More than a just a break from the routine life, let you be tempted by a unique experience awakening something deep in your heart and feeding your soul. Nested in the heart of the indigenous Combo forest, we provide a different style of accommodation rather than the usual sun, sand and sea.

Our 10 lodges have all the same standard design which is more of a cozy and rustic-style type of accommodation. They are all composed of a bedroom and a standard cubicle bathroom. Each bedroom has an open view on the endemic forest and some of them have a scenic waterfall view overlooking from the rooms. Ideal for soulmates, honeymooners and nature lovers, once you step in, all the vibrational energy that the place reveals will wrap you up and bring to back to the roots- a rare experience. Ready to connect?

Our fireplace is our tiny sun for the evenings, perfect after a day trekking in the forest, a day of quad biking or to lounge with your alter ego. The wood-fire, blazing cheerily in the ample fireplace send its warmth and light far out into the lounge, flashing red reflections in the curiously of the restaurant bar.


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