When vacationing in the Seychelles, it usually is about the islands and the beaches. But not all beaches or islands are created equal. Some can cater to a wider audience, and some offer more activities than others. Here I have enumerated four of the best all-around islands based on the activities possible on the famed beaches of the Seychelles.


Anse Kerlan

If swimming and snorkeling are your favorite pastimes, then two beautifully located aquamarine bays may be the perfect place for you. If the wind is right, the place is also suitable for surfing, hence you have three activities all in one nice place. Be careful of the currents though, there are times when the currents are strong, and the hotel (Hotels Seychelles) will warn you if the beach is unsuitable for swimming. These beaches are part of the Lémuria group of resorts, so if one is just passing by, you should first ask permission from them before wading in.


Anse Volbert & Côte D’Or

These islands are located near a line of fine hotels and guesthouses. The sands here are sparkling white, and the water as clear as one can hope for. People who enjoy swimming and water sports will enjoy this spot a lot. There are also some portions that are ideal for snorkeling, making it part of this all-around list. Versatility always has its advantages.


Beau Vallon

Beau Vallon is probably one of the most versatile on the list. It is safe for children, and various activities are available for everyone, of every age, sex, and race. It is the most popular of the Mahé resort beaches, both with the locals, and the tourists. There is a host of things to do, namely snorkeling, swimming, water sports, diving. A lifeguard is also present and on call, which makes the place safe for kids. There is also a fishing operator, restaurants and shops, and boats for hire. So if you want to have it all, visit Beau Vallon beach, you will not be disappointed.


North East Point

Rounding out the four is North East Point. The coastline here is different because it is more rocky, and not as sandy as the other areas. There are around two sheltered coves here where you can swim in safety, and since it is close to the main road, there are shops nearby. At this point you can surf, or swim, snorkel in some areas, or just take a long walk and have fun trekking and shopping.

Hopefully these four stretches of beach along the Seychelles Islands offer whatever you may need. You just have to visit one to experience a lot more, and need not keep transferring beaches if you lack the time to explore. Have fun in any of these all-around beaches.