Mauritius is the perfect place to watch a variety of animals in their natural environment. Gather your young explorers and head to a surprising island in many ways! At the heart of the Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers wonderful discoveries for the whole family: an incredibly diverse wildlife and colorful flora. Ready to enjoy new sensory experiences? Follow us into the discovery of Mauritius…

Discovering the Mauritian fauna

Start your family holiday by visiting the Natural History Museum in Port Louis, located in the capital. The museum invites young and old visitors to marvel at the richness of the Indian Ocean fauna. Observe the many endemic bird species that inhabit Mauritius and Mascarene Islands (archipelago uniting the island of Reunion and Rodrigues). Your children will surely be amazed at local, terrestrial and marine mammals. Java deer, black dogfish, and dolphin to upstage reptiles and famous geckos (lizards) of trimmed punchy colors! In the last room, introduce your young naturalists to geology and the study of insects and butterflies. The highlight of the tour remains the skeleton of the Dodo, the bird which disappeared has now become a national emblem. Like the Solitaire in Rodrigues, a volatile also present in the museum, the Dodo is seen as a legend to the eyes of Mauritians and tourists. You will find its picture everywhere: plush, dishes, T-shirts, stamps … and even on beer bottles! Described as a humble, kind and naive animal, this turkey cousin is a great success with children.

Discover the riches of the ocean

Now head to the Aquarium of Mauritius at Pointe aux Biches, a village northwest of the island. This tour promises the discovery of 200 marine species and delve deep into the heart of tropical coral reefs. Admire the brightly colored clown fish, wrasses and damsels with black lips. Enjoy the camouflage stone fish, and the graceful sails of the scorpion. Conclude with the spectacular Grand Bleu: the tray, 15 meters deep, hosts the ballet of many aquatic creatures, such as sea turtles and sharks. But already, young visitors head to the pool to stroke the harmless species.!

Mauritius and its unique flora

Almost all the delights of the Mauritian flora can be contemplated in Pamplemousses Garden. Pass the iron gate of the entrance and walk in the paths of the park, all named in memory of the great naturalists. Avenue de La Bourdonnais takes you to the giant water lily (Victoria amazonica). Do you know that in one day, these flowers change color 3 times? White in the morning, they turn pink at noon, and purple during the evening before closing! The colorful palette of the garden is obvious: the vibrant red flamboyant, yellow heart of frangipani, the tender green of the bamboo forest… Do not miss the spices square: nutmeg, cloves, Ceylon cinnamon titillate your nostrils. Help children read the words in Creole on the few signposts and have fun counting the palm species: there are 95 to find!

Getting lost in the Valley of the seven colors

In the southwest of the island, observe a rare geological curiosity in the plain of Chamarel. This village of 700 inhabitants is known for its Valley of the seven colors. This site surprises you with its bare earth dunes, ranging from brown to purple through orange and pink: the result of the erosion of the volcanic rock. The colored sands cannot mix. If you try doing so, they should return to colors in parting! Further, a cape offers a breathtaking view of a waterfall 100 meters high. The brave will undertake the descent to swim below. With children, you can also visit the Adventure park, recreational trail and discover around 60 species of plants and trees. Veritable playground and learning spot – Mauritius is definitely an ideal destination for a family trip!

Focus on market

In Mauritius, markets can be found anywhere and everywhere. In Goodlands, Port louis, Vacoas, Curepipe, Mahebourg and Quatre-Bornes, colourful vegetable, mouthwatering tropical fruits and typical fabrics can be found. When visiting those market do make it a point to pick up bags, locally crafted jewellery, fabrics and handicrafts. If all the shopping has made you hungry, then don’t worry as there are numerous stalls around the market from where you can savour freshly prepared snacks.

Family Holidays in a Nutshell

When to go?

All year! Its tropical climate is pleasant all year round and is ideal for any type of holidays.

How to get there?

Book your airline tickets well in advance to take advantage of the best rates on flights to Mauritius!

How to move?

By car: in Mauritius, we drive on the left and honk to double. For more freedom, do not hesitate to rent a vehicle. Take advantage of the best car rentals deals with Avis Mauritius. By bus: For the brave, the network might well designed, but the ride can be pretty hectic – look for the brand new low floor buses. By taxi: Do not hesitate to negotiate the price, the counter rarely turns during the race.

Where to Stay?

Fancy a luxury hotel in Mauritius? Opt for example for a 5-star hotel with pool, bar and marina! If You prefer a change of scenery. Else you can go for a cheaper hotel, overlooking the beach of Flic en Flac where you can practice diving? You can also relax in personal villa and enjoy the sun under the palm trees.

Where to eat ?

FILAO Hut: Rue Royale, Pointe Aux Biches, cuisine of Mauritius in a restaurant with a family atmosphere. Products of incomparable freshness. * About 40 € for a complete menu. Escale Creole: Tasty Creole cuisine in a tropical paradise. Allow between 25 and 30 € *. Barbizon Palace: Route Sainte-Anne, Chamarel, unpretentious restaurant, but the tasty cuisine, About 12 €. Happy Rajah: Super U Complex, Grand Bay, traditional Indian cuisine restaurant. A must taste for indian cuisine lovers! About 15 € *.

Have fun with your family on the island of Mauritius!