Family-fun-in-water__05 Are you looking for inspiration on where to take your children to spend the holidays next summer? Whatever your motivation, if you plan on spending your family vacation in the tropical islands of the Seychelles, you’re heading in the right direction!

Before leaving

A trip to the Seychelles is the perfect destination for your family. It is the original paradise of Adam and Eve. We find no apple tree in the garden of Eden, but the mysterious sea coconut (Coco Fess), unique in the world in its mysterious Valley de May on Praslin. Nearly 115 islands await you, lapped by the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean, with beaches lined by the pink granite rocks, which are among the most beautiful in the world. Land turtles are giants and so are bats. A wide variety of birds, an exceptional aquatic fauna and of course the lovely Seychellois population will keep you company in this enchanting archipelago, delicately placed just below the equator, a few miles from the African coast.

All the islands of the archipelago are different. It is best to choose the island of his dreams to lodge on, depending on your tastes, affinities and budget. For your convenience, here is a small summary of the atmosphere on the main island Mahe which is always in effervescence. Praslin and La Digue are more isolated. Visit Desroches to return to nature. The best way to discover the Seychelles Islands is on a cruise aboard a sailboat or catamaran. With 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles provide various opportunities for navigation. Despite great freedom to explore the surrounding waters, some islands (located in a reserve or National Marine Park) require a permit. Ile Coco, Cousin and Cousine, Petite soeur and Grande soeur are the perfect islands for an escape. Seychelles beaches provide the perfect setting for snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing. For motorized water sports, there is only one place: the large beach of Beau Vallon on Mahe.

Unlike the Maldives, where leisure is essentially seaside, Seychelles is a varied archipelago, mountainous and covered with tropical forest: an ideal configuration for superb hiking, with walks to places like the Jardin des Rois and his thousand spices, or in the mysterious Vallee de Mai, classified by UNESCO with its iconic coco-fesse. Anse Lazio and Anse Source d’Argent, both beaches regularly compete for the title of most beautiful in the world. Time seems to have stopped in the Seychelles, where hurricanes never venture, and where you can enjoy a delicious Creole cuisine that is heavily loaded with fish and seafood. Seychelles is not only about nature! Victoria, capital of the Seychelles remains one of the smallest in the world and is worth a look!

Of course, there is a colorful market, called bazaar, which is the central point of interest of the city, but we should not forget its beautiful Creole houses and its iconic landmarks like the Big Ben miniature. This is a cultural getaway trip to the Seychelles, an opportunity to discover its multicultural character: hindu temple, cathedral, museums and Botanical Garden. During the carnival and all year round, let yourself be lulled by the rhythm of the Seychellois, really lovely people, and forget the rest, you’re in paradise! And if you still need to be convinced, here are some reason why the Seychelles are the perfect holiday destination for you and your family:

Summer all year

The tropical climate is probably the ultimate reason for visiting the Seychelles. This means that no matter what time of year you plan to travel to Seychelles, you will always be greeted with average temperatures between 24 ° C and 32 ° C. Moreover, the fact of not having to prepare a bag with warm clothes means a light and pleasant journey.

Captivating Culture

If you are looking for something a little more different than usual, well the culture of the Seychelles will surely fascinate you! This dynamic nation swing to the rhythm of music in no time.

An abundance of activities

We all know that fun is an important factor for a successful family holiday for everyone. Of course, the Seychelles is known for its beautiful beaches, but there are also a wide range of activities to do, like scuba diving and snorkeling, but also sea fishing or even exploring and hiking nature trails. With the countless activities that Seychelles offer you, your toughest decision will be what to do first!

Conservation efforts

This is also a good opportunity to introduce your family to the wonders of environmental preservation, discover nature reserves and protected areas on these wonderful islands that are supported by both the government and private companies. Aldabra giant tortoises, turtles and rare endemic species of birds fascinate everyone, both old and young. You can even contribute to this initiative by adopting a turtle or taking the initiative to plant a tree on behalf of your family.

Calm waters

The azure ocean of this archipelago is perfect for young family members. Whether they are novices in the practice of swimming or are old enough to try kayaking and snorkeling, Seychelles tranquil waters reassure all parents.

Exquisite cuisine

From the delicious food to its exquisite exotic fruit, the Seychelles will revive your palate! Fresh seafood, stews and Creole curries are some of the sumptuous meal that you can enjoy during your trip to the Seychelles.

Accommodation of choice for families

Seychelles is recognized as a family destination and, therefore, the choice of accommodation is fantastic. Whether your child wants to share a room with you or your teenagers prefer to have their own rooms, suites and villa rentals in the Seychelles are well appointed for each of you to find comfort and relaxation during your trip to the Seychelles.

A haven of peace

This Indian Ocean archipelago is known to be an incredibly safe destination to visit. With a very low crime rate and very favorable weather, the Seychelles are ideal for a family trip!

With the concerns of everyday life put aside, imagine your entire family exploring this impressive nation.

Have a nice trip to the Seychelles!