Travelling to Mauritius-Rodrigues takes you on a unique experience combining relaxation and discovery. Indeed you can relax in a luxurious hotel where you will enjoy the sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Mauritius. Then you will live a charming adventure, alone in the world, on the picturesque and authentic island of Rodrigues, surrounded by lush greenery.


You will experience a truly luxurious experience on the island of Mauritius whether you are lodging in a beautiful renowned hotel or staying in one of its various villas around the island. You can relax under a straw hut on the beach or on your private terrace and admire the beautiful landscape that surrounds you.

In addition to this, you will enjoy tasty cuisine prepared by a chef that will make you embark on a savoury journey combining world cuisine and tropical products, all complemented by spices and exotic flavors.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a plethora activities such as scuba diving, jet skiing, kite surfing, zip-lining and much more. You can also enjoy a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation at the hotel’s spa center or playing golf on one of its various championship golf course.


The capital, Port Louis, is a bustling city. Its impressive business district, the Caudan Waterfront, with its huge shopping center, is one of the peculiarities of the city. Do not miss the photography museum, the cathedral, the mosque and especially the Champ de Mars, one of the oldest race course of the Indian Ocean. Take the opportunity to also wander the streets of Port-Louis to admire the different beads of Creole architecture. If you want to enjoy an unparalleled view of Mauritius, head towards the Citadelle and enjoy this breathtaking panorama that stretches in front of you.

Yet, Port Louis is mainly known for its Grand Bazaar with its colorful stalls teeming with spices, seafood, meat, medicinal plants and crafts. Stroll amid the stalls and enjoy the very special and lively atmosphere of this world famous market. Do not miss tasting the various street foods you will find at every corner- The Dholl Puree, Roti, Boulettes and so much more.


He who dream of discovering an exceptionally mild climate during the European winter will certainly be filled if he chooses to stay in Mauritius near Port Louis or along the Mauritian coast. During your stay you can actually discover exceptional landscapes made of a mountain range and a beautiful bay. Marvel particular contemplating the famous central market Champ de Mars, where horse races are held in summer and autumn. Strolling through the mountains that surround Port-Louis, you can also admire the fantastic blue of the Indian Ocean.


One of the most beautiful beaches of the island is located in Flic en Flac. Fine sand, coconut palms, and turquoise waters have not finished charming you. Diving enthusiasts will also find their happiness, Flic en Flac is one of the most famous spots of the island.

You can also visit the Casela Nature Park to observe several species of animals like lions, zebras, giant tortoises, monkeys, tigers and more than 1500 birds. Casela also offer various new activities like Zip-lining, 4D Cinema and various activities for the old and the young.


Rodrigues, picturesque island filled with authenticity, offers an extraordinary adventure to each visitor. Enjoy your hotel, charming and unusual, with beautiful views of the crystal clear waters of Rodrigues.

Guests enjoy a quality service in an atmosphere undoubtedly recalling the Creole culture. And if you want total relaxation, do test the Spa there… They can be better than those in Mauritius! Finally, you can exercise your talents in kite surfing in Rodrigues, since the island boasts an internationally renowned spot.


Rodrigues offers natural breathtaking beauty. Through different marked trails, you can explore different varieties of landscapes from deserted beaches to lush forest. For water sports lovers, know that water sporting is incredible on the island’s unique blue gradient.

The most beautiful hiking trail on the island takes place on the slopes of Mont Limon, the highest point of the island at 398 meters altitude. You’ll be blown away by the view of Rodrigues and his immense lagoon, twice as large as the island.

Finally, you can’t go to Rodrigues without going on Rodrigues Ile aux Deux Cocos! In the shoes of Robinson Crusoe, you will feel alone in the world on this beautiful island where you will observe different species of spectacular birds.


The Rodriguese cuisine is renowned in the Indian Ocean, and this for a very good reason! You will have the pleasure of tasting recipes passed down from generation to generation, all accompanied by fresh local produce. You will have the pleasure of enjoying a Kono-Kono salad (mollusk), a traditional corn soup, pork in honey or sizzled goat to local tastes, all complemented by local spices and exotic fruits.

For your dessert, you will fall under the spell of frosty papaya, coconut pie and honey cake or even sweet potato.

Finally, we advise you to go to the capital, Port Mathurin, in order to stroll among the stalls of spices, jams, honey, fruit and vegetables from its bustling market.

Enjoy your trip to Mauritius and Rodrigues!