Mauritian street food

Mauritian street-foodMauritius also known as the paradise island, is a small island found in the Indian Ocean. The island has the best culinary services. It offers a wide range of food originates from different country including china, India and Africa. Visiting the island you will never be lacked of food, there are food vendors all over the island.

Whether you are visiting the north, the south, the east and the west of the island, you will have the opportunity to taste some good Mauritian snacks at a cheap price. Street vendors are most commonly found in the capital of the island, the city of Port- louis. Vendors are lined up, especially on beaches. The food have excellent taste and the good thing is that they are cheap. The Dhollpuri, roti, confit and gajacks are the most famous street food.

street-food vendors-mauritiusStreet food you should not miss when visiting Mauritius.

Di pain frire

Di pain frire is a Mauritian invented snack make with bread, dip in bessan (a powder usually used for snacks) and then fried in oil. You will find this snack in each and every corner of the island. It is a famous snack served with ‘’chatinicotomili’’ (coriander paste)


Dhollpuri in the best recipe invented ever! Mauritian are fond of this food. The dhollpuri is made with ‘’dholl’’ and filled with ‘’rougaille’’, bean curry and served with chilli paste. It is one of the most sold street food of all the time. You will spot some dhollpuri vendors all around the island.

Roti chaud

The roti chaud is also loved by the Mauritian population. The roti is served hot with butter bean curry and best when chilli is added. It is made almost the same way as the dhoolpuri except it is made with flour. It can also be eaten as lunch, snack or dinner. The roti vendors are everywhere in the island.


The best boulettes is found in the china town.  The boulette is a Chinese cuisine adored by the Mauritius. Served hot, the boulettes is a cheap and an excellent food made with vegetable or fish.


The alouda is the lifesaver of many mauritians. Alouda will help you to overcome the heat of the island. It is a refreshment drink, taste better than any other soft drinks. The famous alouda is a mixture of milk, vanilla essence, jelly and ice-cream. The best alouda is found in the market of port- Louis, known as the aloudapillay.


Briani also called breyani is a street food usually eaten as dinner or lunch. It is a mixture of rice, a variety of species and it is served with ‘’Aachar’’ (pickles) and cucumber salad. It is sold at an affordable price. The most copious briani is sold in the rose-hill and flacq market.