Known as the star and key of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a mesmerizing island. The island is much famed for being surrounded by a calm turquoise lagoon, blessed by the presence of a tropical sun, for having soul-stirring panoramas and a mosaic of cultures. Everyone can imagine themselves vacationing in Mauritius: sipping cocktail, lying on the golden sand and gazing at the majestic ocean. Indeed, this is relaxing to the body, mind and soul. Yet, if you haven’t tried the extreme sports that Mauritius offers and haven’t experienced the adrenaline rushing through your veins, then your trip is incomplete. Check the candid experience from a traveler’s diary.

Excerpts from the traveler’s diary

My visit to Mauritius had been enthralling. I was able to witness the glory of such a beautiful country of which I had only read about. Reputed for its captivating and exotic beaches, Mauritius is also a mine full of extreme activities that allowed me to feel the kick. Being a lone adventurer and an introvert, I pushed myself to the limit and discovered myself in a whole new light-that’s when you are hanging between the earth and the sky.


On a bright and warm day, I went for river trekking as recommended by my guide. At first I had no clue about this activity having not even heard about it. Taking a risk, I agreed. But, I was not all dejected. Travelling to the southern part of the island, I was welcomed at the Galet River by friendly guides and managers of this trekking adventure. The payment was followed by a quick and thorough session of guidelines of dos and don’ts and adorning safety equipments.


The four hour trek went through like a flash. We started by marching-or hopping off watery rocks till we came across a big waterfall. We were told it was safe to fall into it. Yet, we had the choice of gliding through the rocky surface found just beside the waterfall. As most of my team members went for having a natural butt massage, my other co-équipiers and I went for the dive. Taking a deep breath and facing my biggest fear, I jumped into the waterfall and within half a second I was already in the fresh and cool waters of the river. It was not too deep so I managed a swim. The tingling sensation is just amazing.

Exploring the aquatic flora and fauna, and listening to the glistening sound of the crisp water, rustling of trees and songs of birds, our stream trip came to an end at the Chazal Restaurant where we were offered a much deserved Mauritian lunch included in the package.


The southern area of the island is literally a hub for extreme activities to be experienced in nature. Vallée des Couleurs is nature reserve with endemic plants, animals, waterfalls and mountainous landscapes. Its specializes in zip-lines adventures or as we may say, Tyroliennes. The 4-line zip line package of 1.3 km was my choice. This package includes a rest point at 4 different places and allows one to better explore the area in minimum time. I was dressed with the safety equipments by the staff-harness, straps, camera, and guidelines. Following this, I set off on this marvelous adventure. Gliding such a massive height above the ground and dangling in the air, I was nervous.


Yet, after a while, looking at the fabulous landscapes from a bird’s eye, I forgot all my anxieties. This was so beautiful and heartwarming. Below, I could see the famous 23-colored earth, stags running, flowing rivers and waterfalls and the epic beauty of the south coast of Mauritius. I even bonded with rare birds as the Pink Pigeon and Cateau Vert. I never knew Mauritius would be so very admiring. I was mesmerized. This adventure ended blissfully with a typical Mauritian lunch at the restaurant on the cliff where again the dazzling scenery was in front of my eyes.


The Via Ferrate or the iron road trip has been my most cherished one on the island. This activity is done on the western part of the island. I was not alone. Accompanied by many other tourists and local members, we were at first briefed about the trip and the safety precautions that to be taken. Needless to say, the safety equipments were right away on our bodies. We then proceeded to mountain climbing with our guides. I just wished I paid more attention in that cardio class. But, it was worth the sweat.


When we reached the peak of the Mamzel Mountain, the panorama was breathtaking. We could see the union of the blue sky with the sea and the majestic waves crashing against the coral reefs and people parasailing. We then started an easy trek, followed by crossing a hanging bridge! Only one thought kept flashing through my mind: what if I fell down in the river! But none of that happened. This was soon over and I emerged victorious on the other side and unharmed. As we were on a hill top, we were glided down to the river through Tyroliennes. That was simply amazing.

Shouts of excitement soaring in the air and cool breezing sweeping our faces, we landed with splash in the river. There, we swam in the refreshing waters and under the waterfall. We had lunch on a wooden platform just beside the river. I have no words to describe how splendid that was. We felt disconnected from all worldly desires and instead found ourselves discovering oneself and finding inner peace and bliss. Mauritius is truly a paradise.
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