Nestled in the heart of indigenous Combo forest, the Exil Lodge offers a unique experience to awaken your soul. It is a complete break from your routine life as you will be surrounded by all the natural settings needed; the sun, sand and sea. Well situated in the south of Mauritius, more precisely in Riviere des Anguilles, you will be pleased by both the atmosphere and the activities offered there.

Let us discover this breathtaking place..

The Lodges

Before going for an exclusive getaway in this unique place, you need to know that the Exil Lodge consists of 10 individual lodges, mainly rustic accommodations overlooked by a beautiful waterfall. It is indeed an ideal place for couples or honeymooners to head to. For nature lovers, this place will be unlike any other standard resorts as wherever you are on the site, you will be surrounded by natural lush forest, where you will feel in harmony with nature.


The rooms have been designed sophisticatedly with dark nature colors of browns, tans and dark concrete greys. The beddings are made up of dark brown and pastel colors accompanied with wooden accent furniture.


Each accommodation is suitable for one or two persons to be noted that children are allowed. This retreat is a must if you want to be far away from technology, social media, and all other distractions in order to be reconnected with nature. For it to be perfectly done, each bedroom has an open view on the endemic forest, you will experience a rare sensation and once you step in there all the vibrational energy will imbue your body and bring you back to your roots.


This is an authentic, nature gateway to revitalize yourself in a lush green environment. Its serenity and peacefulness will give you the chance to witness the timeless natural beauty of Mauritius.


There is a fireplace for a friendly gathering during the night, the wood-fired blazing brightly in the fireplace sending its warmth and light, a wonderful way to end the day after a trek in the forest or doing quad biking.

The activities


L’Exil lodge has a variety of activities all destined for you to make the most of your stay there so as for it to be unforgettable. For those of you who like to be connected harmoniously to nature, they can take a walk into the forest itself. You will be able to admire the endemic forest around you and observe animals and rare plants. A bit further from the forest is the beautiful waterfall in which you can dive and swim, the cool water will help you to relax and relieve the daily accumulated stress of your soul.


Some hikings too can be done if you don’t forget about your hiking boots, of course, all you need is to lace them up and head to the forest paths to hike under the shade of trees. One thing is sure, you will be completely amazed by what is waiting for you.


The most popular activity is the quad biking. You’ll be able to enjoy an exciting ride on a quad bike, explore and discover the southern part of Mauritius Track itinerary. It may start from l’Exil Lodges- Savanne River – Gris-Gris volcanic cliffs – La Roche qui Pleure (The Crying Rock) – Terracine – Rochester Falls – Leon Falls – Back to L’Exil Lodges. Flic-en-Flac is 33 km from L’Exil Lodges, while Belle Mare is 43 km from the property.


The prices may vary according to your stay, your preferences and the number of persons that you are.

The restaurant

It is no surprise that it offers a panoply of dishes from Mauritian ones to European ones, of course, to please each and everyone’s taste. While enjoying the local cuisine in their restaurant with an open terrace facing the Bois Sec forest, you will have an open view of the nature reserve where lies the Leon Waterfall. 


The facilities that the Exil Lodge provide are numerous, first of all there are many activities that can be done in the surroundings for example La Vallee des couleurs is 6 minutes drive away, The Rochester Falls is 9 minutes away, La Vanille Crocodile Park is 16 minutes from the lodge and La Vanille Nature Park is 23 minutes away as well as the SSR National Airport is 43 minutes. 

‘’A place I would like to spend longer weekends or holidays again.’’


‘’ I can’t remember anything that I didn’t like at L’Exil lodges. All I remember is that it was an exquisite experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. Being sportive made things easy or rather perfect as my main aim was to be very much there and make the best of what L’Exil lodges could provide us..’’


As it can be seen above, the feedback about the Exil Lodge is very positive, people enjoy themselves there, whether about the accommodation or the staff as well as the activities. They had an authentic and unique experience about this place and all they wish is if they could have stayed longer. Deep down it really helps to decide if it is worthwhile to go there…


One thing is certain about the L’Exil Lodge is that you will remember the times spent there. However, do not forget that being in a nature setting, mosquitoes will be around and if you are not fond of their bites better bring along your mosquito repellent.


Bear in mind that in Mauritius, this is the only place where the lodges are situated near a waterfall, an endemic forest and a valley at the same time. The scene awaiting you is magnificent and you will be in harmony with yourself even after your departure from there.


People don’t hesitate to say how much it was a beautiful accommodation, about how their rooms were lovely and equipped with an exceptional standard and so quiet. Each bedroom has an open view on the endemic forest and some of them have a scenic waterfall view overlooking from the rooms…they simply say how much it was just wonderful!! They also show their appreciation for The Cascades trekking which was such a breathtaking outing with their basket of snacks offered by the Lodge. 


They even wish they had found L’Exil Lodge before. ‘’My family and I will certainly be staying there again and will be recommending it to all our friends.’’