Parasailing Ile Aux Cerfs

While spending holidays on the island of Mauritius, do not miss the opportunity to cruise the glistening turquoise lagoons of the east of Mauritius. There you will have the opportunity to visit the various islets lingering the coast and at the same time enjoy awesome beach activities.

Diving and snorkeling in the marine park

Your trip starts at Blue-Bay where you can visit the marine park on a glass bottom boat. You will have the chance to enjoy the amazing coral garden whose flora and fauna will amaze you. Rarely have so much wealth been concentrated on such an accessible space where you can also snorkel if you wish. Nature has built on this site the most beautiful aquarium of Mauritius.

Once this first discovery made, you can change boat and start the cruise of the east of Mauritius. The sea of incredible turquoise, offers a beautiful landscape that will dazzle you.

Fouquets island

Situated south-east of Mauritius, the Fouquets island is visible from the coast of Mahébourg. Also known as the Lighthouse island, the island is accessible by boat or catamaran. An old lighthouse overlooking the island makes it a unique spot that deserves a visit.

Ile De La Passe

The small island of La Passe still houses the ruins of forts built by the British and the French for protection of Mauritius. These ruins date back more than two centuries and are still up. A whole defense system, constructions from different periods and designs awaits you there.

Ile Aux Aigrettes

After a short crossing on the magnificent bay of Mahébourg, discover Ile aux Aigrettes, a Nature Reserve anchored at about 800 meters off the south east coast of Mauritius. The sparkling waters of its beautiful lagoon, the ruins of an old French limekiln and the dense green canopy of the island’s forest welcome you to this charming domain where the mistress of the place is none but mother nature.

With an expert guide leading the way, walk along the rugged trail in a one and a half hour tour and experience the bubbling renaissance of an island and its inhabitants, a small and unique population made up of rare endemic species of the Mauritian flora and fauna. Accompanied by the distant cooing of the Pink Pigeon, discover along the way over 20 species of plants endemic to Mauritius; the Ebony forest, once home to the now extinct Dodo; the Nursery where thousands of young plants are produced yearly; the Ornate Day Gecko licking nectar from flower buds; the Pink Pigeon, a cousin of the Dodo, pulled back from the brink of extinction; the Aldabran Giant Tortoise brought in to replace the two species of Tortoises that lived on the island and now extinct; the Telfair’s Skink, an endangered species of reptiles; a cannon, a set of old buildings and ruins, bearing witness of the French and British presence on the island; a breathtaking view on the Mahebourg bay from the top of a restored generator house and if you’re lucky, the Mauritius Kestrel, the only bird of prey of Mauritius saved from extinction.

The waterfalls of Grand River South East

After visiting the islands lingering Mahebourg Bay, you will head to Grand River South East, where you will be able to contemplate the beautiful waterfalls that will surely amaze you. You will cruise the one of the largest river of the island until you reach the waterfalls where giant rocks stand amidst the river.

Ile aux Cerfs

Located on the east coast of Mauritius, another popular tourist destination, Deer Island is the next stop after the waterfalls. After only a few minutes by motorboat you reach the holiday paradise, characterized by casuarina, palm trees and white sand beach. Here, all water sports, including paragliding, a ride in a speed boat and diving courses are offered. In addition, there is an 18 – holes golf course located on the island.

Looking at the horizon, large waves are seen, already crashing on the reef and not reaching the beach. The environment and the neighboring islands give the impression of an archipelago, separated by the shaped water channels. Many sunbeds guarantee a place for basking. The island is an ideal spot for relaxing and enjoying the many activities proposed.

Lunching on Ile Aux Cerfs

Depending on your wishes, you can dive or snorkel before or after the meal that you take on an isolated corner of the Deer Island. Quietly, away from the world, lying on the sand or in the water, enjoy the tranquility of this walk. Enjoy the wait with a bottle of white wine while the team will prepare the barbecue. This stop is a great moment of happiness, passionately enjoy, burn in your memory.

The Lagoon around Ile Aux Cerfs

The afternoon will be well underway as we make our way back. It will be punctuated with interesting sights where you can, for example, discover new submarine areas of beauty as the site of sea anemones refuge to the Nemo fish.

Practical information

-The boat is equipped with all necessary and required safety equipment.

-Sometimes the tide schedule forces to reverse diving and snorkeling in the marine park.

-You can bring your mask and snorkel. If you do not have one, it is possible to lend them, there are of all sizes, for both adults and children.

-All drinks are included (water, wine, punch, cola, fruit juice, beer) and there is sufficient for everyone, big and small. The barbecue is generally composed of fish, salad, lobster (if the option confirmed) and a local dessert.

-Bring a towel, a cap and sunscreen. One boat trip is enough to give you the tan you want, but if you do not take precautions you will understand what “sunburn” means.

Rate :

The complete tour will cost around 2000 rupees per person. It will add Rs 300 per person if you want a supplement of lobster barbecue.

One child under 12 years pays 1000 rupees (barbecue in this case without lobster)

And it’s free for those under 5 years.

Enjoy your cruise on the eastern coast of Mauritius!