Mauritius Beaches

The North


Balaclava is a secluded place far from the busy traffic of the town. It is without a doubt an Edenic spot characterized by serenity and positive vibes. It can be easily found as there is the Oberoi hotel which is on your left-hand side then Balaclava beach is to your right. The waters are blue crystal clear with fine white sand coral reefs accompanied with all its colorful marine life. Balaclava is appropriate to let yourself go in a calm atmosphere without being disturbed by any noise as it is a very quiet beach. You will feel like you are away from Mauritius looking at wonderful sunsets or sit on the beach and drink cocktails to forget your everyday worries.

Pointe aux Piments

 Real beach resort, Pointe aux Piments will leave you surprised with its enchanting beauty. It is far from hustle and bustle promising a spectacular view with its marked black boulders. The size is quite small but Pointe aux Piments is the only place that’s has not yet been modified with modern installations nor have been reshaped by humans. It is a well-kept beach with no pollution and those that love snorkeling won’t be deceived. Idyllic place with clear transparent water along with white sand and colorful seashells. To avoid sea urchin or fragments of coral reefs, it is highly recommended to bring along special shoes so you can enjoy your dip in the sea.


Trou aux Biches

Trou aux Biches is a dazzling beach found in the North West of Mauritius. It is about 2km, near Grand Bay this spot provides an amazing view especially when the sun sets. With its white powder sand of great quality, this beach is outstanding to get a tan or spend a day with your loved ones. It is famous for having various aquatic sports activities like snorkeling and other kinds, all aiming to make you appreciate your time there to the fullest. Trou aux Biches is a spot where the Sun is always present, the wind is does enough to let the air through your hair. All of those are gathered to make you feel like you are in Heaven.

Mont Choisy

Found near Trou aux Biches, Mont Choisy is among the longest beaches of the island beside its beauty. Its particular arced shaped ease the visitors to distinguish it from the other beaches. This bay of turquoise water is approximately 3km long with refined sand where shades are provided all long by huge casuarina trees. It is an ideal place to jog, walk or sit on the benches. Many sports can be done there as it has a football and volleyball playground without forgetting to mention that water activities are well appreciated by both tourist and local people. Indeed Mont Choisy is recommended if you are looking for intimacy and quietness for relaxation away from everyday stress.

Pointe aux Cannoniers

It looks a bit like Mont Choisy but with a wider littoral alongside a balmy weather and countryside backdrops. The Old Lighthouse is the main attraction of this beach. The beach is surrounded by beautiful houses of the village and sumptuous retail outlets providing a relaxing atmosphere for shopping. The view of the Gunners Coin is optimized from this spot as it is quite close to it. That’s why people like to go there as they feel like they are on the island itself with all the beauty around.

Grand Bay

 Easily accessible, Grand Bay is nestled at the very center of the town. The boat and catamaran traffic is very active as Grand Bay is famous because of its various aquatic activities. The seaside is colorful with its blue lagoon covered with soft sand, powder like. If you are fond of seafood this is the spot where most fishermen go when they return back in the afternoon, a variety of seafood are sold from fish to octopus. As it is very popular, it is better to go during weekdays if you want calmness or if you want to enjoy seeing children playing or people dancing and singing then you may go during weekends more precisely on Sundays. One thing is sure you will have a blast.


Despite being a small beach, it attracts a lot of locals and tourists. If you want to have space to sit you better go early in the morning or later it will be too crowded. During major heat waves the huge coconut trees will provide you shade. Many aquatic activities can be done in the water at affordable prices like scuba diving, windsurf, marine discovery, stand up paddle and water ski. On request, you can even go on boat to watch dolphin in the deep blue water in their natural setting. The beach is ideal for children and inexperienced swimmers that want to enjoy the warm water without being disturbed by big waves.

Cap Malheureux

Well-known for its distinctive church with the red roof, Cap Malheureux beach has the most wonderful panoramic view in the North. Its landscape extends to the sea where you can see Gunners Coin and Flat Island away a few kilometers. Perfect for small swims in crystal clear water and at the same time admiring the beauty of the neighboring islands. It is also a spot for catamaran tours and other aquatic sports. This beautiful beach is near Grand Bay and it is common to find fish offal around the beach as the Cap Malheureux fish landing station is located nearby.

Anse La Raie

This beach’s main attribute is the peace and privacy that it provides. It does not attract many people as it is a hidden gem that holds ideal clear, blue waters and warm sand. Its uniqueness is due to its location in a bay with mountains in the background giving people a picturesque view. You can just sat down and enjoy the same stunning views of the north Indian Ocean as the neighboring beaches.  The weather is most of the time shiny in order for you to enjoy your moment at the beach. Anse la Raie will make you feel great after spending times there as it will act like a haven for everyone that feel tired from inside.


It is commonly known as Butte a l’Herbe and located near the town of Grand Gaube. In fact it is an island which is among one of the forgotten beaches of Mauritius. The small bridges found there able it to stay connected to the mainland. It is easily accessible by car but as the road is not in a good state it is better to avoid the risk. It is composed of pine trees and surrounded by turquoise water in which you can have a dip. Bringing your picnic is recommended as there are no local vendors there due to its location and quietness. Calodyne is truly a unique place where you must absolutely go.

Grand Gaube

Grand Gaube is suitable for spending time looking at the horizon as it is rustic and has rocky landscapes not adapted for swimming and water sports. Grand Gaube is a deserted beach full of corals and sand trip despite they are limited. An ideal beach to breath in fresh air near the Lux Grand Gaube which is a luxury hotel. You will be able to take beautiful pictures for it has a very unique scenery with the sun in the background. Grand Gaube is well appreciated by fishermen as there are a lot of colorful fish in this spot of the North of Mauritius.

La Cuvette

La Cuvette is like a precious diamond well hidden in the North of Mauritius. For a long moment, it has been known only by a few of people and tourists. It can be easily found in the residential area of Grand Bay. Quite small, about 80 meters probably but the many hideaway mini beaches, rocks and cliffs, and above all calmness of the surroundings enhance its beauty. Many outdoor activities can be done as it has a lot of grass to play football on and plenty of benches to sit on. By looking at the view, you will refresh your soul and reconnect with nature.

Bain Bœufs

Normally, this is a beach where you stopover before proceeding to another beach as it is not easily accessible. The seafloor has lot of rocks, the sand is rough and so swimming too is dangerous. It is a place where you will be able to refuge yourself in your world alone without being interrupted by others. Despite being unable to get into the water, the picnic area and the casuarina trees for shade are still there to ensure you to spend a good moment. The Coin de Mire hotel is there too to enhance the beauty of this sympathetic beach named Bain Boeufs.

Poudre d’Or

Found in the east of Mauritius, Poudre d’Or beach is found in the village itself. Though it has water, it is more considered as a waterfront than a beach. Having rocky grounds, most visitors go there to spend good times with loved ones rather than to swim. There is also the monument of Paul et Virginie in this good spot where you will have space to sit easily. The bustling town of Goodlands is only a few minutes away where you can have a walk to see the local vendors selling tropical fruits and clothes. Without a doubt you will enjoy yourself.

The East

Belle Mare

It is so far one among the most beautiful beaches of the island. In this blissful setting you are free to do whatever you what to relax. Either you can get a tan under the sun with a glass of fresh tropical juice in your hand or take a dip in the warm water. In this part of the island the sun is always shinning all throughout the year and it is one among the many reasons, why Belle Mare is one of the most popular beaches on the island. If you are fond of morning hikes to start your day with a breath of fresh air, then this spot is the ideal place for you. The beach of Belle-Mare is perfect to escape the daily stress.

Poste Layette

This enchanting beach of the east of Mauritius, Poste Lafayette is a few kilometers from Roches Noires. It is surrounded by volcanic rocks where it is most of the time windy, a boon for the kite surfers. It has two distinct pristine white beaches with powder sand or kilometers of black rock landscapes. The aquatic activities that can be done are pedalo, windsurfing and kayak. If you want to relax, just know that it will be done in a rustic landscape surrounded by a wild beauty, and undeniable charm that promise a magical moment for those that love nature.

Roches Noires

The main attribute of this beach is the huge waves that come to crash all day long. Unlike other beaches, the reef is quite close to the shore reason why even on a calm day, waves will still be coming to shake you up. It is name as such because there are a lot of black rocks that can be seen around. The pureness of this place is beyond your imagination with its hypnotizing waves giving you a mesmerizing feeling, Roches Noires will let you stroll down the white sand and bath in the playful sea with the white foam and deep blue of the ocean.

Trou D’eau Douce

Trou D’eau Douce is well known as it is only a stone throw away from the wonderful Ile Aux Cerf which is the most beautiful attraction of the island. Trou d’Eau Douce lagoon is a nice place for snorkeling where a wide variety of fish as well as some colorful giant clams can be spot. The background with a fantastic blue lagoon and green mountains on the horizon is magnificent. Indeed it is ideal for a short cooling off day and to experience beautiful sunsets. In Trou d’Eau Douce, booking a boat for a trip to the waterfalls to see unique views of the chocolate side of the island is still possible.

Ile aux Cerfs

In the lagoon of Trou d’eau Douce, Mauritius holds a jewel named Ile aux Cerfs. Normally there are catamaran tours that can be booked for you to access the island easily, it takes about 20minutes to get there. You have the choice to spend a nice time with your partner in a romantic scenery or in a small group to enjoy the festive and friendly atmosphere of the sea outing. You can enjoy the restaurants even at night: Marsala restaurant with Indian specialties and Paul & Virginie restaurant with fish and seafood specialties. You do not risk getting bored with the seaside pleasures and the many water sports on offer.


It is situated between Quatre Cocos and Belle Mare beaches and unfortunately, people don’t usually stop on this beach. There are only a few things to do or see unless you are residing in one of the new bungalows or in the hotel resorts. Palmar beach is limited in size with no boat traffic where you can easily go to relax yourself. There are benches if you want to chat and the access to the beach is easy. If you are lucky enough you may find fishermen looking for fish in the water if children playing in the patches of sand.

Bras D’eau

Bras d’Eau Public Beach is more or less like a small bay that is inside the lagoon of Poste Lafayette, a prime spot for parasailing, as well as a relaxing place to spend some time on your holiday. You will be able to watch the sunrise and the sunset as the beach overlooks the south. You’ll likely find a quiet spot all to yourself because the clear water is like a mirror where you are able to see yourself through. The rocky floor and the coral reefs make swimming a bit dangerous. The scenic views will make your heart be content of what you are seeing. You can bring along your picnic to enjoy in the picnic area and watch the parasailors.

The South

La Cambuse

La Cambuse, located only a few kilometers from SSR International Airport, is an amazing beach with a beautiful wide stretch of white sand. It is probably one among the least visited beaches in Mauritius. The sea is gorgeous and inviting where waves a little further on the reefs are easily visible. Though it is sunny or not, it can also be a very windy beach. Never mind you will still find the usual coconut and fruit vendor, as well as the usual ice-cream van, who drove past us a couple of times. You can have a very nice day there in the sandy beach with crystal clear waters or play football on the grass.


Gris-Gris is as beautiful as dangerous, located in the extreme south of the island, around 2.5 km southeast of central Souillac, a grassy cliff top affords fine views of the black-rock coastline. The strong currents and the huge waves breaking on the shore make swimming strongly discouraging for hobbyists and professionals. Despite having a beautiful golden sand and deep blue sea, Gris-Gris is an extremely dangerous beach for adventures in the sea. If you go on the parking area, you will have a perfect view of a large rock where the waves come breaking on the shore showing an amazing view to the visitors.

La Prairie

Located between Le Morne Village and Baie du Cap in the southwest of Mauritius, La Prairie is a wide stretch of grass and beach land. It has a picturesque background with Le Morne Brabant a few meters away.  Families usually go there to spend a nice moment together. There are shallow, calm waters year round, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. As it is located in an isolated area, there is no real infrastructure and facilities such as food is limited unless there are mobile food vans. The west parts are suitable for families where children can bath in te quiet bay but on the east side, the currents are a bit strong with wind This is perfect for surfers however precautions need to be taken because of sharks in the surroundings.

Le Bouchon

This is a spot that even not many locals know about but overtime it changed and it gain attractiveness among locals and others. Due to many rocks this swimming area is not very attractive. It is a good place to meet locals and engage in spontaneous chat with them. It has a wonderful and mesmerizing scenery with all the lush wilderness surrounding it. Indeed it is a good place for family gatherings especially ideal if you have kids. It is highly recommended to try out the fruit pickles from local sellers along the beach as they are very delicious accompanied with chili.


Nestled in Savanne, it is one among the off-beaten beaches of the island. It has a perfect sand fringed by palm trees and grassy banks. The purity of the air and splendid atmosphere give to the visitors a spirit of adventure. It offers 2.5 km of wild and untouched coastline by touristic developments. The water are rather lively with less than 200 meters to the coral reef. To be noted that you should be prepared emotionally as it’s so beautiful that you might tear over Mother Nature’s miracles. Riambel as is quite risky due to rough waters but one thing is for sure, it is one of Mauritius best beaches to have plenty of shots to post on social Medias.

St Felix- Pomponette

It is found between Souillac and Bel Ombre in the extreme south of Mauritius near the beautiful village of Riviere des Galets. Its magnificent hues of blue water and green lush coastline makes it inviting. It has all the tropical feels you’ve been looking for with all the most remote and peaceful beaches of the island. The beach is surrounded by vegetation in contrast with the white sand and turquoise sea that offers a spectacular scenery. St Felix if more suitable for swimming compared to other beaches in the South but somehow it maintain its wilderness along with rough waters.

La Pointe D’Esny

Pointe d’Esny beach is one of the best kept secrets a hidden pearl on the outskirts of south Mahebourg. A trip there is worthy as your trip in Mauritius will be incomplete if you never go there. It is less crowded than Blue Bay and is a heart winner for many travelers. It promises a daily dose of magic sunset moments. Like a painting the scenery with hues of pink, purple, blue and orange is stunning. You will be ale if you want to, to pack some icy good old wine and a beach mat to spend some times with your loved one in a romantic atmosphere.

La Roche qui Pleure

La Roche qui Pleure is one of the most famous natural attractions of southern Mauritius. Many visitors come to contemplate this strange figure from the wonderful cliffs of Souillac near Gris-Gris. Legend says that she was a witch punished for eating her children, petrified in eternal mourning and others say that a young woman has lost her husband taken away by the waves  and was waiting desperately for his return to the raging ocean then she ends up frozen forever in her pain. you’ll have to stand there puzzling it out for quite some time, and the waves really have to crash for the ‘tears’ to come out, but it’s oddly satisfying when you finally get it.

Ilot Sancho


Following the coastal road of the south it is located a canal away from the beach of Baie du Jacotet beach, between Bel Ombre and Chemin Grenier. It is a cozy little beach where you can stop for a picnic where history and nature blend perfectly. Ilot Sancho is the main attraction of Baie-de-Jacotet. The small islet is easily accessible by foot and once on the islet you get to admire breathe taking view of the ocean. Sometimes there are little pools of water here and there where you can see little fish or other sea animals.

Mamzel Naz


A mythical beach known as Mamzel Naz is beautiful, wild, but withdrawn and is a worth stopover! It is located about three kilometers away from the village of Benares in the South. Only a handful of people know its existence, so it is never crowded but the beach of Mamzel Naz offers a splendid show. The bright color of green velootiers and turf, the huge waves that come crashing on the black rocks and the golden sun along with tall casuarinas contrast perfectly with the scenery. If swimming is highly discouraged as the sea can be dangerous there, being able to refresh yourself in the small ponds is still possible.

Bel Ombre

Bel Ombre beach is among the ten longest beach of Mauritius and is located 6km away from the bridge of St Martin. This area is famous to the kite surfers as though being protected by the coral reef, it is still close to open waters. To be noted that you should be careful because the currents and winds are very strong. As the village itself, the beach is a sleepy one with a laidback area with only a few locals from the nearby villages. There are open spaces for picnics and it’s very quiet. If ever you are an avid beach trekker, know that 6 kilometers of uninterrupted sandy coastline are waiting for you.

Rivière des Galets


Close to Ilot Sancho, Rivière des Galets is found in the middle of Souillac and Bel Ombre. Its main attribute is being surrounded by small pebbles. It is perfect for relaxation, a must if you are heading to the south of Mauritius and above all it is considered as a tourist attraction. The sand is barely visible as the only thing visible are the polished pebbles by the coming and going of the waves. It offers a beautiful sight for photographers, a breathtaking view to the visitors and despite the unusual setting, it remains a wonderful beach to discover in the south of Mauritius.

Blue Bay


Blue Bay is a famous beach which can get crowded on weekends and public holidays. The reason why people go there is not only because of the unique shades of blue in the waters but also because the bay is a shallow haven of coral and full of colorful fish in all shapes and forms. It is a good spot for snorkeling too and boats offering snorkeling trip can be found in abundance. Luckily there are plenty of snack stands and all the usual facilities of a public beach like restrooms and showers. You should know that to avoid the hustle and bustle and to have space, you should arrive early in the morning.

Le Souffleur

If you like wild and rugged landscape, Le Souffleur is the best place to go. Found near the Savannah Sugar Estate, it is a bit tricky to go there but never mind you need only to follow an old chimney and some buildings. Once you see a rock written Le Souffleur know that you are on the right track. The sea is very rough but you can still go on the natural bridge nearby where you will be able to have some camera clicks. You will be able to see the waves crashing against the cliff when the seawater pushes through a crack in the bluffs like a blowhole on a whale. Indeed you will be amazed.

The West

Flic en Flac

Flic en Flac is well known for its funny atmosphere as on weekends, it can fully packed. People like to go camping there because there are plenty of spaces. Its main feature is the gorgeous turquoise sea offering safe bathing and swimming in the lagoon is calm as it is nice at low tide as well as high tide. There are casuarinas that will provide shades but you can also get umbrellas that you can rent along with pairs of chairs. The sand is neither too fine nor too rough, ideal for building sand castles. This is a good thing for children as they will be able to enjoy to the fullest.



This is a unique beach with black sand making it a unique one alongside roaring waves rolling in from open waters. It is not protected from coral reef so the beach gets more lively waters than other beaches. The beach has a lot to offer with plenty of rooms for everyone to have a space to sit. It is mostly used by tourists in the nearby of Tamarin Hotel or for those that are lucky enough to rent a villa or a bungalow. There are a lot of eateries in the neighborhood and the beach is not really affected by tourism.

La Preneuse

It is not only a beach but due to the presence of the most well preserved Martello Towers, it is a famous destination for the history that it holds. On Sundays it is busy but quiet during the week. You can taste Mauritian dishes in the snack stand nearby that are open daily. It is possible to walk on sandy beaches all the way to Tamarin Bay if you want to. It is a good spot for dolphin watching and trips with skippers are also available at affordable prices. If you want a good spot, head to the main and walk either to Tamarin or Grande Riviere Noire.

Le Morne

Located on a peninsula, at the foot of the majestic Morne Brabant, this public beach is accessible easily and is famous among the wind and kite surfers. Though it can be crowded on public holidays especially on the 1st February because of the commemoration of the date when slavery was abolished. People usually go there after a hike on the mountain or to admire its beauty with miles of white sand with large casuarina trees. You can see your reflection in the clear water which offers great visibility. This spot is ideal for scuba diving but also for kite surfing some even state that it is so far the best spot in Mauritius.



If you are looking for a spot to spend a quiet day for relaxation, peace or do some fishing then Albion is absolutely where you need to head. The warm water is great for swimming and the long sandy beach is perfect for lengthy walks. There are a lot of space for everyone so even evening barbecues can be done there. Local fishermen normally come with their catch of the day in the wee hours of the morning so as people can buy their fish. There are clean restrooms where you can change before going home. A supermarket is right in front of the beach where you can but snack before you settle under the sun of Albion.

Riviere Noire


After a hiking at Black River Gorges, you can refresh yourself in the waters of the beach of Riviere Noire. It is a lovely beach with great sunset views where you can spend few hours in the sun. The lagoon is beautiful as this bay possesses one of the most peaceful and most wonderful beaches on the island. You can also have a trip to l’ile aux Benitiers to relax an island surrounded by turquoise water. A dip in the water and all your worries will fade away.

Pointe Aux Sables


This beach is characterized by its white sandy beach, little san, pebbly shorelines and rocky seafloors. You will have a complete vie on the port of Port Louis port and the huge chimneys with container tanker traffic in the background. In this spot there will be more locals than tourists as it is not actually a beach where you will have a great view. It is more about spending time with the family or friends, playing football or volleyball on the little playground that you may find there. There are several eateries along the road and all amenities will be found there.

Tombeau Bay

This beach has a sheer uniqueness may be it comes from the fact that it is never crowded and because of its absolute calmness. It has a peculiarly shade shore line as it lies in the refined powder like sand. There are a lot of trees under which you can lie to contemplate the breathtaking view of the sea. There are vendors in the surroundings so it’s better if you take your refreshments and snack before you head there. At some times, the sea can get rougher than the other beaches of Mauritius though you can still have a dip to enjoy the water.

Bain des dames

Bain des dames is more than a beach as it is a good fishing spot close to the harbor. For its quietness and loneliness, people working around tend to go there for lunch and at the same time enjoy the view along with feeling the breeze. There are a lot of coral and dried sea plants and that’s why it is not recommended to swim in its water. Especially for children, they can have the chance to see a lot of ships entering and leaving the harbor. It is a good place to breath if you want some alone time.