Flic en Flac Mauritius

The western coast, or the sunset coast as it is commonly referred to, has numerous beaches that make the delight of millions of tourists and nature lovers. Flic en Flac is such a beach. It is a fashionable resort centre with a very powerful pull for tourists, and local holiday makers. 

It has also become a favourite with film makers as it affords a large expanse of blue water for conceiving romantic scenes underlined by savoury music or hip swinging dances or sometimes fighting trig or swash buckling scenes which are sure ingredients for success. 

 Where is Flic en Flac situated?

Flic en Flac is situated between Bambous and Tamarin. It is within easy reach from either Port Louis or Lower Plaine Wilhems. Transport facilities exist Buses, Taxis and even illegal taxis ensure; a regular service from dawn till dusk. Flic en Flac has developed tremendously in the past 50 years from a marshy; open plain covered with bushes. It was a breeding ground for mosquitoes spreading malaria that had chased away a few souls living there. Only a handful of fishermen stayed behind to earn a scanty living by using old fishing methods. 


However with the eradication of malaria in the early 50s, Flic en Flac took a turn for the better. It now occupies a prime place in the hearts of tourists, Mauritius travelers, campers, trekkers and the population at large. It has become very popular seaside resort, the favourite of all ages with high standard hotels, restaurants, bungalows, and a clean environment conducive to healthy and pleasant living. Those interested in buying bungalows, offer first choice to Flic en Flac. This has helped Medine SE to chum billions by selling part of its property within the confines of Flic en Flac that keeps on expanding and sprawling People are even paying exhorbitant prices for small plots located far from the beach houses in different models and various shapes and sizes have emerged. 


Flic en Flac derives its name from a Dutch word FriedlandFlac, meaning “terre libre plate”(flat free land). A French map in 1725 used the name FrilanFlac for the place. It was later altered to Flic en Flac It was spelt Flic en Flacq in 1807 by Lislet Geoffrey, Flique en Flacq by de la Caille in 1753 and the De Nyon map called it Frid land-flacRobert Edward Hart suggested that it is an onomatopoeic phrase reproducing the’sound made by people’s feet as they trudged through the marshy land there. 


Anyway Flic en Flac has grown into a modem seaside resort with all the amenities that one can imagine. lt is the most popular public beach on the west coast. lt provides welcome relief after a week’s hard work in the congested Port Louis area or within the confines of offices or crammed classrooms. 


Five-Star hotels, luxuriously and elegantly filled with every possible comfort, provide a dream vacation. They cater for all purses. They give special rebates to locals and they too can spend a few days with families in a fairy like atmosphere. Others can pitch a tent and spend a nice time with friends and families and enjoy the many relishes that are available in such places. Security is ensured 24/24 and there is no need to worry unless imprudent action or daring activities are practiced. There is a limit to everything in life and moderation is recommended. 


Flic en Flac is an oasis of peace and tranquility offering leisurely, easygoing and cool opportunity for recuperation and recovery: Families turn up in large numbers especially on Sundays and leave after dark. There is much in terms of fun and frolic for those seeking sensation along all lines. The white beach fringed with filao trees lend to a whole range of beach related activities. Even the most fastidious taste finds something that is relishing. The clear blue warm and serene water is inviting and it’s difficult to resist the temptation. Thrilling moments with boating, surfing horseriding, fishing, cruising, skiing, water-games like waterpolo, beach volley, scuba diving can be enjoyed. Card parties, dominoes, dance sega while accompaniment of guitar and ravannes provide unforgettable moments. 


Coucher de Soleil à Flic en Flac
Coucher de Soleil à Flic en Flac

Free pastimes are available; spicy conversations, developing new relationships, boys meet girls, fall in love and ultimately marry. Strolling along the beach in the evening exposes to a different kind of pleasure. The setting sun, lavishing its full splendour on the glistening sea water and on everything around is a real treat for die eyes and the painter’s brush. 


Flic en Flac has lately been endowed with a collection of shops, banks, discotheques that enhance the developing town. The shops sell a whole gamut of products ranging from garments, jewellery, shoes to handicrafts and boat models that tourists appreciate. There are night clubs for dancing or watching others dance while sipping some whisky or meeting beautiful people and converse with them. 


Nightlife in Flic En Flac
Nightlife in Flic En Flac

As far as food is concerned, restaurants exist that cater for till tastes and purses. Chinese cuisine, Mauritian simple menu, rice and fish curry, chicken pulao or briani, Italian pizza and Indian sweets complete the picture though much more can be obtained on order. Ice cream vendors, cake sellers, dhollpuri merchants do good business. Others go there and pitch a tent and stay a whole day dispersing food till late Flic en Flac is a colourful seaside resort presenting a kaleidoscopic view all the year round with plenty of things to do and to enjoy. It’s not easy to do justice to the variegated aspects and splendid glimpses of the cosmopolitan soceity that it accommodates. Seeing is believing. 

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