New Year’s coming and after all the family gatherings, it’s time to book a flight to the more tropical parts of the world where the sun is warm and the beaches gloriously white.

Enough of the humidity or the snow, depending on where in the world you find yourself to be at the moment.

So, now that a holiday is on the charts- accommodation is the next puzzle to crack.

hotel mauritius

Do you rent a vacation home (a villa if you feeling extravagant- a little luxury never hurt anyone) or get a hotel room for the duration of your stay? We made the process of evaluating your choices easier by listing out what you need to know:

Budget- the most basic of all criteria

Renting might cost more at first glance since you will be renting a unit, not merely a room. For a family holiday in Mauritius, a holiday apartment to rent might be your best choice since the average per person will cost way less than at a hotel since then you will have to get several rooms. This will also allow for a recreation area for children, if any and give the adults some space while in security without having to turn to childcare in hotels which may make the bills shoot up.

Definitely, if you will be travelling in pair or even alone, a hotel room will be your best bet.

hotel mauritius

Cultural Immersion in Mauritius 

You are travelling to Mauritius, an island difficult to beat in cultural diversity. It boasts of being an ideal melting pot and that wonder can hardly be experienced from a balcony view of the perfect sunset!

Get a small apartment a short distance away from the beach, go out in the evenings, buy some snacks from the local shop in the evening, talk to the gardener or the housekeeper, make real connections with real people, discover the hidden places not just touristy ones.

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Interested in making some friends with similar hobbies and what not? Then a hotel where you will make the acquaintance of tourists from around the world here to enjoy a little of bronzing in the sun will be right up your alley. Hotels in Mauritius are also renowned for organizing activities on a larger scale like cycling in picturesque areas or hiking some of the best mountains around here. These are awesome opportunities to mingle about.

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Living in an apartment affords more solitude- tranquility for the overworked mind after months of grueling work. You will also have the freedom to create your own time table without being restricted to generic plans of the organizers.

Economical maintenance

Now that you have been on the quaint (not so) little island- you realize that there is an issue: dirty clothes piling on.This is all very dependent on your means though.

Using the hotel service will be more time efficient but having a washing machine at the apartment is much more cost effective.If you will need fancy care for fancy clothes that is, dry cleaning- a hotel is the place for you. Without a doubt, a hotel is the place for you.

On the other hand, DIY your way through! DIY has been becoming rather fashionable these days, the concept can be applied to laundry as well in my honest opinion.

Access to entertainment (tv, internet and the list goes on)

A resting period is a must irrelevant of how fabulous your holidays are going. Watching some telly with a beer for a little while of chilling time is probably a good idea. You could take the opportunity to taste some of the world renowned Phoenix Beer. The mark up on movies is huge in hotels but you are sure to have the movie you want available while you merely need to switch on the DVD to pop in a movie but the choice will be limited.

hotel mauritius

In a hotel, you will normally have Wi-Fi on a payable per hour or per usage basis. This is very convenient for short term use, a few minutes of social networking otherwise, you are setting yourself up for a punch to the wallet when you check out. Unless you are lucky enough to have found a hotel with free Wi-Fi.

In a rental, you are on your own. You may have to invest in a SIM card, add that up to the cost of daily packages, it’ll all amount to about less than £15 for two weeks give or take a few days, including the purchase of the SIM card.

Nothing quite beats the fact that if you want total down time, relax to the fullest and have each and every of your whims catered for you, time for you to start checking out hotels in Mauritius.

hotel mauritius