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One is not born with a camera in the hand, but one is surely born with talent. Some play football extremely well, some others have golden voices and some others have the perfect eye for taking the perfect shots. It doesn’t simply take a good camera to become a great photographer. Excellent photographers will take excellent shots from bad cameras too. Photography is inborn and god-gifted. Wedding Photographer in Mauritius and the Indian-Ocean, Elie Bernager is one of those god-gifted men.

For the real professionals, photography is less of a profession and more of a passion. They are committed to capture the beautiful moments of your charming life and turn them into life lasting memories serving as a permanent source of happiness for you, forever and are always passionate to capture your memorable moments.

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Finding the perfect Wedding Photographer is important as you should find someone who can understand how important this special day is for you, that is your wedding day and how he can turn this significant event simply by a set of lenses into a cherishing life lasting experience saved on a couple of photos.

Elie’s skills are blend of professionalism and experience. He knows how important this day is for you and how much you are willing to spend happily for this very special day but is not here to exploit you but to enjoy the work he does and makes sure that he delivers quality within your economy.

As an experienced photographer the camera has been his friend for the last 35 years, not as a profession but as an obsession.

Who is Elie?

Simply put, Elie is the best Wedding photographer in the Indian Ocean. The city of Paris is known for its contribution to the world of art. Almost everyone with a taste for culture has heard of the Louvre, even if they have not necessarily visited it. In 1953, a small contribution to the world of art was unveiled in Paris in the form of baby Elie Bernager. Of course, no one could predict that he would become a renowned photographer, working for magazines such as Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan. But since his father was a doctor and his mother a well-known artist, his parents encouraged him to explore his artistic abilities, which is not surprising when you see the level of success he has achieved.

Early Career

At sixteen, Elie earned a place at the prestigious National School of DECORATIVE Arts, a school that receives about sixty students a year, selected from about three thousand applicants. Competition is fierce and only the most promising are allowed. There, Elie developed a love for travel and therefore sought a career that at the same time will fill his passion for travel. Elie began a career at CLUB MED’s resorts for the next ten years while working for various magazines. At the age of 30 Elie decided to embark on fashion photography and stills but continued to work for big names such as Vogue Magazine France.

At the age of fifty-five, Elie has so far visited one country a year and enjoys traveling with his girlfriend Celine and two children Nathan and Claire. In his spare time, he enjoys water activities such as scuba diving, sailing and canoeing. In 2001, Elie and his family settled in Mauritius. They enjoyed the island so much that they decided to live there, in the village of Tamarin more precisely.

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Elie has diversified his career since arriving in Mauritius. He taught photography at the D.C.D.M University of Quatre Bornes. He is also once a month at the University of Mauritius, where he teaches photography to students aged eighteen to seventy. He educates and discusses methods like photographic technique and composition and fundamental questions such as “what is photography? ”

Recently, Elie embarked on the new and popular “Wedding in Mauritius” market. Many couples come to Mauritius to get married and there is a lot of competition between photographers for work. However, the quality of the work varies widely and Elie sadly comments that, “other photographers do not like people they photograph; they just do it for the money. I do it for the money as well but after thirty-five years of experience in the photographic field, all I have done in this business is out of love, for the sake of it. ”

“Work is like holidays” for Elie and he enjoys meeting new people and happily ending his days with them. Its purpose is, “… to give the customer the best service they will receive. I treat them like models, I treat them like stars, I’m ready to do my best as a fashion photographer to help make this day even more memorable ”

Mauritius is also firmly in Elie’s philosophy about his work. “I always think about the island itself, all my photos help to promote holidays in Mauritius, to be a tourist in Mauritius, to be in a charming hotel of four or five stars at the Mauritius and encourage more people to come here. “Promoting the country is not only good for him, but for all the people who live there and he hopes that others in the tourism industry share the same view.

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Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is not just about having performant material for making good pictures, far from it. The photographer must create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation as the photographed couple should be as natural as possible. But he must also pay attention to a number of parameters in his choices, both technical and artistic. His skills will make the difference: the choice of the right focal length, aperture and speed settings, the care taken in framing and the overall composition ensuring photos of an optimal quality.

His experience will offer you the most rewarding poses, while putting you at ease every moment of the shooting. Each image of this session will be a work of art, for which you will be the unique subject.

When reporting, you are sure he will be as discreet as possible; he knows well the course of a marriage, and knows when to intervene and immortalize the most beautiful moments of your life.

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