Cradled by the waves of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the ideal place to unwind as a lover. Its beaches are classified among the most beautiful sites on the planet, and its environment remains a most surprising authenticity. As a foretaste, you will find below a selection of sites to visit with your half. If you are interested in one of our getaway ideas and would like to find out more, do not hesitate to ask for useful and practical information in the comments section.

1. Sunset on the beach

sunset mauritius

Sometimes just a simple pleasure like a beautiful sunset on the beach to spend an ultra-romantic moment. Of course, if you want the top of the top sunsets, you will have to go to the east coast of the island. The bay of Tamarin is known for its surf spot and its unique atmosphere while Flic en Flac is the lively seaside resort of the region and the lighthouse of Albion with its cliff offer an infinite impression on the horizon. Plan a pareo to sit down, a cooler with a few refreshments and aperitif biscuits and let the elements take over.

2. Spa Wellness Retreat

The flame of love cannot be fed if you are not completely relaxed. And then the holidays is a bit the moment when we have time to be relaxed. Take half a day for a hammam or a sauna followed by a couple massage and why not a facial to look good in your photos. You will find spas worthy of the name in various places on the island, including the Seven Colors Wellness Experience brand that offers care from its own natural product line.

3. Cruise to a deserted island

Imagine a scorching, a light breeze that caresses you as the boat splits the sea and in the distance a pristine island waiting for you … You can bask in the sun before you go for a snorkeling and when the air of the sea will have dug your appetite, you will be able to fill up around a good meal and to leave for a walk on the island in search of a peaceful place to take a nap. The dream! Quite simply. Several operators are very famous for this type of excursions, and they offer excursions in different regions of the island.

4. Hotel for adults only

romance mauritius

Good-bye the cries, the tears and the scramble of children! The hotel concept for “adults only” is gaining momentum in Mauritius, and many couples are getting married, renewing their vows or spending their honeymoon in the Southern Hemisphere. Basically, you will enjoy your holiday even more if you can meet at the table in the evening or in the pool, with the whisper of the wind in the palm trees as the only background music. One of the hotels in Mauritius offering this concept is the 3-star + Veranda Paul & Virginie in the north of the island.

5. Immersion in the countryside

Another great idea for a romantic moment: why not go hiking in the wilderness, a bit like a return to the roots way Tarzan and Jane (or not)! Like music, the forest should soften the mores and allow you to spend a pleasant moment of reconnection with nature and your half. The National Park of the Gorges of the Black River, for example, offers a nice walk between greenery, streams and picnic area. Take out the tablecloth, the picnic basket and do not forget the mosquito repellent!

We have got a few more advice for you. Here are 6 spots where you can spends romantic moments in Mauritius.

Grand Bay

lover mauritius

The great classic of the head tohead in a small restaurant always has its effect. For the occasion, take a stroll along the Grand Baie side to discover the thousands of flavors of the local restaurants! The Happy Rajah restaurant serves Indian cuisine, with 12 Indian chefs in 2 restaurants. If you prefer Italian-style romance, note only one address: the Luigi’s restaurant, where you can enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere.

You will also be able to enjoy bathing on one of the beautiful sandy beaches.

Cap Malheureux

The name of the Cape sadly recalls the many shipwrecks that have occurred in the past. Today, this haven of peace has dismantled its tragedies and disasters. Cap Malheureux shines, thanks to its beautiful Romanesque church with red roof and the wonderful flowers that decorate the exterior of the sanctuary. Offshore, you can contemplate the beauty of the neighboring island (the Coin de Mire), and opt for a small walk in love within this small village.

Belle Mare

Belle Mare is a dream beach for lovers. It is distinguished by its pleasant and serene surroundings, where it is even possible to ride on horseback. At the trot, you can walk along this magnificent lagoon with the person who shares your life, and admire the spectacular environment that surrounds you.


Tamarin reserves you new aquatic activities that will satisfy you with happiness. You can try the “Stand Up Paddle” as a couple. This new way to paddle on the lagoon invites instant decompression. Returning from your small marine excursion, a team will be able to take you swimming with the dolphins … Why not until the sunset?

The botanical garden Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam

Also called botanical garden of Pamplemousses, this verdant park spreads over more than 37 hectares. It lists nearly 700 plant species from around the world, including a giant pond of water lilies prone to many curiosities. For two, the visit is both relaxing and romantic.

Gris Gris beach

If you have the opportunity to visit the South of Mauritius, plan a romantic excursion on the Gris Gris beach. From the cliffs of this dazzling site, you can see the waves breaking against the rock. A surge that has earned the rock the nickname of “crying rock”. Just a stone’s throw from the beach, you will find a small, peaceful garden that will give you the opportunity to breathe the sea air and picnic as a lover.

Enjoy a holiday full of love in Mauritius!