What to do in the Seychelles - incredible things to do in the seychelles

The Seychelles is often described as Paradise on Earth. It is one of the destinations where everyone wants to go during their holidays. For a long time, it was known as a country where onlythe better-off could afford to spend their holidays; it was also known as a place where the rich could buy their own private islands. Nowadays, apart from the luxury hotels, there is also a wider variety of accommodations available in the Seychelles, allowing more people to consider spending wonderful holidays there.

Thanks to its amazing landscapes and its underwater riches, its beautiful beaches, its climate and the hospitality of its population, the Seychelles has become a prized destination for honeymooners and couples wishing to have a great time. With 115 beautiful islands, the main one being Mahé Island, this archipelago located in the middle of the Indian Ocean is the ideal destination for a variety of holiday activities: beach holidays, hiking adventures, cultural discovery, and more. Furthermore, those islands dotted with white sandy beaches abound with charming guesthouses, luxury hotels and tastefully decorated villas.

Spending your holidays in the Seychelles allows you to be in contact with exceptionally luxuriant nature. During your holidays, don’t hesitate to explore the different islands and see their amazing biodiversity for yourselves. Water sports are most popular in Seychelles as the country is renowned for its magnificent beaches and crystal clear lagoons. SCUBA divers, swimmers, sailing enthusiasts and anglers will literally be in heaven there.

What to do in the Seychelles - Activities in the Seychelles
The Beach of Anse Source d’Argent in La Digue, the Seychelles

Some of the best beaches of the Seychelles are:  Anse Major, Anse La Mouche, Anse Takamlaka, Anse Intendance, Petite Anse and Port Launay, all in Mahé Island (rent a car in Mahé Island) instead of relying on public transport or expensive taxis to get around), the beaches around Silhouette island, Petite Anse, Anse Severe, Anse Coco, Anse Patates  and Source d’Argent  in La Digue, Côte d’Or and Anse Lazio in Praslin.

Spending your holidays in the Seychelles will allow you to see the best preserved lagoons of the world. Even equipment as simple as a swimming mask, a snorkel and fins will be enough to appreciate the extraordinary diversity of the lagoons surrounding the islands of the Seychelles. For those wishing to extend the duration of their aquatic bliss, SCUBA diving equipment is readily available at several diving centres.

Spending holidays in the Seychelles is the perfect opportunity to charter a yacht, either as a couple if you’re well off, or as a group to bring individual costs down and go island-hopping around some of the most beautiful islands of the planet. During this cruise, you will be met with beautiful sights such as La Vallée de Mai in Praslin Island, the multimillion year old granitic rocks of La Digue, the turtles of Curieuse, the tortoises of Aldabra, the bird reserve of Cousin Island, and much more.

Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons