Maldives Indian Ocean


The Maldives

Located just south of the Indian subcontinent, the Maldives are a dazzling chain of islands in the Indian Ocean. It is a group of over a thousand idyllic islands nestled in the glistening turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives are paradise on earth. If you enjoy being able to completely get away from all the daily hustle bustle on holiday then make sure the Maldives is at the top of your holidays destination list.

It Can Be Done Cheaply

The Maldives remains a dream honeymoon destination for couples. It has the best beaches in the world and most would think that the resorts are very expensive. Anyone would have assumed that the Maldives was a once in a lifetime destination that they would visit only for a very special occasion. Not true! It can indeed be done cheaply.

How to find cheap accommodation in Maldives?

The first thing to note is that there aren’t any super cheap options for accommodation. You won’t find dorm rooms in the Maldives, or a $5 a night bungalow on the beach like you would in Southeast Asia. However, there are still plenty of budget guesthouses, and they’re surprisingly good value for money.

For $30-60 a night, you’ll receive an decent, modern, and spacious room with air conditioning. Without forgetting a hot shower, free breakfasts, snorkeling gear, a bottle of water each day, twice daily room cleaning and fast Wi-Fi. Could you ask for more?

There are 150 guesthouses on the islands listed, with 100 under $100 a night and 25 under $50 a night.

Our Recommendations:

Maafushi: The Water Breeze Guesthouse cost $61.71 per night. It remains a favourite amongst visitors. The breakfasts offered is great, the owner is lovely, and the rooms are incredibly elegant and value for money.

Fulidhoo:  The Thundi Guesthouse, one of only two guesthouses on the island cost $53.59 per night. It and incredibly peaceful spot and the Wi-Fi is super fast!

Overall Impression: There were dozens of accommodation options around for $40 a night, so you can definitely find much cheaper.

How to find cheap transport in Maldives?

Transport too can also be cheap. Local ferries run on a somewhat infrequent schedule but shouldn’t cost more than $2-4 for a three hour journey. The price varies from $0.60 for the ferry from Male Airport to Male, $3 for the ferry from Male to Maafushi, $4 for the ferry from Maafushi to Fulidhoo, and $2 for the ferry from Maafushi to Guraidhoo.

If you want to visit a resort, you’ll have to pay for a speedboat, as the local ferries don’t stop at the resort islands. These speedboats are very expensive though. One possibility could be to turn up at the nearest local island, and ask around to see if a local fisherman will take you across on his boat. Avoid the seaplanes if you’re travelling on a budget — these will usually cost around $500 return for a 20 minute journey.

Finding Cheap Food in Maldives.

Food will set you back around $5-10 per meal, but with most guesthouses offering an enormous free breakfast, you won’t find spending of food costly.

In general, the smaller the island, the less food options there are, and you’ll likely be eating at your guesthouse for most meals. On Fulidhoo, the smallest island, dinner can cost $10 whether you order chicken fried rice, curry and rice, or a gigantic fish barbecue. There are only three restaurants on the island and they all charge the same price.

For a busy island, such as Maafushi, there are plenty of food options. There are maybe a dozen restaurants on the island, all offering reasonably priced dinners. For around $5-10 a meal -fish curry and rice, fish and chips, tuna fried rice — lots of fish based meals!

Finding Cheap Excursions in Maldives.

The cheapest way to go on an excursion is to book it through your guesthouse. Don’t be afraid to shop around for prices, though! Wander into four or five guesthouses and ask for their prices before you make a decision. Also check to see what’s included in the price — some guesthouses will include lunch, water and a soft drink, some won’t include any extras.

Many of you are obviously interested in knowing how you can dive in the Maldives on a budget. If you decide to dive through your guesthouse, or arrange it through a dive shop on a local island, you’ll be looking at paying around $100 for two dives. The cheapest option for diving in the Maldives, however, is doing a live aboard trip.Other options for excursions include lots of snorkeling trips. If you’re lucky to be visiting during manta ray or whale shark season, you’ll be able to arrange a trip to see them.

Most guesthouses will also arrange fishing trips ($50 per person), or day trips to the resorts ($50 per person plus a $30 per person entrance fee). You can also take trips to sand banks ($25 per person) and go island hopping around the atoll ($50 per person).

You now have all the secrets to a budget holiday in the Maldives. So get your luggage ready and book your tickets! Have great holidays in the Indian Ocean!