School has taught us, the world’s third largest ocean is the Indian Ocean covering at least 73 million km2 of world’s surface. But, who wants to have all of that bookish theory? No one actually bothers about the geographical details. Let’s all face it, what attracts us the most are the splendid beaches and these are what make the Indian Ocean such a popular tourist destination. The big blue, the white sand, and the scorching sun make us all daydream about a holiday. It is worth it when foreigners spend hundreds of thousands to live a moment in what they consider a paradise. Indeed when part of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are freezing under 0°C, bits of the Indian Ocean is rejoicing in summer.  Happiness can be found in simple things, like the sea, sand and sun.

Le morne Mauritius

While there are over thirty islands in the Indian Ocean, it is quite a break head to figure about the most beautiful beaches, or as we may say, la crème de la crème. Here are the top beaches that we have searched for you.

1. Sri Lanka’s Impressive Beaches

Located at the south of India and north of the Indian Ocean, Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka, mostly known as Sri Lanka, is an island famous for ancient ruins with history, wildlife, South Indian cuisine and extraordinary beaches. Though crowded for such small an island, Sri Lanka welcomes its tourists with open arms. Sri Lankan beaches are widely popular for their beauty and water sports.


Mirissa Beach is found on the southern part of the island. This beach may not be very big, but it is as welcoming as calm and private. Surrounded by the cool shade of palm trees, visitors can relax hearing the gushing waves and fret by watching dolphins and whales. Yes! This is the specialty of this beach. People can have a closer communication with these fascinating sea creatures, the majestic whale and the human friendly dolphin. Some come to this island for only one purpose: Water sports. They cannot be blamed as Sri Lanka provides the best conditions for scuba-diving, snorkeling, surfing, and deep-sea fishing and Mirissa is just the right place. All of these sound great but what about the costs? As much as these features are inviting, Sri Lankan tourism costs are quite low and affordable. Put this place on your bucket list.

2. Island Delights of Maldives

This place needs no introduction. Comprising of little islands grouped together, Maldives is perhaps the most exotic place on our list. The island is widely known for having secure, private and beautiful beaches. Maldives offer a panoramic scenery; the sun, the blue lagoon, the perfect weather (depending on season). A wide range of water games is offered too. While the Maldivian marine life is been protected, the beaches welcome visitors. Maldives is probably one of the few island nations whose beauty has not been polluted by modernism. The serenity reigning at the beaches offers a pleasurable and relaxing moment. The big blue is so…maybe enticing is the right word, that people can find solace by just gazing at it. The pure while sand glisten in between your toes. With the sun just above your head, the next thing to do is to go for a real swim with an indescribable comfort of sense of belonging that no swimming pool can provide you. Some hotels have shacks on the beach and even on water. This is particularly romantic. Getting the picture? Wait until you hear about the nightlife. Be it the luxurious hotels or private event companies, all we care about are the beach parties. Dancing and a night’s enjoyment are confirmed if you would just attend them.

Maldives at night:
maldives at night

3. Seashores of Seychelles

Ringed with splendid beaches, Seychelles is an island made up of numerous volcanic islands. Yet, the slightly rocky surface makes no stain on the beauty of this magnificent island. While at Seychelles, it is recommended to visit as many beaches as you can as each one of them has a different story to be told. The stunning blend of lapis lazuli to turquoise is heavenly to witness, not to mention feeling of going under water. With takamaka trees and coconut palm trees lined up all along the coastal line, this just adds up to the natural beauty of the island. If you are worrying about your or your family’s safety, don’t, because Seychelles offer such low tides that no one could ever drown and die, except if he is not familiar with swimming. Also, line up your diving gears as you would not be able to resist the feeling of going for a scuba dive. If confused where to go for a holiday, just close your eyes and imagine yourself in brightly sunlit place resting under the cool shade of takamaka trees, sipping chilled coconut water, and looking at the heavenly blue beauty, you will know the answer: Seychelles.

seychelles beach

4. The Less Known Beauty of the Comoros Islands

Sandwiched between Madagascar and the African continent, the Comoros Islands are located in such a secluded position that they are said to be mysterious and enchanting. Many want to demystify the secrets of this rather unknown island, but why? Look at its beaches. Bingo! That can be the only reason. The islands ‘ beaches are so remote and secluded that would frighten anyone, yet attractive as much as a single glance at it and one would abandon all thoughts of fear and insecurity. The beaches seem like belonging to another world where it seems that time has come to a standstill. Beaches this quiet and lonely, and heavily scented with smell of bananas, the marine air, sweet smell of natural ylang-ylang and spicy smell of cloves, often provide a romanticized version of paradise for couples, or just the pursuit of another great adventure of discovering oneself for the lone travelers.

comoros islands beaches

5. Volcanoes and Exquisite Beaches- Reunion Island

Île de la Réunion is another coastal island governed by the French in the Indian Ocean. No! Piton de la Fournaise, the forests, wildlife and twisting roads are not the only reason to visit the island. Just look it. It is surrounded by water. Water? I mean blue lagoons and beaches. Though usually packed with Réunions and tourists, beaches are still the most admired feature of this little island. They are clean, shaded and offers a gamut of sea creatures, both in and out water. One can spend the whole day lounging on the beach, sipping cocktail, and looking for splashing fishes. Sun bathing is also on the to-do list as the tropical sun has never been so nice to you and you could finally flaunt your sun-kissed skin. It has absolutely wonderful hotels with great service, we’d suggest looking at St Gilles Les Bains hotels in Reunion Island.  In Réunion Island, you would not get the feeling of being an deserted place as the constant cheering of people and sounds of the waves give a sense of acceptance and feeling of home. Just an advice: Beware of sea-urchins.


6. Beaches of Mauritius

Perhaps one of the most envied and fantasized place, Mauritius. The famed quote Mark Twain comes into my mind: “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius”. After the contemplating the soul-stirring panorama of forests, lush green fields, waterfalls, colorful diversity and beaches, it is only legitimate to agree with Twain. What increase the cosmic beauty of Mauritius are not only the beaches but also trips to the tiny islets scattered around the island.

mauritius beaches

Let me give a detailed summary of them. The northern and eastern coasts are well known for their danger-free beaches and lagoons. Finding a spot on these beaches can give you a hard time, but it is all worth it at the end. The sparkling azure sea under the rays of the sun, the talcum-white sand, and the way the proud waves are broken down by the protective coral reefs, are surely a treat to the eyes. For those staying in hotels, it is good to know what some of them provide you with beach butler service. A swim is most definite, after that, having a tan, or just laying with a novel and a punch in hand. The southern coast is infamous and unadvisable for swims. The lagoons are not well guarded with the broken coral reefs and that causes high tides.

We suggest renting a car and getting a villa in Mauritius for the best experience!

Nevertheless, the beaches are frequented so as to watch the huge waves crashing against mountainous rocks. The constantly windy and humid air bring in the smell of marine nature to your nostrils.

Last but not the least, the western coast is a tempting surfing spot. Though you might not enjoy your swims because of the tides, you might be supporting the idea of spending a hot day by the beach with the occasional drops of sea. A tip: Stay back for the sunset. The union of the vermillion reflected sea and the sun is mostly divine.

mauritius beaches

What? Are you still here? Book your trip. It is inhumane not to succumb to the bewitching scenes of these islands.