Haven of beauty in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the perfect place to enjoy love more intensely than elsewhere… From north to south and from east to west, Mauritius offers an extraordinary diversity of environments and landscapes. Beaches with idyllic sights, “nature” tours and peaceful corners – this Eden is the setting for an adventure to share together with your lover!

Enchanting Romantic walks in Mauritius

The Pamplemousses Garden in the north, is the pride of the island, and is perfect for an enchanting and romantic walk with your lover. A feeling of well-being and serenity grabs you from the moment you enter this magnificent garden. Unique plants inhabit this little paradise. Stroll hand in hand, between giant nénuphars(Water Lilly) pool and lotus flowers. This is enough to make you fall under the spell of the island’s charm … In the far north, Cap Malheureux is a must visit for your romantic stroll. This charming fishing village lends itself to its escape. It hides a poetic marine cemetery and a Tamil temple in pastel colors. Further, the star attraction: Notre Dame Chapel. Its famous red roof is a classic postcard picture scenery. Facing the lagoon a few moments with your loved one. The sea and the sky merge on the horizon in a mosaic of colors while a fairytale atmosphere pervades the place…

Your romantic getaway…

If you are wondering where to go for your romantic getaway, why not head to Ile Aux Aigrettes? The excursion on the spot begins with a short cruise on a turquoise-blue water. The island offers groomed trails through dense forest. You will discover some of the treasures that abound this nature reserve: the pink pigeon, the Aldabra giant tortoise and a multitude of endemic plants – while enjoying the company of your lover in an idyllic setting.

Pleasure in Duet

Isn’t it the dream romantic holiday, a beach paradise, perfecting your tan under a blazing sun? Yet, Mauritius still reserve some surprises … Riambel Beach is the perfect place to live a moment out of the ordinary. Several equestrian centers allow vacationers to indulge in horse riding by the sea. You who dreamed of magic moments with your beloved, difficult to imagine a more romantic! You begin to doubt that all this is real? Your suspicions are likely to persist even more after having indulge in one of the most famous activities of the island: swimming with dolphins in Tamarin Bay. In the distance, the mountains of Trois Mamelles and the Rempart crown this wild array. The sea air invigorates you! Enjoy the lagoon of Mauritius on a double kayak. Sail in the heart of the crystalline lagoon without missing a beat of this natural spectacle. A stroll through the mangrove is for you the opportunity to admire unique plant species in the world!

Nature, an invitation to romanticism

Finish off this romantic stroll by visiting the higher plains of Curepipe. After a walking tour you will find yourself at Trou aux Cerfs. In the hollow of this impressive volcanic crater lake nestled at the heart of Curepipe, you will find its surroundings populated by a rich fauna. There you can contemplate the ocean surrounding the island – it is even said that when the weather is clear, you can even see the island of Reunion … Further south you can visit the village of Souillac, near which the Rochester Falls are located. In this place still preserved from mass tourism, a waterfall of 10 m high pours its waters. Why not take advantage of this intimate setting for a swim with your significant other? The land in Chamarel mark the final step of your trip with your lover in Mauritius. This vast bare clearing reveals its floor painted in 7 colors, from ocher to purple through red. This place looks like the moon in brighter colours. One of the most beautiful places on earth for a passionate!

Relax in Grand Bassin

If you still want to relax, how about a zen and exotic ride with your partner? Grand Bassin, southeast of the island and near Bois Chéri, offers a relaxed environment. This natural water reservoir in the heart of an ancient volcano is also a sacred place for Hindus. An imposing statue of the goddess Shiva overlooks the lake, around which monkeys often come to steal the offerings brought by the followers near the temples that line this mystical place.

Your Romantic holidays in a nutshell…

When to go? If you want to spend an unforgettable moment while having a perfect tan, visit Mauritius at the beginning of the year. But fear not: the climate is very pleasant on the island regardless of the season. How to get there? Book your airline tickets online and take advantage of the best deals on flights to Mauritius! To save even more, book your flight and hotel in Mauritius well in advance. How to move around the island? The ideal is to opt for the car rental to be completely free to move. Warning: here, we drive on the left. Enjoy the best rates by hiring your car in Mauritius with Avis. Where to stay ? In romantic hotels in Mauritius! The north and west of Mauritius offer many boutique hotels for you and your loved one (s). Why not opt ​​for a hotel in Flic-en-Flac, where the beaches are more beautiful than others? What combine comfort and relaxation! Where to eat ? At Linda’s Place: Royal Road, Calodyne (north), world cuisine, from € 5 Saffron Grill: Grand Bay, River du Rempart (north), Indian cuisine, count 5 € to 10 € * Chamarel Restaurant: La Crête, Chamarel (southwest), Indian and Creole cuisine, dishes from 15 € to 35 €* Have a wonderful romantic holiday in Mauritius!