Le pouce mountain

Among the hikes that Mauritian prefer, the hike to the Montagne du Pouce is a must. Why ? Simply because it is the third highest mountain on the island and offers 360 ° views of the north, at more than 800 meters above sea level. On a clear day, you will have the opportunity to admire Serpents Island, Round Island and Plate Island in the distance, but also the capital Port Louis and the charming little village of Moka. Allow half a day of walking to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

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The Pouce Mountain represents the third highest peak of Mauritius. Having the curious shape of a thumb, the mountain stands between Pieter Both and the mountain of Signals. The Pouce mountain could make many happy, especially on the side of the hikers. The climb is done without difficulty and you will even be able to contemplate the islets of the North once arrived at the top. Is not it great?



Signal Mountain

This hike is really for the greatest number, even children can accompany you. The course is not only marked, but also paved which allows you to enjoy it.

The route begins at the foot of signal mountain, to access it just go to Port Louis at the intersection of rue Labourdonnais and rue Monseigneur Leen. You can leave your car in the car park designed for this purpose.


Remember to take sunscreen and equip you because the shaded parts are rare and the sun of Port Louis relatively strong.

Once arrived at the top you can admire the view overlooking Port Louis, but also enjoy a good part of the west coast of Mauritius. You can enjoy the benches installed under the trees to recover a little, even if the climb is only 2.5 km. the descent will be just as easy.

If you like adventure you can continue to venture on signal mountain by following the electric pylons and taking the direction of a small peak, Quoin Bluff, which will ask you a little climbing session. This will add an hour to your hike and you will have the satisfaction of having an even more impressive view.

Be careful, however, the part to climb can be a little technical and the way


 to get there is left to abandon, you have to advance in tall grass, rocky areas, caution is required. Note that yellow flies are in their natural habitat in this part of the mountain and rarely disturbed, so be careful because you will not have the opportunity to run to avoid bites.



Le dauguet

If you are looking for relaxation or want to keep fit, the Dauguet health course awaits you. Located in Tranquebar, not far from the Champ de Mars, it is a place where access is easy. The altitude difference is quite flexible and does not exceed 30 degrees.

The route of the fitness trail is well defined. Following the main path, you cannot lose yourself to the forest. But a map of the site with its different trails would certainly have helped people who do not know the place well, because several small tracks, more rugged, could tempt the more adventurous. Joggers or walkers you can meet in the morning or late afternoon can happily guide you. But for safety reasons, it is safer not to go alone, especially if you do not know too much about the region. It is also recommended to cover oneself with mosquitoes and to plan what to drink.


As you climb, the air cools, making you forget the warmth of Port-Louis. Nature welcomes you in the midst of an exotic forest of eucalyptus, tamarind and longan trees, among others. The sounds of the city fade to complete silence, disturbed only by the singing of birds and the buzzing of insects.

Each detour delivers a new landscape that can be admired at leisure, providing a feeling of well-being. In open spaces, the view of the port and buildings of the capital is striking. In some places, you can see the western flank of Pouce mountain. It goes without saying that the temptation to climb to the top is great for those who love adventure.


Apart from the paved road at the beginning of the route, the natural aspect of the place has been q


uite well preserved. Rest areas and kiosks for walkers have been set up in many locations for those who want to take a break or have a picnic. But we must not forget not to leave garbage on the spot.