Mine frite 2

The Fried Noodles (Mine Frire)

Here is yet another Mauritian recipe we are sharing with you food lovers. The “Mine Frire”- Fried noodles – is a rather easy recipe and above all can vary with different meats and ingredients, depending on your taste and wants, which can change from time to time. The dish is basically stir fry noodles topped with ingredients which are all well-seasoned with Chinese dark and fish sauce. It is a re-invented Chinese dish that can be made within minutes and all the ingredients needed are very simple.

What makes the Mine Frire Unique?

Fried noodles is a very popular dish with Mauritians and also with tourists. It is not only easy to prepare but is also delicious and if you want to, you can cook the noodles and prepare all the ingredients in advance, then keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to cook. The dish is so colorful and so unique.

Fried noodles remains one of the favourite foods on the island of Mauritius and is one that you will find in all the restaurants, hotels (Hotels Mauritius) or villas . Yet, trying to do the smoky hot fried noodles, coated with salty and sweet soy sauce, mixed with the ingredients of your choice is definitely worth trying.

The Recipe


–          75g of carrots

–          75g cabbage

–          75g Chinese brèdes (Pak Choy)

–          200g chicken breast

–          3 eggs

–          25 ml oil

–          Shrimps

–          Chinese Saussages

–          Soya grows 75g

–          2 tablespoons soy sauce

–          2 tablespoons white wine

–          400g fresh noodles (You can use dried noodles, you have to dive about 10 minutes in a bowl of fresh water)

–          1 bunch of chives

–          Salt

The Preparation

–          Wash vegetables. Peel the carrots and cut them into sticks.

–          Chop the cabbage and Chinese brede.

–          Cut the chicken into small pieces.

–          Chop the Chinese sausages.

–          Clean the shrimps.

–          Stir fry the chicken and shrimps.

–          Whisk egg, salt and prepare omelette. Cut them into strips.

–          Stir fry the vegetables in a wok, add noodles and cook. Add the soy sauce and white wine.

–          Add the chicken, shrimp and season with salt.

–          Stir fry the whole mixture until cooked.

–          At the end, sprinkle with chives, sausages  and omelette strips.

It’s all done and Bon Appetit Biensure! 😀