Hotline to call during lockdown


Almost one year after the first lockdown in 2020 due to the Covid-19, Mauritius have to face another year doing a complete lockdown in the month of March. Unfortunately, the country has got cases of the Covid-19 resurfacing. The lockdown has started as from 6 am on the 10 of March and should normally come to an end on the 25.  The first wave had killed 10 people, including a very famous doctor who had received patient zero. Contrary to last year, this year, the cases are escalating at a very fast pace. In fact cases of the Covid-19 have increased dramatically especially in some parts of the country such as Curepipe, Vacoas and Midlands.

A deemed alarming situation indeed with total a lockdown in the country from March 10 until March 25. As a great number people work to earn their money to eat the same day, they have found themselves either in financial difficulties and others in difficult ways because they live alone. In case you feel sick you should stay home and call a doctor rather than go to the hospitals which need to be avoided during lockdown so it’s difficult to get there.

There are hotlines you can call every day and at any time if you need them or if you are in danger or difficulty. During this period of lockdown, if ever you or even a loved one find yourselves in a position of difficulty, just know that there are people out there to help you through it. The government has made essential services available to the nation that are working despite the lockdown.

Here are the emergency service numbers:

  • Police: 999/112
  • Fire Services: 115
  • Samu Ambulances: 114
  • Central Water Authority: 170
  • Child Development Unit: 113
  • Family Counseling: 119
  • Domestic Violence: 139
  • Central Electricity Board: 130
  • AIDS Info Service: 8,999
  • Consumer Protection Unit: 185
  • Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit: 208 1212
  • Police information room: 208 0034
  • Police complaints: 800 2345
  • Crime stoppers: 148
  • SMF: 686 6305

In case of illnesses or symptoms of Covid-19, you can call hospitals in different regions on the following numbers:

  • Dr Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis: 2031001
  • Moka Eye Hospital, 433 40 15
  • Jawaharlal-Nehru Hospital, Rose-Belle: 6037000
  • Sir Seewoosagur-Ramgoolam National Hospital (SSRNH), Pamplemousses: 209 34 00
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Hospital, Vacoas: 686 20 61
  • Brown-Séquard Hospital, Beau-Bassin: 402 1400
  • Dr Bruno Cheong Hospital, Flacq: 402 2400
  • Long Mountain Hospital: 209 2030
  • Mahébourg Hospital: 604 2000
  • Poudre-d’Or Hospital: 282 1181
  • Souillac Hospital: 603 7100
  • Mahatma-Gandhi Ayurveda Hospital, Calabashes: 243 07 72
  • Victoria Hospital & Princess Margaret Orthopedic Center, Candos, Quatre-Bornes: 402 0800

Covid-19: where and when to get tested?

It is important to talk to your doctor and isolate yourself if you have been feeling sick for a few days and showing signs of Covid-19, especially if you have visited high-risk areas or have recently traveled.

The numbers to dial:

In the five regional hospitals: (hotline: 8924)

Covid Testing Center – Dr A. G. Jeetoo, Port-Louis – 203 1001

Covid Testing Center – Victoria, Candos – 402 0800

Covid Testing Center – Jawaharial Nehru, Rose-Belle – 603 7000

Covid Testing Center – Dr Bruno Cheong, Flacq – 402 2400

Covid Testing Center – SSRN in Pamplemousses – 209 3400

NovaLab (Phoenix): 660 1900

In the clinics of the C-Care group :

Darné Clinic – 6012300

Wellkin Hospital – 6051000

C-Care Clinic, Grand Baie – 6012500

Home service – 86888

For those who sell products at high prices :

Consumer Affairs Unit 185. WhatsApp: 5254-1168