Discover Grand-Baie

Grand Bay is the first destination for many tourists who come to stay on the island. If you’re looking for the delights of the beach during the day and the fun of the nightlife, as well as visiting the shops for souvenirs, then Grand Bay will not disappoint you.



First, unless you want to spend your time traveling by car or taxi along deserted roads and poorly lit at night, public transport is not available at this time, you are advised to stay in the village. from Grand-Baie or in the surrounding area. Housing issue in Grand Bay, you are spoiled. Between luxury 5-star hotels and villas owned by individuals, you’ll find it all along the coast and just a few minutes inland. Would you be tempted to stay at the Royal Palm, a luxury 5-star hotel in Mauritius that is popular with stars and heads of states? Alternatively, you can choose from a large concentration of villas and apartments owned by individuals or managed by companies; many of these homes have a pool in addition to their proximity to the beach.


The sea plays a leading role in the recreational area in the village of Grand Bay. In addition to several beautiful beaches in the area, such as Péreybère, Mont Choisy and La Cuvette where you can take a dip in the water or bask in the sand under the sun, a range of water sports are available to you . If you are staying in a luxury hotel, it’s easy to find what you are looking for: jet skiing, windsurfing and scuba diving for example. Otherwise, there are small companies or individuals serving the public. Do pedal boating or kayaking at Pereybere or water skiing for those who love thrills.

undersea walk mauritius
Undersea walk near Grand Baie, Mauritius

An activity not to be missed is to spend a day on one of the small islands beyond the reefs. If you set foot in Grand Bay, it is impossible not to see the island of Coin de Mire that seems to emerge from the sea like a mountain seen from the coast. There are other islands in the area, Round Island, Snake Island and Flat Island among others but some are protected because of their ecosystem and no one is allowed to land there without permission. government. However, you can visit Plate Island and Gabriel Island without any problem; several companies in Grand Bay offer a catamaran cruise for a day to these islands with drinks and barbecues included in the price. Underwater view from Nessee

Have you ever seen the sea beneath its surface without soaking? This is what offers the Nessee, a semi-submersible boat with glass walls instead of hull. The boat leaves from the pier of Grand Bay and goes around the lagoon; you will have a surprising view of the reefs and the marine environment, especially when the water is clear and you can sometimes see the seabed out of the water. The boat will stop in the middle of the lagoon and you will be able to snorkel among the fish attracted by the pieces of bread that the crew of the boat will throw in the water. However, if snorkelling is not your cup of tea, you can stay on the boat and take lots of pictures. The turquoise water, the brilliant sun and the sandy beaches lined with palm trees seen from the sea will captivate you.

Grand Bay is not only sea. Rent a scooter or a bike to go exploring at your leisure or immerse yourself in its bustling center with its infrastructure and shops.

Shops, restaurants and other attractions

The center of Grand Bay is dominated by its royal road with the sea on one side and shops and apartments on the other; you will also find Sunset Boulevard, a small upscale commercial complex to buy jewelery and designer clothing. Take one of the paths to go back inside the country, you will meet the market of Grand-Bay, a real little bazaar to fill up of local and artisan souvenirs. Not far is the hypermarket Super U where you can find everything or almost and bumper car, child or not! If you are renting a villa and you have to stock up, Super U will be your first port of call, otherwise go to Store2000, a smaller supermarket located between Grand Bay and Pereybere.

Bazar de Grand Baie

Where tourists go, restaurants and bars follow. You will find a great selection of restaurants and cuisines, although Chinese cuisine remains the most popular. Let’s mention the upscale restaurant La Langouste Grisée for its really high prices; the restaurant is located at the exit of Grand-Baie on the left, before turning right on the road to Pointe aux Canonniers and Mont Choisy. If you are looking for bread, the Grand-Baie bakery located at the back of the village will be very useful with its range of exotic breads and delicious pastries. In the evening, clubs and discotheques places are heard and attract crowds from afar.

Beyond Grand Bay

The best way to discover Grand Bay is to explore it at your leisure by bike, where appropriate, by scooter. You can rent one of these vehicles from various stores on the coast. Start your bike exploration by taking the royal road heading west towards Port Louis. Follow the coast, past the Grilled Lobster on your left and turn right soon. This path leads to Pointe aux Canonniers and the hotel of the same name. En route, you will discover many small sandy beaches and houses with flower gardens. You can walk along the coast either by following the path or by walking along the beaches. Go past the hotel and you will come to a small roundabout; take the second exit to head to one of the longest and most beautiful beaches on the island: the public beach of Mont Choisy.

Public beach of Péreybère seen from the sea

Return to the mini-roundabout and take the exit on your right to return to Grand Bay. Go past the village to go to Péreybère, formerly a small fishing village, today a tourist village known for its beautiful public beach. If Grand Bay is too busy for you, Pereybere will please you and has a large number of tourist residences. Go past Péreybère, past the Coin de Mire to reach Cap Malheureux, the extreme north of Mauritius. You will know that you are in Cap Malheureux when you will see the red roofed chapel, an image that appears on many postcards. This chapel attracts many tourists who come to get married in this idyllic setting.

Grand Bay has a lot to offer the discerning tourist and even those who prefer to avoid too touristic places will find something to entertain them in the vicinity of the village.