fried Noodles

Mine Frire Mauritius The mine frire-fried noodles is a Sino-Mauritian dish which is very popular on the island of Mauritius. It can easily be found in restaurants, booths (truck type) near the beaches or in the small shops that sell takeaway food. This is a dish consisting of noodles, eggs (omelet strips), cabbage and meat (chicken, sausage) or shrimp. You can reproduce this dish without too much difficulty in following my simple recipe here: Fried Noodles Recipe.

2. Fried Rice

This dish is similar to fried noodles but rather than using Chinese noodles, it consists of rice. This complete meal is very popular with Mauritians in its simplicity. This too can be found in restaurants around the island or on street corners, at booths or even in the hotel you are lodging in.

3. Sandwich Mauricien

Unique to Mauritius, the sandwiches are made in round loaves. They are found everywhere on the go and are usually topped with chicken, tuna, vegetables, salad peppers cakes, and plenty of choice. For a picnic on the beach or a snack, these sandwiches are great!

4. Pistachios

Boiled pistachios are not necessarily something that we discover as a tourist. Yet, we often eat them in Mauritius to nibble as you would with crackers in your country. They are a great snack if you are going on long journeys and want to eat something. Pistachios are bought from the market and must be boiled in salted water before consumed by taking care to remove the hulls. It’s as simple as that!

5. Dholl Puri

Dholl Puri Mauritius If you have read previous articles, you already know the dholl puri. These are flexible slabs that are filled with different sauces or carry and which is then rolled to eat immediately. We find it really everywhere: in markets, on the streets, at street vendors moped/bicycle .Do not miss your dholl puri, it is a must eat on the island of Mauritius. If you’re not used to spicy flavors, have “no chili”!

6. Farata

For the uninitiated, it is often difficult to navigate between dholl puri and Farata. The faratas (which is also called rotis, this is where it gets complicated!) Are flat breads that are eaten with curries. To recognize this, just look at the color. The Farata is less yellow than dholl puri and dholl puris are usually eaten in pairs. When you have tasted the two, you will see that these two discs are different. In most markets, you can witness the preparation of the faratas on site and as you will see is the work of a whole team. A person who prepares the dough, and another that flattens the dough to form the faratas. Someone to cook and one for the sale. Same goes for the dholl puri preparation. You can find both recipes on our website!

7. Taro Cakes

That donut or cake is one of the favourites on the island. Yet, it is difficult to find it among all the donuts available in the markets and shops. This is called the Gato Arouille (Taro Cake/Donut). It’s a grated taro based donut. The Arouille(Taro) is a vegetable whose roots are consumed. It is easily found in Mauritius and Reunion but in France it is another story. If you want to taste it but you have no plans to go to Mauritius, I have the solution! We have the recipe!

8. Napolitains

Napolitain cakes are typical of Mauritius, and are found everywhere even in hypermarkets now. These are basically two shortbread cookies stuck together with jam and then covered with a usually pink frosting (also available with white icing or no frosting at all).

9. Gato Coco – Coconut Candy

Gato coco mauritius The coconut candy is a candy made from milk, grated coconut and sugar. It’s something you can easily replicate at home and that is not complicated to do. It is very sweet and will please old and young.  This tidbit will certainly delight coconut enthusiasts!

10. Alouda

If you have never tasted the Alouda during previous trips, well do not miss it this time! Everyone succumbs to this refreshing drink. These are drinks made with milk and hot basil seeds (called “toukmaria” in Mauritius: these small black seeds, soaked in water, swell and coat with a white cottony substance. Alouda is consumed very cold or accompanied with ice cream. You’ll find the best ones in the Port Louis Market.

10 + 1 bonus: Puit D’amour – Love Well

Mauritius Pastries
Napolitaine, Puit D’Amours, Eclaire…

The “Puit D’amour” remains a favourite. This pastry with a smooth cream and shredded coconut is a pure bliss in the mouth. You should taste it! There are of course many other Mauritian specialties that are worth a try. But mentioning all of them wouldn’t have allowed you to be surprised! Do not hesitate to tell us about your favourite dishes and pastries in Mauritius.

Bon Appetit Biensure!