If you want to discover a balance between a luxurious accommodation in an ecological-setting and experience a great level of comfort, relaxation alongside intimacy, Lakaz Chamarel is the place to be. This is an excellent lodge located in the South West Coast of Mauritius where feeling one with nature does not imply sacrificing any kind of facilities. 


Lakaz Chamarel eco-lodge is a combination of refinement and green tourism and is well known for its peaceful and impressive landscape. Lakaz is located 55mn from the national airport, 1h from the capital Port-Louis, 10 to 15min from the most beautiful beaches that you can found on the island like the Morne and Baie du Cap! It is a small ‘boutique hotel’, managed ‘like a Guesthouse’ but with the full service of a 5* hotel!

This wonderful place is unique and refined in the heart of a splendid tropical garden of twelve hectares. It is surrounded by the mountains of Chamarel, Lakaz Chamarel is indeed a pearl among the top hotels of the destination. It guarantees exclusivity and serenity to ‘nature and green tourism lovers’ in a warm and harmonious decor, and with a refined local cuisine.


The accommodation of the Lodges

It is constituted of 20 units that is 3  Kaz standard  of 50 m2, 4  Kaz Supérior  of 60 m2, 8 Garden Pool Suites of approximately 95 m2 with private pool, 4 sea view Pool Suites of approximately 110 m2 with private pool, 1 Exclusive Pool Suite « Piton Canot » of approximately 120 m2 with private pool and sea view kiosk.


The rooms and suites are well equipped with ceiling fan, citronella essential oil, bathrobes, slippers, mosquito nets. But for a more comfortable sleep you may have pillow menu, a mini bar, hairdryer, telephone, tea and coffee making facilities, safe, iPod dock and Free WIFI in all rooms and at the bar.

Description of the lodges


There are different levels of comfort the first level is the standard made up of Lakaz Dibois, Lakaz Feraye and Lakaz bamboo.


Lakaz Dibois the name means wood in creole they wanted to give this an Indian style accommodation to show the representation of the Indian influence on the culture. They even imported the craved furniture from India there is in the bathroom a frangipani tree the symbol of divinity. In both India and Mauritius the flower of this tree is a symbol of freshness, feminity and seduction, used to make necklaces for ceremonies.

Lakaz Feraye the name ‘Feraye’ means iron in creole has an oriental influence with its forged iron furniture designed by a Mauritian craftsman. There is in the room sophisticated furnitures and in the bathroom particularly is found an olive tree which symbolizes longevity and hope, peace and reconciliation, strength and wisdom.

Lakaz Bambou has an Asian touch for the reprentation of the Asian culture in the Mauritian society. Its symbol is linked to friendship and to the bearer of joy and for Feng-Shui it is the symbol of youth. As it bends but does not break, it also represents robustness and flexibility. It must be noted that the bamboo which grows very fast and grow by 20 or 30 cm as to create a knot before growing again.

The next level forms the Kaz Superior constituted of Kaz Namasté, Kaz Tropikal, Kaz Zen, Kaz Africa.

Kaz Namasté : the ord Namaste is a reflection of the way our heart welcomes the others. In the Indian Tradition, with the hands in the anjali position over your head, one salutes God. So in other words it means ‘I salute the sun in you’ or ‘I salute the divine in you’, or still ‘The divine in me welcomes the Divine in you’. The culture is well represented in the room as there are paintings representing women wearing saris and dancing. The paintings have been made by a local artist named Kalindi Jundoosing.

Kaz Tropikal is the representation of tropical garden around us, and this tropical Island where we live. This room is dedicated to life under the tropics with paintings of the plantation of Lakaz Chamarel when the first banana bunches were reaped.

Kaz Zen inspirations’ have been influenced heavily from the Asian culture. The wooden bed and the bathroom rest on natural stones. This room reserves calmness and well-being as it is accommodated with bamboo.

Kaz Afrika is the typical portrayal of the influence of Africa on the Mauritian culture. They have used ‘Tekoma’ tree,which is a solid and nice wood, to build the first bed and the first bedside tables of the house. The broken trees and branches in the forest of Chamarel have been collected after a cyclone so as the first pieces of furniture for Lakaz were able to be built.

The suites.. A level above

The suites are more appropriate for people looking for more luxury..Just like the rooms, they are composed of different types of accomotations. The Garden pool suite is made up of Reshma, La Dame Créole and Kithnou Suites all designed to fit the expectations of the clients.


Reshma suite is based on the theme of Love for a girl named so who lived she wove beautiful carpets with her skilled fingers when one day a handsome occidental man came to fetch her. Their love story love story lasts for many years, for many lives. Every day they weave their love with patience, respect, freedom and faith… There is a flame tree which have been painted by Marie Anne Maingard and Christina Smith painted the magnificent warrior of love. Jean Pierre Rey proudly made the hand carved stone sculpture that has been incrusted in the small wall rising towards the swimming pool. 

Kithnou Suite is based on the story of a great owner of the sugar industry who one day falls madly in love with an Indian woman named Kithnou. A love which will be hindered and rendered difficult because of certain considerations and obstacles of an ethnic nature. They wanted to create a scenario as it was in the film in black and white in 1924. The atmosphere is rustic and reserves a great sensation.


La Dame Créole it has a special meaning for the team of Lakaz since our close friends are descendants of the Autard de Bragard family. So this beautiful Dame Créole which Baudelaire was very much admired during his stay in the island. They tried to create a room to be an effigy of what Dame Creole was, sophisticated, refined and with a certain highness.


Well-being and leisure


Lakaz Chamarel proposes a large variety of activities to please everyone. You may get to the wooden view point deck to contemplate the great sunsets and a magnificent view of the ocean. Activities upon requests can be organized including water sports, golf, swimming with the dolphins, kite surfing, fishing, hunting, cultural activities and visits across the island. There is the presence of musicians 3 or 4 times a week during the evening for dinner time.


What is good about the location of Lakaz Chamarel is that there are a lot of outdoor activities that you may seek as well as hiking in the Ebony Forest Reserve or the Natural National Park around Chamarel with a personal guide. Trips at the Curious Corner of Chamarel, Rhumerie de Chamarel, La Vallee des Couleurs, Chamarel Waterfall are other activities that you must absolutely try your best to be able to relish.




Lakaz Chamarel is indeed a place that you should visit as it has many beautiful surprises wating for you and one thing is certain, you will not regret your stay there.