Among the entire tropical island Mauritius is nominated as one of the beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. The island is famous mostly for its beautiful white sandy beach, clear lagoon and turquoise water. Many adventurous tourists travel to Mauritius for purposes such as water activities or land activities. Tourists consider Mauritius as the best place to perform activities such as parasailing, kitesurfing and diving.

Kite surfing in Mauritius

Kitesurfing is a sport/activity performs on water propelled by wind. It can be one of the most trilling and amazing activity that you ever performed. Make your stay in Mauritius a memorable one. The organisations offer unique chances with exciting and rewarding moments. During your activity you will learn and develop new skills, you will discover amazing things and surely make a passion for kite surfing. The kitesurfing doesn’t need a lot of physical effort. If you are determining to perform this activity you will with no doubt be able to manage the sport.

This activity is offered by many organisations in some places of the island. Here are some places where you may have the best kitesurfing experience:

Le Morne kitesurfing-in-le-morne

Le Morne is located in the South West of Mauritius. Le Morne is a village full of past history. The mesmerising village is overshadowed by the Le Morne Mountain. Tourists hike the Mountain Le Morne to have the perfect view of the village. The Le Morne beach is mesmerising, simply a pleasure to the eye!

Le Morne sea waterThe kitesurfing is offered and perform in the Le Morne sea water. The organisation strictly recommend participant with a minimum age of 12. This activity is offered seven days a week, the lapse of time to perform the activity is 10 hr to 18 hr. The organisation also offers packages for 2 hours, 6 hours or 10 hours kitesurfing. If you are staying at a hotel and you have no means of transportation? No worries! A transport will pick you up and it is free of charge.

During the activity you will learn to develop worthy skill that will help you. You will be accompanied by qualified IKO instructors. The instructors are professional kite surfers; they are passionate about their job and are willing to help you. They share their experience with the participants and make sure that you start safely and end your journey safely. They are committed to make sure you are satisfied at the end of the day.

The organisation accommodates both beginners and experienced kite surfers to contemplate the mesmerising lagoon of Le Morne. You are giving the latest equipment in order to make the experience an easy one. So far they have not had any injuries but you are highly recommended to wear all your equipment. In case of accident a security boat will be sent rapidly. When you are finished with the session, you will receive a certificate indicating to which level you made it through.

Le Morne KitesurfingIf you are a beginner, it is recommended to take the 2 hours session where you will get to explore the beautiful clear lagoon. It is best for beginner as you won’t have to do it for long and you will also have a taste of kitesurfing. This activity can become an addictive passion with time. Experienced kite surfers also can take the 2 hours package to practice their skills and enjoy calmly the lagoon. The packages offered in 2 hour session are:

Shared basis- 2 persons in a group- 99 Euro per person.

Private basis- 1 person 155 Euro


The 6 hours kite surfing is the ideal package for beginners as during this 6 hours the guide will explain all about kite surfing and you will get special attention. All basic skills will be taught to you. Learn how to control and manage the kitesurf by yourself and ride through the waves. If you are into something extra then try the 6 hours lesson. The packages offered in 6 hours lesson are:

Shared basis: 2 people in a group- 250 euro per person.

Private basis- one person-420 Euro.


The 10 hours lesson is best for well-experienced participants. It is best for those who know the movements well and how to manage the kitesurf in any kind of situation. However, even the experienced surfer practice to develop better kitesurfing skills. In this session you will begin will a simple theory then you will advance to another level where you will learn how to launch & land the kite and body drag. After some hours you will be more confident and agile to move. The packages offered in 10 hours lesson are:

Shared basis- 2 person-350 Euro per person

Private basis: one person-420 Euro.

For more information you may call on +230 269 1000 or +230 263 5257 5757. You may also visit the website [email protected] or [email protected] .


Bel Ombre Mauritius

Found in the south-west of the island of Mauritius, the beautiful beach of Bel-ombre is liked by thousands of local and tourist. There are several excellent and affordable hotel near the beach. The kitesurfing activity is perfectly found at the very end of bel Ombre which is in front of a beach club. This organisation accommodates all kind of surfer, whether a beginner or an experience kitesurfer.

The Bel Ombre is considered among the perfect spot to kitesurfing. The flatwater of the spacious lagoon will help you to have an amazing kitesurfing experience. As the wind blows on the left side from the shore, specific areas are used for teaching kitesurfing. The place gets better when the water gets deeper; it is where corals of 80 M long and 8 M wide corals are found. However the kite surfers are not allowed to pass in low tide conditions. The organisation gives different areas for different types of surfers for safety.

There are guides who will accompany you and help you to develop your skill. After the long adventure you may go to a nearby restaurant and eat a copious food at a reasonable price. Hopefully, you will enjoy the journey and have a memorable day. Book you place real quick if you are in Mauritius or you are coming to Mauritius!