Mauritius: Flic-En-Flac

Formerly a typical fishing village of the Mauritian West Coast, Flic en Flac has now become a small town with all the necessary infrastructure. Ideal for days spent on a trip to Mauritius, Flic en Flac is far from the turmoil of the north of Mauritius. It has also seen the rise of tourism through the abolition of restrictive tourism policy. This freedom as well as the natural beauty of this part of the island has attracted many hotels like Villa Caroline, Hilton Resort, Sugar Beach, Sofitel Imperial or La Pirogue. These large hotels have chosen to nest on the coast with incredible gradients of blue and have decided to enjoy the green setting of this corner of the island to make it a dream spot.

With the arrival of Tourism in Flic en Flac also came a considerable commercial growth, which has led to the installation of numerous restaurants, bars, supermarket, games room and several nightclubs. This seaside resort has everything you need to spend a memorable time during your stay in Mauritius.

Where is Flic En Flac?

Flic en flacSituated just 30 minutes south of Port Louis, Flic en Flac is characterized by its Creole culture, friendly and welcoming people and its sumptuous white sandy beach. On weekdays, this beach –one of the longest in Mauritius- that is more than a kilometer and a half long, is not much frequented but is certainly overcrowded during weekends.

The sea is particularly beautiful on this part of the island and those who stay in the hotels that border this turquoise lagoon during their stay in Mauritius will have the privilege to enjoy these translucent waters with light emerald blue tones. It is also a diving paradise with its many underwater caves and wrecks. The coral reefs as well as the exceptional sea bottoms constitute a remarkable underwater richness. This remains a very attractive activity for those diving lovers around Flic en Flac. By choosing the west coast of the island, those who are traveling to Mauritius are sheltered from the Trade winds, which plague the rest of the coast of the island from January to March during the southern summer.

Although Flic en Flac has not much tourist attraction, it is still the starting point for many excursions. For a getaway during your holidays in Mauritius, you have for example the wildlife park of Casela which is only 15 minutes away from Flic en Flac and where you can caress the wallabies and admire the lions as well as other beasts. The most adventurous who want to mark their stay in Mauritius will opt for quad biking or canyoning. From Flic en Flac, you can also go snorkelling at Cap Malheureux or at Blue Bay, choose the underwater walk offered by Trou aux Biches or swim with the dolphins on Île aux Bénitiers. To make traveling easier throughout your trip to Mauritius, you can opt for a car rental being in Flic en Flac.

The best activities for an unforgettable holiday in Flic-en-Flac

nightlife flic en flacAside from your gentle moments of relaxation and sunbathing under the radiant sun of Mauritius, a stay in Flic-en-Flac offers you many opportunities to spend unforgettable moments under the sign of discovery and action. Flic en Flac is a very lively village where night life is present almost everyday. Events are usually planned on the beach and most of the time the parties are well organized. At other times they are just some spontaneous bond fires with some ‘ravanes’ and joyous sega typique all around. Famous nightclubs, known by all the revelers and night owls, border the sandy beach of Flic-en-Flac on the West coast of Mauritius making it one of the perfect spot to enjoy clubbing.

Casela Adventure Park

Casela flic en flacSometimes unexpected animal species await you in an enchanting natural setting: endemic or exotic specimens of the island, like the pink pigeon. A great variety of animals to discover: lions, zebras, ostriches, giant tortoises, macaques, cheetahs, 1500 birds, but also wild boars, deer, African antelopes …

This natural park is a real reserve, home to an impressive fauna, but also preserves an exceptional, abundant nature, including many species of plants, some of which are endemic, such as the ebony tree. To meet this impressive fauna and flora, and discover them in a fun way, different activities are proposed.

Those activities are adapted to all ages and tastes – everyone will find something to do. The rando fun, for example, is rather active. It is practiced in one day, includes crossings of bridges, zip lines, swimming, walking, swimming in a canyon…

The quad allows to discover the animals in their natural habitat; The guided tour lasts 1h or 2h, and a photographer will accompany you, proposing you the photos of your adventure at the end of the tour. If the zipline fascinates you, do not miss the one in Casael adventure park, the longest of the Indian Ocean, which will make you appreciate to its true value the charm of the place. Do you know the segway? It is a kind of electric scooter, which will take you to the animals of the African reserve.

Canyoning, safaris photos: activities do not end! However, do not miss meeting with felines. Walking with the lion remains an incredible experience you should not miss.

Why go to Flic En Flac?

A peaceful tropical paradise in Mauritius

Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and the lush greenery of the Mauritian hinterland, Flic-en-Flac is a tranquil place where you will enjoy pure moments of happiness under the sign of relaxation and absolute change of scenery.

A dream destination for a stay in the tropics

It is in the west of Mauritius, in the heart of a sunny region and sheltered from the prevailing winds. Whether you are a couple or a family, let yourself be rocked by the gentle lapping of the waves that run aground on the long sandy beaches and put yourself in the shade of the coconut trees to savor delicious cocktails of tropical fruits. Whatever the season, Flic-en-Flac seduces couples and families in search of a preserved tropical setting and a peaceful atmosphere. Adventurers will appreciate the numerous possibilities of trekking in the West of Mauritius.

Have a nice time around Flic en Flac!