Mauritius: Grand Baie

Grand Bay is considered the main seaside resort of Mauritius. It is a small village in the North of Mauritius, but its reputation is growing. Grand Bay is the symbol of the North of Mauritius, and is often associated with its neighboring villages, Pointe aux Canonniers and Péreybère, which together form the heart of tourism in northern part of Mauritius. Evoking Grand Bay is also evoking a northern region that stretches about ten kilometers from the villages of Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches in the west to Cap Malheureux further east.

Night Life

In Grand Bay, activities are not lacking. It is these nocturnal outings which have, above all, made the reputation of the North of Mauritius. In the evening, life in Mauritius is generally calm and quiet. Rare are the cities to offer places where you can gather and have fun at night. Grand Bay is an exception, as can be Flic en Flac in the West.

The restaurants are thus counted by dozens on the coastal road of Grand Bay. Restaurants for all tastes: from the snack to the gourmet restaurant, and from all nationalities: Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and even Russian, dot the roads in the evening! For junk food fans, the benchmarks are the same as in Europe: 3 KFCs are based in the North and a McDonald has recently opened his doors with 24-hour service on weekegrand-baie-beachnds! Here is a proof of the animation of this city in the evening!

This abundance of lively and different restaurants create an atmosphere unparalleled in Mauritius. The bars and discotheques are also very present, mainly concentrated at the bottom of the bay, in the heart of Grand Bay. These places, largely empty the day are all filled in the evening, offering local music punctuated with more international pipes. The charm operates and the mixture is natural between locals, tourists and expatriates.

An Ultra-Modern Cinema

For moviegoers, Mauritius will not be a so great change of scenery. Grand Bay has recently built La Croisette, a modern, functional urban shopping center with a large, modern 5-screen cinema. 3D, screens of more than 10 meters, comfortable seats, everything is made for you to fully enjoy the Cinema. On the programming side, the releases are mostly simultaneous with France, unlike a few years ago. The films offered are however limited, with mostly American blockbusters or French popular comedies. Independent or more demanding films are not projected in Mauritius, with rare exception if the film was awarded in Cannes or met a public success.

Activities in Grand Bay

grand-baie-mauritiusOne cannot evoke Grand Bay, without mentioning these many sports activities. Grand Bay is surely the paradise of sportsmen. There’s something for every taste: from amateurs to adventurers! The nautical activities are perhaps the most beautiful and varied of the island.

The Paddle is very fashionable. This long surfboard that is practiced standing with a paddle is a very complete sport and that appeals to all generations. It is ideal for strolling from beaches to beaches. The Kite Surf is also very popular. Anse la raie, a village 10 minutes from Grand Bay, is the most famous Kite spot on the island, along with that of Le Morne in the South.

Surfing is also practiced on some rather discreet spots, appreciated by regulars. Finally kayaking or diving are also very popular, with particularly beautiful seabed on the North coast. Catamarans drop you off after an hour’s sailing, on the northern islands: Flat Island and Gabriel Island. Heavenly and deserted islands that guarantee you Robinson Crusoe moments

For those who prefer outdoor activities, there is of course the golf, the main sport of Mauritian tourism. The North did not have a golf course until recently. Since 2013 a driving range has however opened to 5 minutes of Grand bay with a Golf Club.

Finally, sport says jogging, a must for any great sportsman. The Mauritian roads are not ideal for running, but the North has the advantage of offering varied and easily practicable terrain: from the very long and wide beach of Mont Choisy to the footpaths of the Daruty forest, the joggers are many at sunrise and sunset.

The lazy ones will opt for more social and less mobile sports: the petanque on the beach of Pereybere has conquered Mauritians and tourists passing; The “Queue Club” billiards in Grand Bay are perfect for a beer with friends and finally bowling in the newly built Super U car park will delight families or teenagers in search of challenge!

Shopping In Grand Bay

grand bay mauritiusLet’s leave the sport aside and talk about what makes Grand Bay so glamorous: its shopping. Shopping in Grand Bay is an activity in its own right. On one side the ultra-modern malls with their western fashion boutiques such as Mango and Woolworth, seduce tourists and locals. Yet, prices are not necessarily cheaper than in Europe! To find cheaper, it is necessary to go to the many local artisans and small creators who are very talented like the Mauritian brand Piu Piu on Sunset Boulevard. These shops are very creative and offer products of excellent quality.

Spas And Care Centers

Finally, we cannot talk about the activities of Grand Bay without mentioning well-being with these many spas and these beaches ideal to relax. There are at least fifty Spas between the village of Cap Malheureux and that of Trou aux Biches! From the luxurious Spa to smallest and cheaper one.

One thing is sure, you will always find something to do or try in Grand Bay.

Have fun!