La Digue
La Digue

Close to the island of Praslin (praslin seychelles) and islands of Félicité, Marianne and Sisters Islands, La Digue is the fourth-largest island of the Seychelles. La Digue is 50 metric linear units removed from Mahé, with a section of ten sq metric linear unit and a population of 2104 people.

For lovers of fine arts, a visit to the 2 art galleries in La Digue may be a splendor to see. The first one, created by Mrs Barbara Jenson, replicate the love and keenness for this lovely island. Within the second gallery you’ll be able to see exposed paintings of adult males. Camille United Nations agency is acknowledging either at the Seychelles either in different countries. Mr. Georges Camille in addition to exhibiting his paintings in his country of origin, also exposes them a lot abroad, more precisely in galleries in London, Paris, Martinique, and Mauritius.

What makes them distinctive is the diversification in process, producing silky finish of consumer goods, from print to collage employing a mixture of colors that provides a bit of magic to the viewer.

To get an idea of how were the homes once at the Seychelles, you’ll be able to simply visit the house of Eustache Sarde. Engineered at the start of the last century its base was built upon the squat columns. This building is still considered to be of a fine architecture so as to be loved even in our time and within the close future, the foundations have been remodeled with concrete so as to create a durable structure.

Another ancient house typical of the Seychelles is the Plantation house, this house of French vogue is found in Union Estate. It was owned by a noble family of Mauritius. Staying at Union Estate, you will be able to admire a pure masterpiece of nature, the granite boulder. This rock, extends over acres of land at Anse l’Union. From this spectacular sculpture, we have a tendency to move to a different property that is bathed by one of the most gorgeous and notable beaches of the world and that’s supply d’ Argent.

Apart from the previous memorial park of the island, on this chattel you’ll be able to take a ride on the horses, watch the assembly for the extraction of coconut and look out for turtles who do not mind being caressed and photographed by guests. For those that love nature and wish info on environmental protection, can visit the reserve where they will see the nests of endemic species of birds can even contact the Veuve Reserve. Here all species of animals and plants are determined and guarded by qualified workers.