Without a doubt, Mauritius is a Paradise Island. As famed writer Mark Twain puts it, “God created Mauritius and then inspired it to create paradise.” With sunny weather even in winter, its turquoise water, its endless white beaches and its valiant multicultural population, Mauritius is definitely worth a visit.

Choosing a villa as a holiday accommodation in Mauritius

One of the first questions we ask ourselves before traveling is what kind of accommodation would be best for this destination. In terms of accommodation, the island is a destination par excellence. Prestigious hotels added to the legendary Mauritian hospitality promises a peaceful vacation.

However, hotels represent only a fraction of the housing available in Mauritius. For the adventurous for example, a beachfront bungalow, apartment or studio would be best. For those who prefer privacy, calm or for family trips, we recommend villas where you can easily adjust according to your length of stay and this solution usually costs less than the big hotels.

Exclusive Villas can help you find the perfect holiday villas in Mauritius.

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Why choose a villa for your stay in Mauritius?

A villa offers a lot more freedom while preserving the usual comforts of a hotel. A villa is a detached house with a garden and a private pool. In addition, you will benefit from additional services such as facilities, activities and entertainment.

By choosing a villa, you will enjoy moments of peaceful holidays and personal luxury. The villas in Mauritius are quite different from the typical hotel atmosphere. In addition, you will not be surrounded by hundreds of tourists.

One of the great benefits of staying in a villa in Mauritius is that the villas are usually located directly on the most beautiful beaches. Comfort is assured and you can enjoy various services within the villa. These include a cook / chef staff, room service, housekeeping, babysitting, butler 24/7, massage service, private pool, the list goes on.

The other big plus of staying in a villa instead of a hotel (hotels mauritius) is the financial benefits. You can enjoy your stay in a villa with your family for a fraction of the price you would pay in a five-star hotel.

If you are not yet convinced of the idea of ​​staying in a villa, let us develop together the major benefits of this type of accommodation.

The advantages of staying in a villa

Value for money

As mentioned before, most villas cost a lot less than what you would pay for a hotel.



The space you will enjoy in a villa is incomparable to that of a hotel. A villa offers a large space to enjoy your group holidays. Most hotels tend to limit room accommodation to around 4 people while in a villa 6-8 people (or more) can be accommodated comfortably.


Another wonderful aspect of renting a villa is that you will have a complete privacy. Your space will be shared with your family and friends and as such you will feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Feel at home

Villas are generally better equipped than hotel rooms. Cutlery, towels, cookware, TV, DVD, Hi-Fi system to name a few. You will feel much more comfortable and say a little bit like home.

The most beautiful villas in Mauritius

Villa Belle Rivière

This luxurious villa is located in a natural region of Mauritius; its south coast with impressive wild landscapes. Villa Belle Rivière offers a magical view of the Indian Ocean and the area is fast becoming a trendy place for honeymooners.

Villa Belle Riviere in Bel Ombre
Villa Belle Riviere in Bel Ombre

The airport is located 40 minutes from the Belle Rivière Villa properties and a few minutes from the incredible Heritage Golf Club. We recommend this villa for couples or honeymoon trips.

Shanti Villa

With an unparalleled space and a world of privacy, the Shanti Villa is a paradise to cut yourself off from the world. This elegant sanctuary, with a phenomenal view of the bay, is suitable for the most demanding guests, who wish to reside in the privileged splendor with a discreet personal service. Covering a massive 800m², this villa is the most prestigious residence in Mauritius.

Heritage villas

The Villas offer you a refined luxury for a luxurious lifestyle. This estate includes a spectacular panoramic view, an incredible golf course and unlimited access to the world-class facilities of the Domaine de Bel Ombre – two class 1 resorts, Beach Club and a lush nature reserve in the south of Mauritius.

Athena Villas Mauritius

The Athena Villas are superb furnished apartments ideal for honeymooners as well as for holidays with family or friends. You can enjoy this villa at a very reasonable price in comparison to a hotel while enjoying the luxury of a holiday village in Mauritius.

Asso Villa

Asso Villa is a unique place to share and discover the authentic Mauritian culture, without forgetting the local gastronomy. Led by a young and determined team to serve you to make your holidays unforgettable.

Villa Oasis Mauritius

Villa Oasis is a magical place in Mauritius that attracts honeymooners, partygoers, large families, celebrities and professional business meetings. Each villa has its own private pool. This is an area that is dream, each villa has a garden and a spacious terrace with a set of dining room and barbecue area.

Stylia villas

All Stylia villas are a few meters from the beach. Spacious (200m²), luxurious and comfortable, these villas have been built in a contemporary style. The living room opens onto a terrace that opens onto an individual pool. Each villa also has its own private and closed garden.

The Stylia villas have been designed to accommodate 8 people, although it is possible to add a single bed and a cot can also be provided on request and at no extra cost.

Buy a villa in Mauritius

Want to have your own villa on this wonderful island? No need to worry about renting accommodation for holidays on the island. It is quite possible to buy a villa in Mauritius. Here is everything you need to know if you are thinking of buying a villa in Mauritius.

Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)

The IRS is basically a project for the construction and sale of luxury villas to foreigners in an idyllic setting near the beautiful coastal regions of Mauritius. The acquisition of a villa for residential purposes by a foreigner under the scheme will allow the foreigner and his family to reside in Mauritius as long as he owns the property.

The villas

The villas sold under the scheme are part of a complex of luxury villas of international standard with upscale facilities and amenities such as golf, marina, individual pool and other sports facilities. The resort will offer services such as a health and beauty center, restaurants and chic restaurants. Maintenance, garbage disposal, gardening, security and other household services are also included.

The extent of the land in respect of each villa shall not exceed 1.25 acres (0.5276 hectares). The villa can be acquired on the basis of a plan or during the construction phase. Gamma Construction is a leading construction company in Mauritius.

Residency permit under the IRS in Mauritius

The acquisition of a villa under the scheme must grant resident status to the investor, his spouse and dependents. A residence permit issued under the IRS will remain in effect until the buyer holds property in Mauritius under the scheme. The application for a residence permit must be made at the time of application of the IRS. If you are looking for a construction company in Mauritius, we recommend Manser Saxon Ltd.

Mauritius remains the best bespoke holiday destination. Simply choose your villa, plan your stay and enjoy an incomparable vacation in a unique setting. Have a nice holiday in Mauritius!