Mauritius or Seychelles? Which is better?

Deciding between the Seychelles and Mauritius for your next holidays might seem like a hard choice, both countries have their appeal: exciting outdoor activities, outstanding hotels and private villas, a level of service and dedication that will rarely leave you disappointed. However, Mauritius and the Seychelles have their distinctive differences that may help you to reach a decision.

Both countries offer exciting water sports for you to enjoy during your next holidays. They are both surrounded by coral reefs and are both known for being great places for big game fishing and SCUBA diving or snorkeling excursions. Both Mauritius and Seychelles are known for having beautiful beaches and beautiful lagoons. However there are still big differences between Mauritius and Seychelles as we shall see below.

As mentioned before, the island of Mauritius is known for having beautiful beaches. In fact, there are 37 public beaches in Mauritius. However, Mauritius being a more developed country than the Seychelles, you may find that the quality of those beaches might be slightly lacking compared to the Seychelles, which is known to be home to what are considered to be the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

So, what may convince a tourist to spend his or her holidays on the beaches of Mauritius rather than on those of the Seychelles?   It’s just that because of the level of development of each country the structures available on their respective beaches might not be comparable. Sure, the Seychelles has some beautiful, unspoilt beaches where not a single soul can be seen, but the majority of the beaches in Mauritius have all of the infrastructures needed for a nice day at the beach: restrooms, changing rooms, shower facilities, parking spots, etc.  Restaurants can be easily found nearby as well as souvenir shops.

You will be sure to find more water sports and tour operators near the beaches of Mauritius as well, with a greater variety of activities such as submarine tours, undersea walks, underwater scooters, or sea karts. More conventional water sports are readily available, like stand-up paddling, kayak, surfing, wind-surfing, kite-surfing, water-skiing, etc. With the great number of  luxury hotels  implanted near the coast of Mauritius it will be also relatively easy to find a diving centre where tourists will easily be able to rent SCUBA diving and snorkeling equipment and find competent diving instructors to accompany them in their dives.

So Seychelles may definitely have the upper hand in terms of the beauty of its beaches, but Mauritius is not a bad choice either, especially considering the infrastructures and activities available.

One area where the Seychelles also has the upper hand compared to the island of Mauritius is the number of islands that tourists can visit during their holidays. The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands, after all. Tourists can charter a yacht in the Seychelles and go island-hopping if they can afford it. Mauritius in comparison has only 49 islets near its coast and not every one of them is readily accessible to tourists.  It is also possible to charter a catamaran in Mauritius and go on a mini-cruise, and some operators will take tourists to île aux Cerfs or Ile d’Ambre which are popular islets among locals and tourists alike.

One thing that tourists planning to spend their next holidays in either Mauritius or Seychelles will seriously consider is the quality of the hotels and accommodations available. In the Seychelles, a hotel having 30 or more beds will be considered as a large hotel in the Seychelles. There are also a good number of five-star hotels with 30 or fewer rooms as well in the Seychelles.  Therefore, hotels in the Seychelles may give off a more intimate feel.

Mauritius vs Seychelles - Which one to choose?
La Preneuse Beach in Black River Mauritius

The island of Mauritius, however, has a lot more hotels built along its coasts. Mauritian hotels can also accommodate a higher number of guests and a small hotel there is considered to be one with 50 rooms or less. The type of tourists who will be happy to stay in a hotel in Mauritius will therefore be one who does not mind staying in slightly more crowded hotels. However, there is real competition between hotels in Mauritius and visiting tourists will have no difficulty hunting for cheaper rates.

As for alternative accommodations, white it is possible to rent a villa in the Seychelles, Mauritius really has the upper hand with a higher variety of luxury villas that have recently been built as part of the Integrated Resort Scheme and the Real Estate Scheme. These luxury villas number in the hundreds and almost always have a private pool on their property. They are also built as part of greater exclusive resorts where other facilities are readily available such as golf courses and spas.

Golf amateurs won’t take long to choose between Mauritius and the Seychelles either. While there are two great golf courses available in the Seychelles, there is a greater number of great golf courses available in Mauritius, most of which are located near the hotels and luxury villas where tourists will be staying.

While both Mauritius and the Seychelles both have cultural landmarks and museums, there is naturally a greater number of landmarks and museums in Mauritius that tourists will be able to visit during their holidays than in the Seychelles due to the sheer size of the former and its history.  Both Mauritius and Seychelles have national parks that tourists can visit during their holidays: Seychelles has forests which are thought to date from prehistoric times and a greater variety of endemic wildlife, but Mauritius is not to be neglected as it has a respectable of parks and reserves that tourists may visit as well.  The determinant factor that may help choose the Seychelles over Mauritius is the overall quality of the environment and the attention that the Seychellois give to its protection.

Tourists wishing to do a little shopping during their holidays will tend to choose Mauritius over the Seychelles as Mauritius is home to thriving textile and jewellery industries. Furthermore, Mauritius is well known for the quality of its ship models. Other kinds of products of note are special sugars, sugarcane-derived products like rum, and other agricultural products such as jams and fruit jellies. Those products are available at several of the commercial centres which dot the island, sometimes even duty-free. Tourists staying at private villas will also be able to purchase a variety of other products in the numerous supermarkets across the island.

Even after considering all the above choices, it might still be hard for tourists to choose between the Seychelles and Mauritius for their next holidays. It all depends on the type of vacation people need. Those who seek absolute tranquility in really exotic lands at all costs will definitely choose the Seychelles. On the other hand, those who want to experience the relative tranquility of the beaches as well as have the option to visit the bustling villages and cities of Mauritius and go shopping and exploring from time to time may prefer Mauritius. One thing is certain though: one can’t go wrong with either choice.