If you are travelling for the first time, chances are that you will enjoy a long-haul flight just for the excitement of being in the air on a plane. Few people actually enjoy long-haul flights. But if you are a frequent flyer, claustrophobic, acrophobic, or anything else, here’s how to get through at long-haul with all your senses intact.

1.      Find the perfect airline

Booking with the perfect airline is the first step of getting through a long-haul flight. Most airlines have very narrow seats in economy, serve bad food, and not talking about united airlines who even kick out their passengers. Flying in a comfortable airplane with good quality service is the best way to get through a long-haul flight.

2.      Seating

As we mentioned it above, a good seat is paramount to getting through a long-haul flight. If you got enough money, book a seat in business class. You will have your legs extended throughout the flight. Sitting for several hours without moving can be very embarrassing and can even cause pain. Do not hesitate to recline your chair when you want to take a nap (don’t do it when food is served).

3.      Move around through the flight

Keeping a good blood flow while sitting for ages is primordial to your good health. There are many reported cases of people experiencing mini-strokes due to insufficient blood flow while on long-haul flights. There are many YouTube videos which demonstrate in-flight exercises.

If you start feeling numbness in any part of your body, especially your legs, get up and move around to stretch your muscles and keep the blood pumping throughout your body.

4.      Remain hydrated

There are many benefits to water. Among the benefits that could get you through a long-haul flight, water increases energy and relieves fatigues. Amongst the other benefits of water: it flushes out your toxins, boosts your immune system, prevents cramps and strains, and even acts as a natural remedy for headaches! Remain properly hydrated throughout the flight and do not hesitate to ask the flights attendants for bottled water.

Other tips

  1. Avoid caffeinated drinks before the flight
  2. Do not drink alcohol before and during the flight
  3. Drink a baby aspirin just before the flight to get your blood pumping
  4. Bring a neck pillow, eye masks and ear plugs