Kitesurfing Mauritius

Mauritius Island invites you to pure bliss. Get your kite board ready, challenging adventures awaits you here in Mauritius!

Welcome to Mauritius Island

Island of pure bliss, Mauritius is where beauty and entertainment merges to create the best holiday experience ever. Located off the southeast coast of the African continent, Mauritius is a real gem of the Indian Ocean. Covering an area of 1865 square kilometers, the island is of volcanic origin where most of its coastline is surrounded by coral reefs.

Ranked among the top holiday destinations, Mauritius is the island every holiday seekers yearns for.  The island is not only famous for its stunning white sandy beach, clear lagoon and turquoise water, but also for the wide variety of activities that is proposes, notably the water-based activities. It is now a fact that Mauritius is for many adventurous tourists the perfect haven for activities such as Kite surfing, wind surfing, parasailing and diving.

With its vast emerald lagoon and favorable wind, Mauritius positioned itself as the best Kite surfing destination in the world. Hosting several international competitions yearly, for instance the Kiteival and the Kite Jam are the most popular, where kite surfers around the globe travels to Mauritius to enjoy the best of Kite surfing.

For those planning on visiting Mauritius soon and trawling the web to find the best activities to do on the island, search no more, Kite surfing is the thing for you! For those who are still wondering about Kite surfing, let’s have a quick description of this sport.

Kite Surfing in a glimpse

Basically, Kite surfing is a surface water sport that emerged through the combination of the different aspects of snowboarding, paragliding, windsurfing, surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding and gymnastics. By now you might have guessed that kite surfing is not just an interesting sport but an adrenaline-filled activity. With its large controllable power kite, the kite surfer can harnessed the power of the wind to propel the kite board across the water and consequently take the best out of this extreme sport.

It will surprise you to know that Kite surfing does not actually need a lot of physical effort; however, the techniques are essential.

Kite surfing in Paradise

Surrounded with reef that forms the perfect lagoons and waves, Mauritius is a real haven for Kite surfers. Consistent trade winds blow from 15 to 30 knots during the winter period (May to November) which makes Mauritius waters a pleasant playground for kite lovers and waves enthusiasts.

Kite surfing spots in Mauritius

Mauritius boasts many kite surfing locations; here we will look at the best one.

The iconic Le Morne lagoon

Imagine Kite Surfing alongside a World UNESCO Heritage Site! This will be just incredible. Here in Mauritius you have the opportunity to do it. Yes! Le Morne peninsula will keep you spellbound with its unmatched beauty.

kitesurfing-in-le-morneLocated in the South West of Mauritius, le Morne is a top ranked and world renowned kite surfing spot. Le Morne peninsula with its wide lagoon, shallow flat water and huge wave acts like a magnet for kite surfers, they just can’t resist it. Le Morne is one of the rare places where both novice and professional kite surfers can enjoy, thanks to it flat and sheltered lagoon, ideal for beginners and to its  heart racing-waves spot as the challenging “One Eye” which is perfect for advanced riders.

If you are a fan of giant waves, then you will be served with the best waves in the world here in Mauritius. Be careful, the renowned Manawa and One Eye wave are not for the faint-hearted.

Bel Ombre

Here, you can enjoy a lot of space, as Bel Ombre is a lagoon with few kiters. Along the coast wind are gustier but as soon as you are 50m away the wind become gradually more stable. Compared to Le Morne, Bel Ombre water is a bit choppier. However, Bel Ombre remains a great option for person that wants to try Kite Surfing for the first time.

Cap Malheureux

Offering a calm sea, Cap Malheureux is ideal for intermediate and experienced kite surfers. The climate is generally good where you can easily take advantage of almost all wind directions and enjoy kite surfing without moderation. Remain alert as on this part of the island, there are frequent boats travelling.