Did you know that there is less than 2% of the original endemic forest in Mauritius? Fortunately, life-saving projects are born through passionate initiators who are anxious to protect our heritage. Ebony Forest is a private reserve that is home to one of the last endemic forests of Mauritius.

After 11 years of restoration under the supervision of the teams of Ebony Forest, with the participation of the National Park Conservation Service, the Forestry Service and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, the park finally opens its doors to the public towards the end of the year 2017.

Ebony Forest refers to ebony, which is abundant on this property, imagined by Mary-ann and Owen Griffiths, the couple behind “La Vanille Nature Park”, who wanted to reconnect Mauritians to nature.



This precious wood is especially sought after for its black color, its solid wood and its resistance to humidity.

If you enjoy hiking in the forest, then this activity is for you. The trip can also be done by car. Whatever you choose, the discovery will remain the same, that is to say a wonderful immersion in the middle of nature, several acres of abundant flora … the empire of the trees!

Do not miss

1- Sublime Point: for a breathtaking panoramic view on the entire south-west plateau. Enough to feed your Instagram page for a day and leave your head full of memories, and, what is more, with the desire to better respect his island.

2- Flycatcher Forest: A bridge of 300 meters amidst seven species of ebony trees, the immersion is total.

3- Takamaka Restaurant: enjoy a wood-fired pizza and homemade burgers at affordable prices.

4- Souvenir Shop: Take home some souvenirs and help the conserve this wonderful place.

5- Museum: History of Ebony on the island.

Ebony Forest Chamarel

Hours of operation: 9 am to 5:30 pm

Tariffs                      Conditions            Resident           Non-resident

Child                          5 -12 yrs                 Rs 180                     Rs 270

Adult                        + 12 yrs                   Rs 300                     Rs 450

Special Packages Tariffs

Package              Conditions           Duration(hours)        Adult           Child (5 to 12 yrs old)

Birdwatching        Min 2 adults            2.5 to 4                    Rs 1500          Rs 350

Into the Wild        Min 2 adults            3.5 to 4                    Rs 1500          Rs 350

Love Tree             Min 2 adults             2 to 3                      Rs 750           Rs 350

All prices are VAT inclusive and cover all activities: the Visitor Centre including Ebony Experience interpretation centre, guided tour, use of the safari jeeps and unlimited time spent in the reserve.

Website: ebonyforest.com
Facebook: @EbonyForestChamarel